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9171934 tn?1405183632 We just picked the wrong guys. And the hormones reallyyyyy dont help. If your depression does last till after just know that it will not be as bad. But I know that soothing words can only help for a secind when you feel like that. So just find some things that make you happy even if only temporarily. For example I watch netflix till it stops distracting my mimd from my sadness.
393685 tn?1425816122 What a great post! I have sevral thoughts, so this gives me a reason to blather on for pages! When I first developed thyroid problems, I had some trouble with mild depression. The doctor I was seeing at that time gave me a sample pack of anti'depressants, and told me if I liked them he would write me a scrip. After I went home and read about all the side affects, I decided I could live with a little mopyness, and told him I wasn't interested in anti-depressants.
Avatar f tn But I am looking for some ideas of natural remedies you have tried and continue to try to suppliment your medications and make them more effective against depression. I like the following : meditation, green tea, chamomile tea, exercise, natural light exposure, talking to friends...
585994 tn?1218454219 Hi, im 26 years old and have suffered from "depression" since i was13. Of which i first attempted suicide.
Avatar n tn hey gwh, i have taken prosac for depression , with great results. i had depression so bad it was scary. so my wife made take some of her prosac. i took it for a month and it took it all away. so i went to see my doc and he gave me a script.
Avatar f tn So this might seem pretty pathetic. I'm a sixteen year old girl. I have depression. But it's situational. I feel trapped and alone in my life and could really use someone to talk to. I really have no good friends, and my family is already burdened enough as it is. Do you know of any hotlines I could call? I'm not suicidal. I just need to feel a little less alone.
Avatar f tn it doesn't help with the mind set, the psychological issues. Campral can help you, it'll help with the cravings, but only AFTER you've detoxed. I respect that you have problems with AA, not everybody "likes" it, BUT you have to remember that it is your own choice that you drank while tryi g to work it. Also, one bad experience doesn't mean it can't work out some other timw. However, it's your choice and your feelings, but you MUST detox. I would go to the hospital to do that.
1519085 tn?1318741890 HI first off what your going threw is prity normal for a detox many of us loose those artificial endorphins and go into a funk for a wile its all part of the stages of detox when you get up tomorrow look into the mirror and tell yourself your going to have a good day and do some of the things that you use to to do b/4 the drugs thatt brigs you enjoyment for me I started fishing again and I have a ham radio licenses so I got out a radio started going around my grand babys more there are lots of t
Avatar f tn Went to the Dr today for my yearly physical and I was telling him how I have been feeling lately, especially with all the stuff going on with my mother. He said I have moderate depression and since I'm pregnant they can't treat it. I cried. I called my husband histerically crying because I can't understand how I could be depressed. I have an amazing family, a wonderful husband....I have been crying alot for no reason and I do have trouble sleeping sometimes.
Avatar m tn But just raising the anti-depressant took away the depression completely in spite of still having the same terrible life. Continue to look for help with your depression. I am living proof that my pleasure centers weren't taken away by my depression.
Avatar f tn Fish Oil and Vitamin D3 are supposed to help depression. I just got back from an arts festival and there was an artist selling calligraphy of different inspirational quotes. The one I like said "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but Learning to Dance in the rain". I loved that. Good for all of us to know that life has its struggles but we will get through it! Good luck to you!! Keep us informed on how you're doing. You're not alone! Big hug!
1381925 tn?1280792141 I was diagnosed with depression and comfortable with the diagnosis until now. I have tried everything to lessen the symptoms! I have been put on celexa, prozac, abilify,lamictal,zoloft,lexapro,lorazapam,clonazpam,seraquil,luvox,deplin,pristiq,cymbalta and even done 5 sessions of ECT ( electroconvulsive shock therapy) I have been to a neurologist, had an EEG,MRI, thyroid testing,and many blood tests.
Avatar f tn I hate to always revert back to quotes but they help me. "today was the day we worried about yesterday" think about the last few days. You'll be fine! Family may be a blessing in disguise.?.
1852502 tn?1319493482 I truly believe god is gonna help me go through this. Im so sorry you both girls are felling like this, I completely understand you and know how miserable life is with anxiety, and panic attacks. Get well soon...
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! I hope 'some' people remember me here. :-) (past "Nickiesworld" - having problems with old account so I just made a new one) On medhelp, in the past, I discussed my MRI's and the bad experiences I've had in the last 23 years with doctors and being ill. This is gonna be a long one, and I apologize ahead of time, but I really need some advice here, because I'm about to throw in the towel and give up on doctors completely.
