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Avatar f tn I learned that keeping things inside only fester and get worse. There are also sites on MH that help with depression and many others to talk to. Please...don't give up! Reaching out is the first step to wellness!
427265 tn?1444080036 After roughly 70 weeks or so, I developed an area of um… depression in my thighs… almost like the fat had disappeared. In addition, the area was numb/tingly, sort of like neuropathy. I mentioned in to the hepatologist, and she said it might take tome to recover. Sure enough, it took about six months to clear up, but it eventually did.
Avatar m tn My comment is that I live in Vancouver where the sites are ,,,I have gone to detox panels to speak through CA ( cocoain anonymous) on the same street where it is. For me that is helping the addict... sharing my experiece,strength and hope with another still suffering addict ,. I think they are a great idea A- people are not spreading hep,aid etc,(every bit helps) B- the commuity doesnt have to walk by the alley and watch junkies shooting up C- my own opinion ...
Avatar f tn I have clearly discoloured skin patches where my injection sites were. I thought they might go away eventually but approx 18 months post treatment, it's clearly not going to happen. They haven't faded whatsoever. Looks like they are here to stay. The left side is about 1-1/2 " in a ragged circular patch and the right side is blotchier and larger but same thing. Not going to look pretty if I ever get myself back into a bikini (hey, a girl can dream) but I'll live.
301494 tn?1259518001 I've searched countless sites online and I'm still not sure where to go for help. Our son is 22, and a college graduate. Intellectually, he's gifted by many measures with an IQ tested at 160+ and getting nearly perfect scores on his SAT (1570) & LSAT (178). I'm being specific to make a point. However, he's depressed and generally anxious in public settings. As a result he's barely functional. Rarely has he nor does he express any emotions or anything else about his life.
603543 tn?1255298050 My therapist suggested I need more hobbies to help with my depression and other issues, I go to the gym, read, and do crossword puzzles...What are everyones hobbies? and of those are there particular ones that help your depression? Look forward to reading you answers...
Avatar m tn I found this out a few years ago when i was looking into low blood pressure and depression which are quite often linked, and though i don't have severe depression i do get the mental fog and find it very hard to learn things, i am wondering if this could be because oxygen in my blood does not pump around quickly to the brain. I was wondering if you also have low blood pressure John as your symptoms seem very similar to mine, and also whether you have been like it all your life.
Avatar f tn He put me on antidepressants and I've struggled everyday with terrible depression I lost a heap of weight and my blood dropped so my GP suggested that it might be worth thinking about decreasing my Oxy dose. Without any more discussion I went home and halved my Oxy. I went from 40mg three times a day to 40mg at 7am and 20mg at 2pm with no side effects at all. Three days ago, I had enough and instead of researching the medical sites, I went to the Forums.
9674222 tn?1405212853 I have had depression since i was very young, early 20s. Many issues in my life and have tried many meds to get the right combo. When family issues get worse I get very anxious, lonely and depressed and want to sleep a lot. I try to work thru it!
Avatar f tn My daughter is 18, and has been under medication and counseling for depression for five years. She used to cut, and has made more than one suicide attempt in the past, but is significantly better now. She is brilliant (I am not bragging), and has done remarkably well in her high school, which is highly regarded in our area. She has topped in the subject she loves most and wants to major in.
Avatar n tn hi- i,m new to this forum. Can anybody tell me why the depression i feel whilst detoxing from tramadol is so severe when i am prescribed and take regular paxil for depression.
Avatar n tn Funny thing though, I get an entirely different set of symptoms when I google depression symptoms on medical sites........ And funny thing that the pattern seems to be consistent across a wide ranging group of treaters, who generally are hit with the sx about two to four weeks after terminating tx. And its also interesting how several top rheumatologists have been observing the same set of symptoms in post-tx patients, and call it post interferon syndrome.
1954228 tn?1326615690 can you tall me the best ways to help the depression and the anxiety i got relaxation cds i would like to learn to use meditation to help
Avatar m tn While the studies are conflicting regarding whether facebook increases or decreases depression in some individuals depression increases in facebook with all the people posting their best side . But support groups like medhelp where there is greater member involvement i find gives greater camaderie . But still when i am in very low mood and dont feel like posting unlike in "real life " interactions you feel very lonely even here . Do others also feel similarly ...
