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Avatar m tn When an elderly person is on a lot of medications and narcotics it causes confusion, depression and a general feeling of not feeling well. As we get older we can't handle the same medications we once could. My dad is 72 years old if he takes a narcotic he gets confused and he was put in the hospital several years ago because he had so many different dr's giving him medication that he was going crazy. After 6 months with absolutely no medications we saw an improvement.
Avatar m tn People,don't lose faith,depression can be treated with the right therapy and the right medications,it's a question of finding the right meds for your depression,it's trial and error until you find the right one or combination and then life can become so much easier.Always consult your doctor when coming off meds and don't stop cold turkey because the withdrawl symptoms can be shocking.Don't ever think you're alone either because you're not.
222011 tn?1265475648 D [seasonal depression/anxiety] My Mum has had anxiety/depression since her stroke, which left her paralysed on the right side and also affected her speech and ability to read and write, so although she is on constant medication for depression etc; she does find that her lamp helps her mood to lift a little especially once winter starts approaching. I can sympathise with anyone in this type of situation, I know how unbelieveably stressful it can be.
Avatar m tn Medications in the elderly is tricky, just as it is in children. The geriatric population tends to be more sensitive to medications and often require closer monitoring. Is your grandmother being seen by a doctor who specializes in geriatric patients? If not, that may be something to think about. The only medication you listed that I could imagine might be an issue is the Seroquel, the other medications shouldn't really cause a behavioral/mood issue.
Avatar n tn His wife now tells us that he refuses to eat and has sunk into a depression worse than he already was. We plan to return in a couple of weeks and call him every day to reassure him he will see us again. Aside from taking leaves of absence from our jobs and leaving our children in others' care for a while, borrowing money to live in California for several weeks or months, is there anything you can suggest so that we may help him more from so far away?
388204 tn?1236407434 What medication is the best to treat the elderly or should they be at all ? My Grandma is 95 and recently went to a nursing home. Her doctor had her on Exelon and now they want to put her on a antidepressant. My thought is the Exelon has been a waste of (alot) of money and I don't think she needs an antidepressant.
Avatar n tn she was doing great until they put her on the vicodin, then i notices a gradual decline of depression, lethargy, etc...they were giving her a 500 tab every 4 hours whether she need it or not,,, the physical therepy she was recieving was rigorous and she was in alot of pain, but none the less,,, when i saw the side effects she was having enough was enough...the therapist in Pt agreed the symptoms she was haviing were from the vicodin....I took her home this Saturday...
Avatar f tn My mother (75 year-old, osteoarthritis, depression) was diagnosed with PD one month ago. I was worried about slowliness, confusion and lack of concentration and, suspecting dementia, led her to a neurologist. To my surprise, after a very brief evaluation, the doctor saw it clear: mild PD, predominantly in the right side. He prescribed Azilect, as he found her functional state to be fairly good, and Azilect could be neuroprotective, slowing PD progression.
Avatar n tn My 77 yr old mother with back pain,depression and anxiety is currently taking oxy contin 10 mg three times a day, hydrocodone 5/250 three times a day,(possibly more,she is very defensive on this issue),tizanidine 4mg three times a day,ambien 10 mg at hs and was recently prescribed klonopin twice a day,She sets her clock to get up at 2 am to take her oxy contin and frequently has to take a hydrocodone an hour or so later "to get back to sleep".
Avatar f tn She very thin and frail and her memory has decreased rapidly in a few weeks. She suffers from depression, and is (without meds) obsessive-compulsive. Without meds she had a horrible temper and would argue about every little thing. Extremely stubborn and independent. Now she is in a nursing home after numerous falls, and never adjusted until a psychiatrist was brought in last year. She was on Effexor, and he discontinued that and started her on Risperdal 3 days ago .25mg.
Avatar n tn Honestly, I think its absolutely wrong that a 84 year old women should have to go through withdrawals, you need to get back in touch with her doctors, all of them, explain that you understand that your mom has a problem, and you will be there to limit her meds from now on, at the very least they should be able to put her on a slow taper off the medication! Now that she has taken her last one...
Avatar f tn I have low blood pressure and am prone to fits of depression, wanting to sleep a lot however am very healthy and never go down with colds and flu even though all around me do. Anyone else have the same.
Avatar n tn Other anti depressants such as Zoloft, Remeron and Paxil seem to be effective in elderly patients with depression. Remeron seems to be the most commonly used drug in elderly patients with depression and weight loss. I would recommend that she talk to her doctor about other available options. Sincerely HFHS-M.D.
Avatar n tn Since Seroquel is not approved for children under 18 and is not approved for uni-polar, what can I do to have the clinician try another approach or helping with coping skills or another medication. Since I signed to consent, it is only at the goodness of their hearts that I was told of this. I know as a nurse why I'm glad to give Seroquel to my confused elderly patients, but my daughter is not agitated or acting out.
Avatar n tn Yes it sounds like depression and anxiety. Job changes are always quite stressful and you may need medication adjustment/change. Talk to your doctor about this asap.