1549891 tn?1294011786 kinda too help get through it there are books you can buy that are workbooks and self-help books, and they help you understand a lot more of what your going through, the more you understand it , the more you learn to control it. There's 2 that helped me ones called "get out of your mind and into your life " it's by Steven C.Hayes and hes a phd - And the other one that helped me understand a lot is called "The Anti- Anxiety Workbook" it's by Martin M.
Avatar f tn The tests are far from perfect, but assuming that you have not been feeling well (you don't say the reasons the doc ran the test in the first place), I would find an LLMD. If you need help locating one, let us know. In some states, LLMDs are harassed by local medical boards, so we don't post names openly here, but we can help you find someone.
Avatar m tn I could tell you what natural remedies are helpful for depression but only under the supervision of a psychiatrist and not one who would rule out all known anti-depressents. I'd be concerned about the creditibility of this person. It would be welcome if they understood natural remedies as does my psychopharmocologist but they should not discount all standard anti-depressents.
1063386 tn?1287882169 I need help from everyone. I néed to hear your stories from how this effects you to everyday functions that have becom difficult and how it effects family. My husband just doesn't see. I have tried so hard to get him to understand. And it just isn't happening. He just gets frusterated. To the point I can't even correct the kids without him correcting me. He even made the comment well if u can't think than maybe you shouldn't be correcting them at all. I need help I need advice.
6726276 tn?1421130268 I'm wondering how many out there receive benefits from their pets? I have a dog & cat in Costa Rica. I feel blessed to be part of their lives! They help me with depression & mania. They calm me when I'm about to have a panic attack. My kitty sleeps with me on her own kitty sheet. The doggie lives outside. I get exercise by walking her. I'm really grateful and believe they understand & know when I need them most! What's your experience been?
Avatar n tn hi my name is kayla i am a mother my daughter is almost 12 and she hasnt been acting her self shes been down writing all kinds of suicide poems and quotes and they are really sad when she was home schooled she got really down to a bad point she cut her wrist and it was over her dad she hasnt seen for 11yrs but i finally let ehr see him and its turned out worse she stoped seeing him bc she dont wanna be around him bc he drinks and so i told her its her choice but i feel so bad for her what she go
Avatar n tn I just want to lie in bed and have hot baths.... anyway the reason I said 'help me and others' is that I work for depression and anxiety service and I've noticed that a disproportionate number of my patients have "treated" thyriod problems, or a family history of thyroid problems. Can anyone reccomend and decent literature on living with thyriod conditions?? I'm thinking about evidence based rigorous stuff that I can point patients towards.
Avatar m tn Now I have a lot of very itchy bumps, like mosquito bites, and am frigtened to death. What should I do?? Any one help me?
Avatar m tn I have no good advice for you because nothing I say can help with the pain, depression and sadness. But just know that were all rooting for you and hoping you make it through this day. But I can say that the lies and wasted money and all those past mistakes are just that....the past. At least youre no longer bound to the heavy chains of addiction.
Avatar f tn Hiya. Well im going to make this quite short and simple,so their is no misunderstanding. The odds of you meeting somone with hiv, less than 1%. The chance of getting hiv from the exposures you mention, less than 1%. The chance of a test giving a false negative, less than ·5%. The chances all 3 being wrong well at a guess 0.00001%.
Avatar n tn How much of each should I take to ease the discomfort? How should I ween myself off of the vic's? HELP. I am under a lot of stress financially and with my husband. I wont be going back to work as a zookeeper (my dream for as long as I can remember). So now I have lost my life of a job, I'm stuck working in our in home office and my husband is very controlling and has taken advantage of my depression. Thank you all in advance.
711224 tn?1344775287 His best selling book, Waking the Tiger; Healing Trauma, is published in 12 languages. I sincerely hope I could help.
Avatar f tn MRI's done to rule out tumors etc. It was also suggested that I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression. At age 24 diagnosised with Endometriosis - 2 laproscopy surgeries (age 24 & 26) and a round or two of "chemical induced menapause" followed by maintenance treatment with low dose birth control and no major issues since. Mid twenties started experiencing unexplaned bouts of vertigo, No doctor ever found a cause. Longest non-stop episode was 6 weeks!
Avatar m tn I ran across something interesting that I thought this forum members would like to know about. There are an awful lot of people who are unhappy about the kind of medical help they are getting. Check this info from the UK. Nothing seems more straightforward than treatment of hypothyroidism. We have robust assays to diagnose the condition and an effective replacement in the form of synthetic thyroxine.
Avatar m tn Hi, if you want to specifically rule out Lyme, postural BP and all other things she has could be Lyme, then you have to find a Lyme literate doctor. We call them LLMD. Mainstream doctors use testing that give you many false negatives. LLMD use a specialized laboratory called IgeneX. Lyme can come with co-infections, this further complicates things. I have 2 co-infections. She doesn't ever have to have a rash to have Lyme.