Avatar f tn Call a social worker in your community and ask for advice! Also, there are sites on the Internet where they offer help and numbers you can call! Google "depression" and "help" and "depression" and "crisis" and you'll find various sites that you can join and hopefully you'll find numbers, like hotlines you can call. Good luck.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend has fallen into a major depression over the past few months. Many things contribute to it, but he is also taking lortabs almost every day (unless he can't get his hands on them). He has been taking the lortabs for a long time (before he was depressed). He has no insurance (he's obtaining the pills illegally), so there is no doctor to help him out. So what am I asking for here? Any advice I guess.
Avatar n tn I wish I could cover all the things going on in my mind but all I know is that I need help. I even feel like I shouldn't be on this computer because something will happen....I am destroying my marriage with distrust...I have done it before...I have had sucidal thoughts....can't concentrate....can't focus on a job...quit last week....don't know what else to do ...I have been on prozac and others took myself off....can't afford it anymore....Am I all alone?
Avatar n tn My psyhchiatrist cannot see me for two weeks and wants me to increase my Zoloft to 100 mg. She says that will help with the anxiety and depression. I am reluctant to increase my dosage because I am very sensitive to medication. It took me four years to get up to 75 mg (I started out taking 12.5). What can I do to feel better? I am in a cognitive behavior therapy class but that doesn't seem to make me feel better. In fact, sometimes after class I feel worse.
Avatar n tn Is this a part of depression, or is it something else? How should I seek help to stop this behavior. My life (and that of my boyfriend) is much harder and less happy because of these issues. Please help!
Avatar f tn I have stopped asking my doctor, health visitor etc... for help because they can't help. I am on beta blockers currently for fast heart rate and high blood pressure which the doctors cannot explain and are telling me its anxiety, even though I'm not anxious. In Feb, March, April, May and June I underwent many tests and they were inconclusive. If anyone here can maybe even recognise the symptoms if they have experienced it themselves, just some reassurance is all I need.
Avatar m tn Anyway, the doctor recently prescribed Tramadol for the pain. It did help ease the pain, but I also found out that it helped with another big problem I have...depression. I've tried Effexor, Wellbutrin and a few other meds in the past for my depression, but they really didn't do much for me. The Tramadol, I have found, works for the depression like the others couldn't. I have energy. When I wake up, I actually feel like doing stuff. I don't feel negative. I don't have mood swings.
Avatar f tn I have been taking Metoprolol for about 1 year. Started at 25 mg. I weighed 170lbs at ~5'5, October 2007. Upped to 50mg. Gained to 195, March 2008. Upped to 100mg. Gained to 220lbs, July 2008. I am now at 220 still at 100mg. I have been experiencing depression & anxiety while on this med. Never really before since taking it, maybe minor depression in middle school/high school. I am now 19 & have pretty severe depression with no mental health insurance.
477746 tn?1254788147 I didn't suffer from depression at all. Anxiety yes, but not depression. I quit cold turkey with no help from drugs or anything. I'd tried twice previously with Zyban (Wellbutrin) and the drug works but the side effects were too much for me. The reason I was able to quit the last time (it's been 3 yrs now) is because my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer from smoking (he died in 05) and I had lung xrays and a heart xray to see if there was any damage. There was.
1149087 tn?1415320149 In general, the Health Pages are very useful to newcomers. See upper right of screen, yellow icon.
Avatar n tn However, I can answer you generally that there can be a link between ovarian cysts and depression. I do not think ovarian cysts cause depression; however if your hormones are out of balance causing you to have ovarian cysts--the same imbalance can be a result of brain dysfunctions that can be linked to depression or brain dysfunctions ie a dysfunctional hypothalamic pulse generator can cause ovulation dysfunction and ovarian cysts.
509877 tn?1315365294 I am sure you are a great mother. The most important thing to do is give up control because you are now stuck in a "codependent relationship" with him not unlike the codependent relationship he is in. Most people can go their how life wondering why their past relationships didn't work. I doubt very seriously this relationship will stand the test of time. Being young he will likely have to learn the hard way.
Avatar f tn all I have been doing is crying, please help..... I feel like I want to die like I don't want to be here anymore. I cannot handle this. On august 25th I am supposed to tansfer away to school but I son't even want to go there anymore...I don't know what to do with myself and really feel like killing myself...Ive never been through something this bad before. He won't answer my emails, locked my cell number and my facebook... I feel all alone.
Avatar m tn You need to be able to sit down with an uninvolved 3rd party who will listen to you and help you work thru this. Sometimes...depression gets to the point where it is nearly impossible to work on it independently. Sharing your thoughts and feelings in a venue like this is priceless also. I hope you continue to do that. It's basically free group therapy. You are sharing with people that not only care about you...but also have lived it/are living it as well. Get well for your kids....