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Avatar n tn I live in the St. Louis area, and I just recently went to see a new doctor. I my self messed around with my primary care physician and an endocrinologist in St. Louis for months. I was feeling worse than ever. Both doctors insisted on synthroid, I have Hashimoto's (hypothyroid). It was recomended to me to try Dr Wessling. He is Creve Couer, I believe. He is an md and and homeopathic dr.
Avatar f tn Plus, I don't know how much longer his doctors in St Louis will let me have him on Homebound Schooling, since they think it is anxiety or depression. His pediatrician last year made the comment to me that I should take him to school and if he has to spend the whole day in the nurses office- so be it. She thought he would get over his anxiety that way. I didn't buy it, nor would I take my sick child to school and keep him miserable all day.
Avatar n tn But, when I DID talk with the doctor before getting the EEG, I got him to refer me to another neurologist at a major hospital in St. Louis. He's supposed to be one of the best in the US. I was lucky enough to get an early appointment with him and I see him tomorrow! So today, I got copies of my EEG report and even the actual data on CD, as well as all past records on this, to bring to the Dr. tomorrow.
Avatar n tn I know addiction psychiatry is a sub specialty of sorts in the world of psychiatry. Anyone know of anyone really good in the St. Louis area? Who can also deal with the additional issues of anxiety, depression, PTSD and whatever baseline personality disorder he has ? Thanks for the help!
Avatar n tn I should be able to continue to get them legally because of my back issues and I have noticed no 'come down' issues when the pills wear off. I do worry that they will not help me reach my goal of becoming anxiety/depression free (and actually may hinder that). But I need to live right now in the present. And finally my last worry is that I will just be addicted eventually to the meds that the psychitrist prescribes.
1267372 tn?1317834880 I am getting new doctors. I have found a neurologist in St. Louis who treats people with autonomic dysfunction and I emailed him with her symptoms and such and he believes I may be on the right track. He does not treat children but he is contacting a pediatric neurologist to coordinate diagnostic testing and consultation. He doesn't think its in her head either...btw, I took her to her pediatrician yesterday and he wanted to put her on prozac to lift her mood. We refused...
Avatar f tn I guess I will call my family practioner since my endochronologist refuses (as well as several others in the St. Louis region) to prescribe me natural thryroid supplements. Now does Armour only have T4 in it or does it also have other Ts or do you still need to take cytomel w/ this drug? Im wondering how much Armour I should take in replacement of my levoxyl? Did any of you under go thyroid surgery also? Thanks I wish endo's around here would prescribe natural thyroid supplements.
Avatar f tn So, the doctor said she would run it when we return in January or to have our St Louis GI doctor run it and forward results to her. So I called our GI doctor in St Louis, gave a long explanation to the receptionist and faxed over the doctors notes from Cleveland. The doctors notes gave the diagnoses, along with the loss of reflex on the right side of his abdomen, and listed the tests the doctor still needs to run.
Avatar f tn I have been to my PC doc, 2 other MD, Endocrinologist, Infectious disease doc, Infectious disease dept. at Washington Univ. in St. Louis. I have had a bone marrow biopsy, tons of blood work, MRI of my brain,chest cat scan, tested for Mono, Cat scratch fever, Lyme disease (which I am still not convinced couldn't be my problem, especially Brucelliosis). My MD has given up on me, he had diagnosed me with Fever of Unknown Origin and stopped trying to figure it out. The last appt.
Avatar f tn Do start with the family doctor, simply because they can give you recommendations for specialists and usually know who is good and who is a waste of time. I see you're in St. Louis, a town with excellent medical facilities, that is helpful. Good luck!
1399250 tn?1436946897 How far is Cleveland to you? We are in St Louis, so it is a 9 hour drive for us. I credit my sons success to getting better to his doctors, the Chelimsky's. If I would have listened to my son's doctors here, who all told me it was anxiety, he would still be sick in bed getting worse. Keep looking for a doctor who will help you figure it out and is willing to keep trying different medications.
1973066 tn?1331270596 That urgency could come from either endo on the bladder, interstitial cystitis, and or both. I.C. does not show up by a simple urine test, you must have a cystoscopy with hydrodestention (under anesthesia). I had mine the same time I had my first lap to diagnose my I.C. (I have both.
Avatar n tn Depression is often seen in familes.. chemical imbalances and learned behaviors often contribute to the symptoms. The teenage year are the hardest to navigate when you have depression beating you up... I see that you have a head start already. You have taken action to learn about the problem and have decidec you will not let it take over your life. But, often just having the WILL to overcome the state will not make it go away.
Avatar f tn of PA, Barnes Hospital (Washington Univ.) in St. Louis, etc., if you really want to do some research. You could look under their gastroenterology depts. and see if you could possibly e-mail someone there and tell them what your father's situation is with the stents causing the pancreatitis and blockage.
