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Avatar n tn Now that she, for the most part has healed, we are now trying to find treatment for her depression (motor skills, dominate hand). I have done numerous computer searches to find mental health help for her in the san diego county area. I am running into a brick wall. Her insurance in medicare and blue cross and my parents have too much $ for public assistance. What i am looking for is the name of an organization or a Psychologist that can help. Thank you!
Avatar n tn I wish I could take it now for the depression but it does not work for me. It may help you though just remember it won't make you feel better immediatly give it a few weeks and you will probably notice a difference, just don't give up! Man do I have a bad head ache actually for the last couple of days and I can't take anything for it that stinks!
Avatar n tn (2008, March 14). Study aims to clear haze surrounding pot addiction. San Diego Union-Tribune. Tanda, G., Pontieri, F.E., & Di Chiara, G. (1997, June 27). Cannabinoid and Heroin Activation of Mesolimbic Dopamine Transmission by a Common µ1 Opioid Receptor Mechanism. Science, 276, 2048 - 2050. Vandrey, R.G., Budney, A.J., Hughes, J.R., & A. Liguori. (2008, January 1). A within-subject comparison of withdrawal symptoms during abstinence from cannabis, tobacco, and both substances.
307500 tn?1302119746 ugg to the 4th day, I am moving this weekend to San Diego, and was hoping this would be better. I am drinking lots of green tea and water. This just *****....but thanks for commenting, support helps so much when your going through this.
Avatar n tn My son is 29. We live in Chicago and he lives in San Diego. He is under a doctors care. He's on Prozac, Effexor and I think it's repidol(Not sure of the spelling. THe only difference we see it that he's frustrated but not as angry.He's a college grad and very bright. He's working a temp job sorting magazines. He says he wants to work but can't. He has no objection taking money from from us. We give him little but pay all his expenses IE. rent, food, clothes.
Avatar f tn My mom just beat cancer and my dad is a marine. We just moved from San Diego to Pensacola Florida. I have felt depressed for a long time know I have suicidal thoughts and have held a knife to my skin. I have a form of muscular dystrophy and have been made fun of for a wail I have trouble sleeping or staying asleep and don't have much energy I need help.
1054018 tn?1254618284 Bankruptcy with soon to be X-wife, The feeling of nothing to look foward to. Watched my San Diego Chargers play a game tonight and it didn't excite me the way it used to.
1114425 tn?1258694566 at least, that's how it is here, in San Diego. There are also clinical/ medical research studies that are always looking for participants to test new trial medications. The majority of the study requests that I've seen are calls for people who suffer from Depression. You can find these research/ study announcements in most local newspapers and similar periodicals. Typically, they offer a free medical consultation/ physical exam.
1126539 tn?1259885148 ***@**** 619-365-5160 I am located in San Diego, CA, however, it is possible for participation outside of San Diego. I think it is important that we don't forget survivors in the fight against breast cancer! More research is needed to understand what difficulties breast cancer survivors may experience after diagnosis and treatment.
Avatar f tn Sorry for such a sloppy blog on what our situation/ problem is but here is what I really need to know, here my question!!... Where in California in San Diego county or a county very close by can I find a free suboxine doctor, or one who excepts medical so that my fiancé and I can move forward in our lives in a clean and sober way..???? Please help!!
Avatar n tn Speak with your retinal specialist about your fears and your anxiety. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar f tn I did a little searching for you and came across several organizations that can help you. The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of San Diego has a list of free and low cost resources: NAMI San Diego: Here is a list of no/low cost clinics:
Avatar m tn My psychiatrist might switch me up with some other drugs (ie Ananafril and such). I went to San Diego with a couple friends yesterday to watch a movie (Senna) and to eat Phil's BBQ (the bomb :)) It helped alot. I feel much better and the intrusive thoughts seem much weaker. I think if you have the same/similar thoughts as me, you should, if capable hang around with people more and watch them interact and such.
Avatar n tn It may be like what's the lesser of 2 evils. My kids will never carry around a glass of water and San Diego water can be pretty bad, so I'd need a really good filtering system. If you have a well with little risk of a problem... that could be ideal. Whole Foods is supposed to be a really good store? Maybe you could ask if there is someone you could talk to who is VERY informed and when will they be there... Author Andrew Weil is very informed about health in general and vit's etc.
Avatar m tn I've reread your post a couple of times and I have just one question ..... What is your eye problem? You've seen a number of specialists, but you haven't told us what your eye problem is and what might have caused it.
Avatar f tn I would recommend that she seek care of a low vision specialist to obtain aids which will help her function more effectively. This may help to reduce her depression. Also, she is dealing with a loss of one’s sense, so she might need effective counsel to assist her. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
670937 tn?1225753856 ***@**** website::http://www.insuranceforca.
Avatar n tn A lady with metastasis to back from the breast was treated there. The improvement was remarkable within 3 weeks. The Institute is in San Diego, but the Therapy Clinic is in Tijuana : Our prayers are with you for the right answer.
Avatar m tn It sounds as if there might be a reason that is elusive. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
525545 tn?1293184794 I am thankful for my knight in shinning armor, my husband I love him so much. And our kids are all grown and on their own, they are my joy, they are caring, loving adults. I have 5 beautiful grandchildren that I love so much, but no longer in San Diego. When my husband & I got married almost 36 years ago, we talked about what we would do later in life when our kids were on their own and we were empty nesters. I survived a very serious car accident when I was 14.
396332 tn?1320007215 But heres the the problem I just moved from San Diego back to Phoenix so I am considered a new patient so when I am going to my doctor thats why I am booked out so far (I was booked like a month ago). And I dont know about where you guys live but physchiatrists seem to ALWAYS be booked where Im out at least 2 weeks or more out especially for new patients, I dont know why.
Avatar n tn I haven't been dizzy this time, and my moods aren't quite as yoyo like, I've been on the 1/4 does for a few days now and my biggest problem is irrability and general disinterest in people and activities. it doesn't help that I'm new to San Diego and don't know anyone. I babysit during the day so I really don't meet new people anywhere. The only person I have here is my husband, who's military.
Avatar f tn I think you might be talking about a scleral depression. This is where you're reclined back and the doctor takes a depressor to press on the sclera (white part of the eyes). It is done so he/she can get a better look at the peripheral retina. It may be a bit uncomfortable but it does not cause any harm. In a retinal exam different lenses held close to the eye can help the doctor to get a better view of the retina.
Avatar n tn Many people have great success witht this during w/d. sdtrooper? are you stationed in san diego? @ pendleton? I hope the info is helpful xoxo- D.
Avatar f tn I remember seeing mention of a group between Orange County and San Diego, but that might not be your area. 'High desert' makes me think of ... Palmdale? There was a Lyme dr in Malibu a while back, and in Thousand Oaks there is Trevor Marshall's office, the one who created the "Marshall Protocol", which is a specific approach to treating Lyme that I'm not sure I'm on board with.
454275 tn?1205935627 5 MG which does not work, Acipex for gastric problems caused by the meds, Oxcarbazepine 150 MG three times a day, Seroquel 25 MG for sleep, Trileptal150 MG three times a day, Ammitriptyline three at night to help me sleep and Cymbalta for depression. I am from Georgia and I am a Christian, but I am thinking of ending my life. I owned a software company in San Diego and would fly 120 flights per year.
Avatar f tn i got a free biopsy. my doctor is one of the top liver specialists in san diego. my study nurse is awesome. don't be shamed. no one here cares how you got it. just to take care of yourself and get tx. i'm in my 33rd week and was UND by week 8. good luck to you. this is a wonderful forum with lots of informative people. take care.