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Avatar f tn I'm in IL and have the same problems with itchy rash under my breasts and I only use VS bras. I use to wear VS body by Victoria, and have changed to the BioFit. The rash is still there, sort of worse. What do I do now?
Avatar n tn You likely have Graves' Hyperthyroidism with a post-partum onset. The carbimazole (similar to methimzole in the USA) will take usually 10-14 days to lower the the thyroid levels to begin to feel less anxious/shaky et cetera. Things will get better -- work closely with your doctor to get the thyroid levels stabilized. Thyroid problems can worsen depression and anxiety.
382218 tn?1341185087 The study examined patients taking one of the three interferons or Copaxone, and found no significant differences in rates of treatment for depression. In fact, the % of pts being treated for depression were marginally higher (but insignificant) for those taking Copaxone (41.1%) compared to those taking Avonex (39%) or Rebif, high dose (39.4%). Those on Betaseron had the highest rate of treatment for depression, but the difference was nominal (43.1%).
1408210 tn?1340200372 This is my first post on this topic. I was diagnosed years ago with depression and I have tried all the meds available and none help, so I have been winging it on my own, so to speak. I am a 70 yr old female with a family history of alcoholism on one branch of the family tree.
Avatar m tn You need to be able to sit down with an uninvolved 3rd party who will listen to you and help you work thru this. Sometimes...depression gets to the point where it is nearly impossible to work on it independently. Sharing your thoughts and feelings in a venue like this is priceless also. I hope you continue to do that. It's basically free group therapy. You are sharing with people that not only care about you...but also have lived it/are living it as well. Get well for your kids....
Avatar f tn I recently took an anti-depressant for depression, and it made me have all the anxiety symptoms and now my doc did all kinds of blood tests to see if its from the med or something else. Do you think it could be from me not eating right??????? Like maybe i have a Nutrient Deficiency? How can i get my nutrients that i need quickly???? With womens vitamins or something???
715687 tn?1229831449 It depends how extreme and intense they are.Technically if someone's mood switches rapidly in bipolar that's rapid cycling. And intense anger can be part of bipolar in what is called an agitated mixed state. But on the other hand, the way you are describing it is self aware so its complex. It depends how extreme it is and more importantly how it impacts on you. Emotional fluctuation is normal for that age. Its how its affecting your life in general and what's else is going on.
7899924 tn?1395188312 Constant bouts of anxiety and depression, but neither consistently or all the time - and neither respond much to medication. Mood swings, now those are ALL THE TIME! Horrible constipation that I can't get under control. And last but not least ... heart palpitations. My Doctor faithfully tested my thyroid year after year, checking only my TSH and telling me always that it was normal. Finally I insisted on seeing an Endocrinologist. He just tested my Ft3 Ft4 and antibodies.
Avatar f tn Decided to start walking brisky to get my mind off the depression issues, and of course, not having vicodin stays on your mind and only increases anxiety. I do see mental health for depression and am relying on them for help with depression, but not the vicodin issue. Just want this to be over and done with. I have lost 40 lbs with depression, and lost 6 in the last 3 days. When I get anxiety, my mind races, heart pounds and I feel sick, then diarrhea.
370801 tn?1264408618 Just a thought since I can't find any clinical evidence that B12 injections alone help major depression, although vitamin B complex may be added to other medications to supplement the treatment of bipolar disorder. Regardless, you're feeling better and that is great, but I'd still discuss the issue with your helathcare provider. Injections of B12 are not usually given as often as you are taking them.
317787 tn?1473362051 Can you ask for a referral to a psychiatrist to help coordinate with your hepatologist regarding anxiety/depression? Can your Prozac be increased a bit? Could your husband come with you to your next appt and help explain to the NP or the doctor about these side effects? Can something be added to your Prozac that might help? I'm not sure about skin infections, but hopefully your doctor put you on an antibiotic?
Avatar f tn Besides all the negatives about acne, hair growth, depression ext. what really gets me upset it that having a baby is at risk. I want to be a mother. Can someone please give me advice to how I can get preg. Like what kind of medication to take maybe a diet that would be useful or any info that can be useful. Oh and by the way anyone trying to concieve should NOT eat PEAS. I hope that someone can help me... I would appreciate it greatly kind regards Kate.
1548924 tn?1296258644 A doctor wouldn't dare suggest that to me today but there was a time and I became very vocal. Yes, it was depression. Situational depression. The situation is my body is betraying me and you don't have an answer. Fine the answer and watch the depression lift!!!
