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Avatar f tn We've sent resources to your inbox. Please let us know if we can help.
Avatar f tn Depression has got me hard I'm 4 weeks and I'm 37 my husband and I are separating and I feel like dying I can't do this alone I had a miscarriage 6 months ago and I'm scared it's gonna happen again I don't know what to do about anything
Avatar n tn (at your local social security office) and /or the Department of Social and Health services ... even if you can't get help from these agencies, alot of time they have resources and can point you in the right direction. Also, you can check around for clinic's that work on a 'sliding scale,' you pay according to your income. Try googling these clinic's online, in your city and neighboring ones as well.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry to hear of what you've been going through. I found some resources for you to use to find some help within your area. Here's some links to low cost mental health services (1)
Avatar n tn I am 38, single. I was diagnosed with PTSD-Borderline PD,Manic Depression 2. I am on zoloft as well as Depekote. I have bouts with depression though that seem to be unaffected by the medication. I have feelings of suicide but maintain a fear of death. One moment I am okay mood wise but any trigger can send me into a tailspin of depression where i want to die, and with an intense level of self loathing. Usually the trigger is, some act or some comment that one around me does or says.
Avatar m tn You are going to feel like **** the next couple of weeks. But just set yourself free if you can't get any scripts anymore. I have been sober now for 27 days and it was hell, but I'm better now. I go back to work tomorrow. I am nervous about it but I have to have some sense of normal. You might want to go to the store. Get, something for diarrhea, something for muscle pain, something to help you sleep. All OTC stuff. If that's all you can do that's all you can do.
Avatar f tn I am guessing that with the holidays around the corner that isn't helping either. Everyone tells us to be happy and singing yet it may be the last thing you want to do...and that makes you feel even worse. Trust me when I say that there are a lot of people on the board with big hearts that are willing to help out when they can. With that said, Can you give a general state and city you might live in or be close to? (DO not give us any street address info..
Avatar f tn Speak to your doctor as they may offer you help. Im in England and we have lots of resources not sure what its like where you live.
2025592 tn?1348159619 If it doesn't help you may need medicinal intervention. I myself hit a deep depression around 13weeks, had to be put on prozac, I felt so much better. It was a short term thing dvds I was taken off of it around 26ish weeks and have felt fine ever since (I'm 32wks now). Sometimes we just need a little extra boost. Pregnancy along with everything else can be insanely overwhelming!
Avatar m tn They are very similar and have same symptoms. Manic depression is hyperactivity. And depression is inattentive or withdrawal from interests. Start prescribing the adhd meds for depression or inattentive attention disorder, and, mood stabilization meds for maniac disorders or hyperactivity and leave psychotherapy for environmental issues and coping skills for change.
1123227 tn?1259630686 I am dealing with certain internal issues that I don't understand and want to know what free resources are there available for me to discover what it is I'm going through. Therapy seems to be the right answer but I can't afford therapy. I'm on a fixed income and would like to know what's out there for me in terms of improving my personal mental health specifically in the realm of anxiety and depression. Thank you.
2024274 tn?1332960026 We expected this with this tx but im just worried that last night when i called she told me she cant do this anymore and feels like dying just to rest from all this that she has been through in the last 10 years that her liver has got so bad.I always give her some incouraging and supporting words and i know they help but not for long im afraid of depression.
Avatar f tn Guess it affects us all somewhat differently. I'm looking for resources, those who have insight. I'm looking for an e-mail contact where we can match insights & concerns. This group has some foundation. Hope it has something for me, & I for those here. At some point, I'd like an e-mail therapist who can work with PTSD. I come from the time when PTSD was not even in vogue.
Avatar m tn Another idea is to call some kind of crisis line-i don't know who that would be where you are but you can look it up on the internet or in the blue pages of a phone book next to rape lines or domestic violence lines-they will listen and talk to you and in some cases send a social worker out to talk with you in person who deals with things all the time, also they will evaluate you just to make sure you're not in immediate danger-they also have a lot of resources to help you and suggestions-they
Avatar f tn And get some help because there are a lot of resources out there for moms and babies that find themselves in your situation. There are shelters you can go to with your daughter. Just do it safely when he is not home. I will be praying for you. You'll get through this.
Avatar f tn Monday was two weeks on lexapro. Side effects have dissipated . Depression, I don't know, I guess it is better somewhat. I'm back and forth between 5mg and 10mg. I'm becoming a little paranoid after reading how hard it is to come off of the lexapro and I have to take the xanax because I really can't sleep on it. Good thing is there is no more fatigue :) My question is, how afraid of drug addition should I be or should I just worry about that later and get my head together.
