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Avatar n tn i'm 15 years old. i've researched alot about manic depression over the past year or so. i show alot of the symptoms of it and the kind i have is either mixed or switching on me. mixed i think. and i think it starte in 8th grade. and no, i'm not a mom is schiztophrenic and i made sure i didn't have that either. but base on two things that happened to her in life i didn't think it was genetic anyway. plus bipolars are prone to pshychomania and paranoia anyway.
Avatar f tn This has been going on for almost a year now. my insurance wont pay for depression meds. and i cant afford them . i just feel that life is hopless and im just going on a steady road of hoplessness until i die. idk what to do anymore. i feel that im destined to live a life of pain forever. somebody help.
Avatar f tn Dear lina, I am not a psychologist, just a person who has experienced depression. I'm sorry you are feeling this way. The best thing you can do is talk about what you are feeling with someone, ideally a psychologist or other mental health professional. They can advise you as to how to proceed with talk therapy or possibly even antidepressant medication. There are sometimes low-cost options available since (I am assuming) you do not have health insurance.
Avatar f tn I was the same way with my first pregnancy pla call your ob and set appointment. I was given sertralin it helped me. Pls call your nurse hotline if it gets really bad. I am sorry you are going thru this...
9171934 tn?1405183632 I am really sorry to hear this. Depression is very hard and when pregnant, it can be even worse. You are exactly right, the hormones can push mild depression to a new level. There's criteria that doctors use to diagnose depression that often includes things like feeling this way every day for at least two weeks. The mention of suicide in your post really worries me. Honey, that is something to absolutely discuss with your doctor.
Avatar f tn I am so sorry that you are suffering so much, but please do not end your life. There is hope and I am living proof. I have major depression and have been under a psychiatrist's care and have tried all of the meds available plus ECT, but nothing worked. I have a daughter and still wanted to die so much. I wanted to end it all. It was a terrible existence. The pain was horrible. But then my doc gave me Parnate, an old drug, but it worked. It literally changed my life.
Avatar f tn Please talk to someone. Google postpartum depression and the baby blues. You will see that this is not your real self and you can find a hot line to call tonight. I felt somewhat the same after my first and it helped me to read about others in blogs and forums.
Avatar n tn You could see which ones are available in your area or what outpatient clinics exist or for further information call your local NAMI hotline as for a list of what places could help.
316206 tn?1271814843 i have depression with suicide thoughts, but i'm on pills for it. But sometimes then i'm in a bad mood it's 2 - 5 days before i'm in a good mood. Is there anything that can be done?
Avatar f tn But I feel like the more time passes, the more I might get this courage. I'm wondering if I have depression, because no one will take me seriously when I talk about it. They think, since I'm a teen, I'm only going through a phase or something like that. So I started wondering myself if it was really "just a phase". Sorry for the long text, I just had to let it all out as I have no one to talk to.
Avatar m tn Wow, please call a suicide hotline, as you mentioned dying several times which means you are probably really considering doing something. Please don't,call your family and have them come and get you or call any friends or even a minister at a church and tell them how you are feeling. It sounds like you need to get away from your husband. If your state of mind is causing him to be even more abusive he is not the person you need to be with right now.
Avatar n tn The worst part of all the withdrawls for me has been depression. Does anyone know what you can do for that, OTHER than Anti-depressent drugs. I don't want to switch one drug for another but I was wondering if there is anything else someone has done to help with this. Thank in advance for any responses.
Avatar n tn Suicidal thoughts are VERY serious. You need to talk to a professional. You could call a suicide hotline and they can help you. Look in your local yellow pages and make that call. I know what it is like to be young, married, and pregnant. I got married 5 days after I turned 18 and was pregnant about 4 months after. Went on to have 5 children and just celebrated 18 years of marriage. So let me tell you, you are married to a boy. He is 21? Yeah he is a boy.
Avatar n tn some how the administrators messed up my acount so I have to go with the new nickname. I am currently 11 weeks prego, and am going through sever depression. It seems to e that my depression is getting worse and is not just a first trimester thing. I have seen a psycholigist, who ranked my depression and suggested that I take antidepressant and that it will probably get worse later in pregnancy. my OB thinks antidepressants' effect on baby is unknown.
5330867 tn?1366529933 Also i would still like to know if this is indeed depression or a sign of it?
Avatar m tn I have suffered depression my entire life. I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and inferior, and living a half life, if that. Everyone says, see a professional. Ok fine. How does one care for oneself if one has no money? I am scraping by, barely able to eat. If I can't afford to eat, how am I going to afford mental health therapy or medications? I will not qualify for any state help, I make too much money, and have insurance.
8405366 tn?1397980185 for depression, couldn't get out of bed, body felt like a million pounds, slept all day, made me more depressed, increased thoughts of suicide, unable to orgasm/no sex drive,made me never want to try another SSRI ever again Adderall IR: for ADD & to counteract the sleepiness/fogginess associated w benzos. finally able to focus for the first time in my life, grades went up significantly, increased confidence in myself & my ability to complete tasks.
Avatar n tn I am the most depressed I have ever been and this is a new form of depression as I keep thinking of ways to make the pain stop. (i guess you could say that they are bad ways) My question is this; have any of you taken medication to help with the depression and anxiety? I just feel like I cannot function like a normal human being right now.
Avatar m tn I have had problems with depression and anxiety most of my life. I was in therapy when I was younger, but I had problems expressing my issues with them. Today my anxiety is having drastic consequences. I am extremely nervous around people, and generally do not like to be around others. Occasionally when I am in a social environment, I will feel so nervous that I have to make up an excuse to leave, or isolate myself from everyone else.
Avatar m tn I've been there exactly how you are now and know exactly what you are going through. My mother too didn't believe in depression. The thing with depression at your age is that there may be a physical underlying issue - especially if you are anaemic. It may be that through depression you are not eating properly, that then in time drops the iron levels in your body which will make you feel very tired, can make you feel rock bottom to the point of contemplating suicide.
Avatar m tn I just wanted to clarify whether this is depression or not ? I am a 23 year old male - I never knew about depression or could not believe that there was condition called Depression till last year - when i read about it on the Net. But the depression symptoms almost matched my symptoms - symptoms/problems/weirdness which i have been facing since my childhood. Mental Symptoms :- Since my childhood i am very slow to react on any given situation, i dont know why ?
Avatar m tn difficulty sleeping, trouble making decisions, loss of interest in things you once enjoyed, and most importantly suicidal thoughts. I have been in your situation before where I have had suicidal thoughts and I wasn't sure what I should do or where to start. The thought of bringing the subject up to someone was so scary. But, having thoughts about killing yourself is not a "normal" thing that you should try to fight through yourself.
Avatar m tn If things get really bad in the meantime you can call the Suicide Hotline in your community and they will listen and it will be confidential and help get you through this terrible time for now and of course we are all here for you anytime of the day or night.
713638 tn?1335362092 Saw Dr. Marti today. Told to see a phsyciatrist, my depression was more than she was capable of handling. Gave me phone# to suicide hotline. This all seems so surreal.
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Avatar n tn Help is there. I spent last night on the suicide hotline and bought time to get to a psychologist today, feeling better but not great. Found out a big, bad guy like me is a crying baby with depression. Now that I know, i can cope some and live with it. I am seeing a psychiatrist monday hopefully to get to the root.