Avatar m tn If he continues to have breakthrough seizures despite adequate medication trial, he may need a referral to an epilepsy center for more thorough investigation/management. Additionally, depression after a stroke is common too. I would suggest that your husband be evaluated for this. Thank you for this opportunity to answer your questions, I hope you find the information I have provided useful, good luck.
Avatar m tn states that Prozac may increase suicidal ideation in children and young adults, but there is no mention of that occurring in the the elderly. Clonidine is not normally prescribed to treat depression. It is primarily used to control blood pressure. It has a number of other uses. I wish your father well.
Avatar f tn Dear Dr. Lupo, I have an 80+ year old mom, whom I don't live with. My "dad" has some control issues, so talking is not really an option. I have faxed her Doctor and in part said, "she is a minimum of 30-40% non-compliant with her medications, perhaps much more. Her dosing is haphazard." (Her husband does not help her actually take her meds.) So after labwork, her doc told her to go from 2 grain Armour Thyroid to 3 grain.
209591 tn?1267418314 I have been experiencing major depression for the last four months. Before that the depression would come and go. I am at the point where I cry and cry and cry. On an average day I may sleep 12 -- 16 hours, and when I wake up it feels like I have been up for days at a time. I have really isolated myself from family and friends in the last month, why dampen their spirits right? During the time before you got diagnosed were you all experiencing bouts of depression?
Avatar f tn It is a depression not a bipolar depression book though so some of it doesn't fit. As well you may want to ask your GP for samples. The drug reps regularily come by with samples and your doctor may be able to give them to you until your medication assistance comes through.
Avatar f tn I hope that this has been of some help to you! Personally, my depression has gotten much better with medication and a good doctor! I still like to answer questions on medhelp and hang out in a comfy bathrobe! Oh well, some things never change! :-) Keep coming back and posting - send me a message if you'd like. This is the best site for info. and help I have found ... hope you stay in touch! Take care ...
Avatar n tn He is in his mid sixties. Immediately after he went into a depression over what happened and his sudden change in routines. He was taken to see a psychiatrist who put him on Zoloft. His condition over the last 2 weeks worsened and has turned into a psychotic depression. Initially he was having paranoid delusions about his former coworkers trying to frame him for things he might have done wrong in his career. All his statements were very irrational.
Avatar n tn I too suffered the same with my bouts of drinking and depression. As you may know, alcohol is a depressant, and it just puts you further into a black hole. I used to drink very heavily between the age of 17-24. By heavily, I mean at one time I was dirnking 15+ drinks a night, sometimes 4 times a week. I decided in 1994, to quit drinking since I had receieved a dui. As a result of this, I went to a drug/alcohol (alcohol wasn't the only problem, drugs too) rehab for 30 days.
Avatar n tn All blood work, EKG/MRI/CT scans have come back negative. No previous history of depression. 1st Dr diag anxiety/panic and prescribed Xanax/Ambien, which gave relief. After a few months, Xanax started to require larger and larger doses to remain effective although we were still under the max recommended dose. 2nd Dr diag depression and prescribed Cymbalta. On 30mg Cymbalta, symptoms back to the same to worse as before Xanax, to which he added .
Avatar f tn Hi there; I also suffer with anxiety and depression, so i can totally understand how you feel. I was not prescribed Prozac, I am on Cipramil, but it takes 2 weeks according to my doctor for the drug to start working and can make anxiety temporarily increase when you first start taking it. Try not to think about if it is working or not because that will also increase your anxiety as well.
Avatar m tn That is the depression talking.I just watched a documentary on depression yesterday at 4am (couldn't sleep due to MY depression ha ha). It was people from all walks of life battling it. From a gang member to corporate execs. You know what, now they can see depression! MRI's can see the activity on the frontal lobe of the brain. I won't go into the mumbo jumbo, I am a nurse and I get fascinated by this stuff but they are on the edge many new treatments that don't involve meds. Hallelujah!
Avatar n tn I have always been an excellent student with a sharp memory. In the past 10 years, I have experienced varying degrees of depression, anxiety, and concentration/mental clarity problems. I am 5'5", 129 lbs., and run 15-20 miles per week. I take no medications. I have irritable bowel and severe endometriosis. 2 years ago, during testing for my GI symptoms, I was told I had "sludge" and a polyp in my gall bladder.
1211076 tn?1303523040 Prior to RAI for Hyperthyroidism and Graves, I felt like I was sitting on a razor blade with my anxiety....even noises made me edgy. The anxiety was unreal, depression was debilitating and I felt a big feeling of hopelessness. Then RAI happened and TT and for a few weeks I was great! Then Bnag!...anxiety came back with a vengeance. I kept thinking...I'm hyper! I was in fact..Hypo.
Avatar n tn your phys-doc may know of another doctor that specialized in natural medication for depression. I guess, just go with whatever helps, but what ever you do....don't give up!
Avatar f tn I am soo miserable. The depression seems to be getting worse all the time and I keep trying new medication hoping that this one will be the answer but none of them seem to do the trick. I feel like I'm falling into a deep dark hole and the fatter I become the faster I fall. I am a single mother and have been th whole time. I screwed up my first relationship, my marriage, and even though all this time has passed I still feel really sad about it.