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Avatar m tn The following is from mykids247 - "Dr. Guy Neff at Tampa General in Tampa Fl. Great Dr. but very busy office as it is part of University of Tampa and he is head hepatologist at the transplant ctr." The Tampa/Clearwater/St. Petersburg area has an abundance of Hepatologists, so if you go this route, there are plenty to choose from. You might be best in first going to your primary physician to guide you in the proper direction. You might need a referral to get into their office.
Avatar m tn You have two very good teaching hospitals in Tampa - Tampa General and USF. I doubt you will find anyone good in Spring Hill or Brooksville area, but the Suncoast Pkwy makes getting into Tampa easy. Good luck.
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Avatar n tn However, I can answer you generally that there can be a link between ovarian cysts and depression. I do not think ovarian cysts cause depression; however if your hormones are out of balance causing you to have ovarian cysts--the same imbalance can be a result of brain dysfunctions that can be linked to depression or brain dysfunctions ie a dysfunctional hypothalamic pulse generator can cause ovulation dysfunction and ovarian cysts.
Avatar f tn There is a wonderful doctor in Tampa. The tampa pain clinis, Dr V. The website is tampapainclinic,com. Check it out.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know of a good (effective) detox/rehab facility in Tampa Bay/St. Pete area? Son prefers non-residential but has rather large addiction to roxicodone /oxycontin. This is all so confusing and depressing. . seems so many people are trying to make big bucks at desperate people's expense (and I don't mean just dealers!) No one is really giving me much hope of permanent freedom from this drug for him, either.
2130118 tn?1335535322 However these symptoms would come and go, and after going to my family physician for months he diagnosed me with depression and fibromyalgia. I was put on cymbalta and over time the symptoms worsened and have become more frequent. He had referred me to a neurologist,which did a series of test including spinal tap and MRI. In his conclusion, it was in his opinion that I had MS. However my health is rapidly declining. Where I used to have several "good days" and a few bad days.
Avatar n tn I recently started Effexor XR for anti-depression and Lunesta to help with my new nighttime sleeping problems. I am sweating a LOT more than ever and I am hot all the time. I am exhausted during the day. My mother is on Synthroid. I am NOT losing weight despite an increse in exercise. I also have night sweats and hair loss. What do you think? Should I just "wait and see" like my endo thinks is ok?
Avatar n tn Hey, sweetie--I just posted something for guy w/a ? that might help you, too. If you are having trouble, STRESS to your doc that you don't feel good about waiting for the zoloft to be out of your system before starting the lexapro--like I said to guy, people who recommend clearing one med before starting the next don't understand how we feel when we are off our meds----THIS MOSTLY APPLIES TO THE DOCTORS!
1151591 tn?1262554858 There is even a VA hospital in Tampa that is for pain management/addiction help. I know this because not only am i an employee, i am also a recovering addict myself, only on my 2nd week of being clean, (oxy's/any opiod) and i did it with the help of my VA provider, who, like you, they thought they were helping when in fact they were enabling. You need to have them cancel the order that's coming in the mail. Good luck my fellow veteran!
Avatar m tn Can someone please help me interpret these. From what I gathered on the internet this is Hashimotos. Do these point to a thyroid autoimmune disorder. Any help means the world to me NO DOCTOR I've seen has helped or even run the correct blood work. These were run by my dermatologist. DHEA - 507 HIGH BIOTIN VIT B7 - 179 LOW H. PYLORI - 1.28 HIGH VITAMIN D- 15.7 LOW TSH is 2.155 (ref 0.450-4.500) T3 Uptake is 28 (Ref 24-39) Free Thyroxine Index is 2.5 (ref 1.2-4.
13391004 tn?1429738946 well this happens detoxing off 78mg is going to be tuff but it is doable we have had people kicked off at 120 and make it first off get up to walmart and pick up a 3 in 1 vitamin calcium magnesum zinc take 4 with breakfast and 4 with dinner in a few days this will cut back on the withdrawals methadone has a 36hr 1/2 life so you wont feel the brunt of it for around 3 days the intial detox last about 10 days to 2 weeks then the energy crash sets in you got to be in this for the long haul ju
Avatar f tn I need help. I was just diagnosed with Hashi and hypo last month and started to take Synthroid. I also had Lymes disease for quite awhile and just got off a PICC line of IV antibiotic therapy for 28 days. My problem is that my body has a hard time absorbing Vit D. It was down to 8.5 and now it's 34 which is 4 points over the bottom of the reference range.
Avatar n tn Some people expect to be pain free and will accept no less - this will never happen for most of them. So it sort of sets them up for a life cycle of pain and depression. There is always HOPE that things will get better or science will get better. Having said that .... Your C spine MRI sounds like you have a narrow spinal canal that you were born with - this will get worse with age and may or may not cause a problem. It might be causing a problem now, but I can't tell based on the report.