Avatar n tn Did you have a complete hysterectomy, including the cervix and uterus along with your ovaries? I have to say that I'm glad to hear your off the Premarin. I would not recommend that med, that's only my opinion. Yes, many of us that have hysterectomies can have the symptoms your having. Since you did have cervical cancer your Gynecologist may not want to put you back on hormone replacement therapy. Celexa can be a good med for some people, others can't tolerate it.
1550026 tn?1299339682 All I can say is, I've stayed out of the sun because of skin cancer, yet I get thyroid cancer. Now, my body needs Vitamin D to help absorb all the calcium I'm now taking. I should be exhausted from the surgery and am wondering if it is the proactive approach of taking Vitamin D and calcium both prior to and after my surgery? Your post gives credibility to my suspicions.
Avatar n tn , calves aching badly Have you started any excercise routines that may have caused tendonitis? A low functioning thyroid can cause that as well.
1386233 tn?1279935093 Hello Everyone. My name is Victoria, I am a mother of two beautiful young girls and a wife of an amazing man who is being deployed in Sept. to Iraq. Since May of this year I have been having constant problems with my balance, numbness, cognitive, speech, pain, spasms and tremors. For the past 10 years or so I have gone to doctor to doctor with problems that I have already noted and bowel, eye shaking, sight loss, depression, stomach pressure and pain, nerve and muscle pain and so on.
1168718 tn?1464987135 Ess is 100% correct in that they prescribe Copaxone for depression sufferers as it does not worsen the depression like the others. Let us know how things go and keep relaxed while you knit that grandbaby's blanket!
Avatar f tn It will help calm you down so you can concentrate on learning why you're having depression and anxiety and also to learn coping skills.
376008 tn?1312484756 Victoria37 Hello my name is victoria. I just read your blog and I have the EXACT same thing as you from the dog following me around, too, feeling like I'm going to die and my kids are going to find me(which scares the **** out of me), to even the pain in my leg! What in the world is this? I am also 37 years old. This is so wierd tha you have the EXACT thing going on as I do! Here is My e-mail address please contact me! ***@****. (Victoria.
516780 tn?1296520175 Isn't that why they became help those people who desperately need help??? Crap...sorry for my rant...I seriously needed to vent and can't really talk to anyone here. My family doesn't really believe me because they have no idea what I'm going through. When I got my papers from my doctor said "you were diagnosed with MS" and showed them to my sister and dad...they were seriously shocked! My husband is in Iraq and I don't want to stress him out with this.
1386233 tn?1279935093 Hi Victoria and welcome to our fourm where you will find there is a wealth of experience and so many compassionate and understanding people. First of all before I forget can you please break your writing up into short paragraphs in future as some people find it hard to read a block of writing and this may prevent them from being able to read your post and give you valuable help.
Avatar f tn Hi Victoria, welcome! If you have been through alcohol treatment, then you probably already know your answer. If you are becoming preoccupied with "how many you have" thats a big RED flag. You are actually very lucky to figure this out at 3 per day, my, my, how I wish I had! As for doc checks for refills, there are rules a doc has to follow to prescribe controlled substances. He SHOULD be re-evaluating you regularly, so its not abnormal.
Avatar f tn So while I was taking it my doctor put me on Cymbalta to kind of counter act the depression. Which made me even more tired. But I didn't have any other side effects other than being slightly depressed and tired. My mother in law took neurontin for her back. She's had several surgeries for back pain and what not. But she said it gave her really bad ummm..illusions...I can't find the word I want to use. Dang it, my brain is not working lately. But she would see things that weren't there.
Avatar n tn Depression is a symptom of thyroid problems and many people have doctors who fail to understand that correct levels of thyroid can help prevent depression which then mean no anti-depressants. Do you take any thyroid replacement medication? What was your TSH before starting the Effexor. It is important to keep it in perspective.
391038 tn?1298740986 hi, this is a real problem when we can't get our kids to eat what they need too.... and the hair loss can very well be due to allergies to some ingredient in the dry food....or other recent changes in environment. i will send you some links to read...hope they help. this first one is on how to transition over to canned food. the second is reading on causes of hair loss...good luck and keep us posted please. http://www.
Avatar f tn TIA, Simple Partial Seizure, Anxiety, Depression WELL BEING -Sick with Chronic Sinus infections / and frequent yeast infections -Weight fluctuates / days of bloating and pain in lower stomach -Fatigue/ frequent naps -Swollen lymph nodes in neck, ear, near elbow, under arm, and groin DIAGNOSED WITH: Chronic Sinusitis, Graves Disease EYES/VISION -Optic nerve damage in right eye -Double Vision -Fluttering back and forth eye movement -White/bright flashes -Pain behind eyes with movement -Phot