Avatar m tn Then about three months into her school year she had to quit both sports because on the attacks. We took her to St. Louis Children's hospital and after $18,000.00 worth of treatment we know it is not Turrets, Wilson,s disease, and supposedly any neourological problem. We have checked for allergies, hormones, and tumors and have no answers yet. She is seeing another Psychiatrist who has put her on Celexa and it seems to help more than anything else.
525545 tn?1293184794 his Companion Jason are in Torrance, CA and our Oldest Daughter Karie is in St. Louis but her kids are in Virginia(long story). Our youngest daughter Debra, her husband and my granddaughter just moved in March to Arizona. I love all my kids and grandchildren very much. I just miss them, I know I am going to miss Daniel & Shannon very much.
1697706 tn?1306999892 They also have the means of helping you get a copy of your dd214. The personnel center is in St Louis. That is where I get the last information I needed. Please write back.
Avatar f tn I called his pediatricians exchange, and she has St Louis Childrens Hospital taking her weekend calls. They told me to take him to the hospital. We went to the emergency room and by now his temperature was up to 96 degrees and holding for a while. Plus, he kept vomiting from all of the movement. They hooked him up to an IV and put blankets on him and drew blood. His blood tests came back fine. And of course, they were not at all informed on POTS or dysautonomia.
Avatar n tn org or Even with the correct diagnosis, finding a knowledgeable doctor was hard. We live in St Louis and travel to Cleveland for treatment.
Avatar n tn I go to a very high profile neurologist in St Louis who has been associated with Washington University/Barnes (one of the top hospitals in the country). He says that none of his patients who tried this got significant relief. His daughter is an OB/GYN in New York, she had the same response. My ob/gyn told me the same thing. I have horrible estrogen/menstrual migraines along with other headaches. BUT - your daughter needs help and pat yourself on the back for reaching out to find it.
Avatar n tn Most SSRI's are not given to people that are bi-polar because they can either make things worse or not work at all. I'm from ST. Louis too, as you must have seen already. Pretty close to the area anyway.
Avatar n tn Seizure activity is daily and beginning 12/02 my 7 y/o began having partial seizures. We are being eval. at St. Louis pediatric and adult epilepsy centers. I have received volumes of no avail. Still no clear cut answers as to what is going on. I'm currently seeing a rheumy, internist, epitologist. Numerous neurological symptoms run same between my father and me. He is diabetic, pernicious anemia, cardiac problems. Me and son have chronic EBV.
Avatar m tn i live in rantoul illinois and my primary doctor works at christie clinic here in rantoul and my gastro is in the champaign office and the gastro here referred me to and advanced medicine place in st.
Avatar m tn Hi as the above poster mentioned many times a med used for anxiety or depression are also used to help with pain.... Most Drs are not well informed with Chiari and ALL related it can be a bit frustrating to say the least....educate yourself on ALL related conditions and research Drs....finding the right one is key. For me most pain meds did not help at all...sometimes they do, but it is short lived....
Avatar f tn i am on suboxone and it really does work but it too is hard to get off but it is better than the hell you DO NOT DESERVE!! you aare a victim but you like me are an addict. i go to aa in st. louis every day and i can't tell you the peace and support i find there. in those rooms i never feel withdrawl symptoms even when they are very strong. there is magic in those meetings. Hope you are hangin in there. REMEMBER, GOD LOVES YOU AND HE WANTS WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU.
Avatar f tn I said everyday for the past 4 months?!?! I have another appt in a week at Barnes in St Louis. I just want a dr to take this seriously. I dont want to end up addicted to prescription pills by the time I am 30! thank you for any help/input!
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for the information. I have tried to write back to you right away twice but the computer had some problems so it did not go through. Tonight I try again. I really appreciate your response . It gives me hope and understanding of how long it takes for the lens to be stable so not to be upset but be patient instead. Thanks God, my eye is getting better every day and tonight I am happy to report that I no longer see the halo and the glare has been reduced substantially !
20791471 tn?1509653962 I live in southern Indiana so I could probably travel to St. Louis, Indianapolis, Louisville, or Nashville to see a doctor. Do you know any there? My family see it as just another thing I have made up. Even though I have shown them the test results. They are also super religious and keep telling me that God will fix it for me and to stop going to the doctor. My husband is pretty much the only one that believes me.
Avatar f tn I think I baby him too much because of the illness. They also have parent classes that have to be attended which will probably help me break this cycle of not expecting anything from Cody(except schoolwork). Also, his DHE shots are not really helping, but we have to give them for another week before the doctor is willing to abort. If we abort, the doctor wants to try volume expansion. This actually sounds more promising to me. How is everyone else doing?