Avatar f tn We all go through things at some point in life. I have a 14 month son and a 5 weeks daughter. I feel so alone. I don't get a lot of help from my hubby but because he works a lot, I'm not close to my mother and have like two friends that text sometime and other times, just feel like I'm talking by myself because wouldn't text back. I don't go out, just school, I feel like I don't know I'm all the place. I constantly worry about her, can hardly sleep, got cramps. I feel like it has no end.
Avatar n tn I'm 14 years old and i've been in severe depression for quite some time now, It's a drag to go to school everyday, i can barely concentrate, i find difficulty in keeping focused on simple things such as reading. Every time i fail a test or get a low score on work it plunges me down, and i start to not care about school anymore. At school i have difficulty making friends, and the friends i do have always put me down.
885961 tn?1249583403 Panic is another form of it, a nasty, shock trooper type. I must say to you that religion does not and will not help with depression or anxiety. One major reason for me saying that is that the Bible itself is filled with predictions of horror and destruction and the most dreadful creatures whoever wrote it could imagine. It's not a peaceful book I'm afraid and I'd suggest you read other books that are peaceful and harmless.
Avatar m tn I think your friend needs help too. Maybe you two could go to the hospital together?? If your parents won't help you get support, get it yourself. People can help you work through the other issues too. This is not a game and can get serious and dangerous very fast. Growing up people at school spoke of suicide and one shot himself while another jumped. Thinking and talking about suicide are big warning signs.
Avatar m tn I Don' think you're a bad friend to say enough is enough, but honestly, you can't help her, until she wants help. Sometimes you just have to walk away. Though I have depression and bipolar, I've had to walk away from a couple of friends that got like that. Your friend was almost identical to my oldest friend, except the military thing. I've heard from her twice in the last 8 yrs or so. She hasn't changed, and I couldn't put up with the behaviors.
Avatar f tn If you have a church home, they may be able to help with resources. If not that, then possibly look into other community resources. Finally, there are books. There are some wonderful books both you and she could read. Maybe get some recommendations from someone trustworthy that would be knowledgeable on these things. One curiosity: Why does she feel the need to go to one of the top two colleges where she seems to believe she will run into the ex who will try to undermine her?
Avatar m tn I'm sorry that I haven't responded sooner. You guys are incredibly fortunate to have each other and Kenny is especially lucky to have a loving partner to be there for him through what I know was an incredibly difficult time. I appreciate your words of advice. I should note that I am fully aware that new advances in medication have made the life-expectancy for someone with HIV much, much longer.
154927 tn?1205246451 Lady Unfortunately a few of us have gone through a lot with "corporate" having this disease. Although it is blatant discrimination they seem to really be ablee to do what they want. As you ARE ON CHEMOTHERAPY (and yes IT IS in fact one of the treatments for leukemia for example) you DO NEED TO TAKE IT AT THE SAME TIME every week. You can't change the day on a whim. It is serious medication and if you are doing your job the other 5 days scr*w them. Oh it makes me so upset.
Avatar n tn I know realistically that it can't happen b/c of resources but my mind doesn't hear this. How can I help cope with my OCD and ruminating thoughts? PS. I can't afford therapy b/c my copays are too high and I can't afford it b/c of over bills that i have and am not working. hence, money is tight and can't afford psychotherapy. If you know of any other free resources to help me it would be great.
Avatar m tn You also have school counselors that can help you with resources too. I know our school has online resources they hook kids up with. And there are psychologists, psychiatrists, your family doctor. These are all resources you can use to feel better. Is your feeling every day or just intermittent?
Avatar n tn This person can come out to your home and set up home visits with nurses and nursing aids to help you thru daily activities that you need help with concerning your wife. They can also help set up very low cost meals to be delivered to your home. We had to have assistance when my grandma was very ill. The social workers have a list of people and services that they trust and work with regularly. It's easier to use their resources then trying to find them on your own.
Avatar m tn No one really helps him he is seeing dr but all the do is giving him pills I don't know what to do his dad is not helping and I have no familie here my son wants to end his live no matter what I say he will not try anymore to find help he says when the am dead this is the only help I will get if you tell his dr that he says you know I need to report that well so my son is not telling the truth no more he was 3 times in a hospital just the asking him how are you feeling .....
Avatar n tn The web is awash with folklore, advertisements, junk and even some very good resources, such as this one. In hindsight I realize I have been depressed for most of my adult life, beginning in adolescence. I have many stable relationships including wonderful children and a 25 year marriage, but now at middle age, the depression is getting worse.
Avatar f tn Help for what? Depression, anxiety, substance abuse? There are lots of public health clinics that go off of income and if you have no income you pay nothing at all, and if its substance abuse treatment the same thing. You have to research it, but you will find a lot of low income gov funded clinics and even rehabs.