Avatar f tn How are my TSH levels normal at 2.89 and I still am developing thyroiditis?! Please please help.
902589 tn?1268152453 He wanted me to get a job so that we could save for a house, he pushed me to go out and get work, adn he constantly ******* at me because i haven't found any but when i ask for help, no way can he do anything to help ME. It makes me so upset that he's willing to spend 2 hours redoing and writing one of his friends resumes, but he is unwilling to spend 5 minutes just reading mine and telling me if it is ok. I would just like a fraction of the courtesy he shows his friends.
Avatar n tn There are ALOT of treatment facilities here in FL so you should have no trouble finding something... Let me know if you need any help... I am in Tampa.. I may be able to help you research..
Avatar n tn Hi,Doc, Hope you can help after 3 years of no answers! I detected a nodule 3 years ago, had the ultra sound and the ct, and the increased meds (synthroid, now levothyrozin). I am about to go off the meds for a nuclear scan. I am already exhausted, battling weight issues and now, been prescibed a high cholesterol medication with scary side effects. Picking are poor in Tampa, and I don't know that there will be a thryoid surgery or an ablation at the end of this. Do I need this test?
Avatar f tn muscles, dizziness, balance issues, short term memory loss, brain fog, extreme perspiration, leg swelling, tingling in feet, and of course depression (who wouldn't have depression with all this going on). The list goes on. Anyway, I noticed that a few of you were from Lakeland. I'm in Winter Haven. Have not had any luck at all with doctors, even went to Mayo in Jacksonville. Would you let me know of any good physicians - also need psychiatrist.
639006 tn?1245027446 I found a new Neurologist in Tampa at USF. Amos Gipson. He increased my Topamax to 300mg and my Amitriptyline to 100mg. He also put me on 4mg of Zanaflex 2x a day. It has actually helped alot. Dr. Gipson is great, I really like him alot and he was really interested in me and in finding a solution. He also suggestion biofeedback (which I haven't gotten a chance to try yet because I can't afford it right now), but as soon as I can, I will definitely give it a shot.
333021 tn?1207763233 If you have trouble getting going, a mild anti-depressant might help give you that push. There's lots of life still to enjoy, so get rid of the negatives, number one on the list being that disgusting neuro. Remember, we're all here for you!
232264 tn?1191252080 i got clean from opiates at their house it took me 2 weeks to get over everything except the depression...that lingered on until i got on lexapro...after 3 days of 10mgs of lexapro my depression just lifted however being at their house was tough because she was running around the house high as hell on pills watching me struggle and she was like " if you can do it i can" so i was like cool that would be great maybe i would actually have a clean partner but no.
Avatar n tn as it was said due to it is not believed i would be able to handle the extra depression brought on from taking treatment. i've been told to sit back and wait till transplant time. yet the other day some of you didnt think that was wise. im still confused still dont feel that i know anymore than before. what does tx and srv and all those other lettery terms i see mean?
Avatar f tn KJ, Hi there and Welcome!! I'm not from around there, Austin or Tampa, unfortunetly, so I can't really help out here! But I can totally relate to the feeling of being dissmissed by neuro's. I want to encourage you to advocate for yourself. One thing is true, and you know your own body, and how it is feeling and therefore, swallowing the "it's in your head, or "your faking it" is unacceptable.
Avatar m tn // So I suggest that you go back and request testing for Free T3 along with the Free T4 and TSH. If the doctor resists then you should insist on it and don't take no for an answer. When test results are available, then you should get a copy and post results and reference ranges shown on the lab report and members will be glad to help interpret and advise further.
Avatar f tn i am told he is one of the best rhuematologist in Tampa. Most of my symptoms match with that more than anything else i have looked at. At first I though Rheumatoid arthritis but my joint pain is not parallel.. I have joint pain in my right wrist but not my left. And I get knee pain but also generally only one side. So the muscle stuff is more my concern. I sleep terribly. I also have has a constipation/diaarreah issue before pills and now after the same thing. I also get jaw pain and pressure..
1457748 tn?1317578765 I started seeing a Chiropractor in 2005 and at first thought that was the answer. it really seemed to help. After a year of manipulation to my neck I once again went for a MRI. This was number 4. The past three between 2002-2005 showed no change. When I went for my yearly MRI in 2006 it showed significant change and cord mass effect. By this time I was in terrible pain. I decided on the surgery.
Avatar n tn I too have been dismissed as having depression- hell yea I have depression- I feel like **** and life is passing me by at 51! Doc do you take out of state patients? I'll will go wherever there is someone willing to explore, listen and get to the root of whatever is going on? All routine labs appear WNL- well normal for me is pretty damn wacky then!! The fatigue and several "flu-like" symptoms have completely influenced my quality of life.