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Avatar n tn And as Francoise and Thomas appropriately state, it's not revelant whether or not depression is caused by the drug, pre-existing or post opiate withdrawl. Depression is depression. But is he depressed... 6 bags a day handle that, don't they ?? BUT friends... before we decide if he's depressed and wether this poor depressed kid should be forced to work, lets find out if he's still using... it sure seems like it...
Avatar m tn Most psychiatrists require a referral from a GP, as well, to rule out any physiological causes like a hormone imbalances or vitamin difficiencies, there a few things that could mimic some depression. Do you have your own doctor you could send your friend to? We aren't a referral service, but support group for those suffering from depression.
Avatar m tn Why when I take a 10 mg Ambien during the day (which my doctor wanted me to try) do I no longer have anxiety or depression and I am no longer nervous, I get my confidence back and I no longer sweat like crazy when shoveling or racking something up? 2. Is there anyway doctors can inject sometype of dye or something indirectly (by drinking or through an IV) or directly (which I don't know how they do that) into your thyroid, pituitary, hypothalmus, adrenal glands, etc...
Avatar n tn I suffered terrible post-partum depression for 6 months for which I never sought help. Thought I'd worked through it on my own. Could this be related? 4. What can a psychiatrist do for me? 5. Would I need to take Xanax more consistently to see results? If this is a brain chemistry thing, how long before seeing results? 5. Are there additional neurologic tests I should have at this point or is "wait and see" the best approach for now?
Avatar f tn I don't know if you are in Beaverton or in Portland (or in some other city in Oregon), but my brother in law had Hep C, HCC, and later a successful liver transplant at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland. I believe they partner with Kaiser. Given that, I'm sure there must be a Hepatology/Transplant Center there. I don't know if that is close to where you live.
Avatar n tn I am concerned however about your "shot gun in the mouth" comment. Didn't you mention previously that depression and suicidal thoughts were one of the reasons they wanted you to wait before you treat? Were these thoughts ever related to alcohol consumption? In any event I forgot if you're on ADs or in talk therapy but both can help. All the best.
Avatar f tn I don't feel we have enough answers to be throwing medications at it- we have been getting PCP care from the GI Specialist in Portland- not her job or scope- although she is trying to help and I am so grateful, I feel like things have been overlooked- many symptoms are not addressed. I need someone with experience in odd symptoms and cases. I used to get notes from school about how she was always smiling. She had such light in her. I am afraid it going out.
Avatar n tn Lomotil - it will help and/or stop the runs, and Librax - it will sedate you slightly (it has the drug Librium in it - a Valium like sedative) and will also aid in any cramping for it also has a bowel "relaxer" in it. The combination of these two drugs in just slightly higher than prescribed dosages REALLY help. It's the mental part and the fatigue that'll get you after all this. Good luck...Really try to get one or both of the drugs I mentioned. Take care.
366811 tn?1217426272 If you have anxiety related issues or suffer from PA, depression or any other emotionally debilitating condition, you have come to the right place. The people here have EXPERIENCED what you feel, therefore have the knowledge to REALLY help you, (unlike someone with "paper" that is not really familiar with what you are going through). I am so blessed that I was directed here by my higher power, I will be on this site regularly.
Avatar n tn (Beacuse I didn't have neurological defects--could remember things, count bkwrds, etc and regular motor skills--they refused my request for a CT or an MRI.) Now I live in pain everyday. Either the ears, or the head or both. The painkillers help some, but I've had three really bad headaches this week--where I thought I was going to die. My ENT has just about given up on me..
Avatar f tn I really hate to see a thyroid patient pin their hopes on a new doctor and then have to wait a long time before finding out if he is a good thyroid doctor or not. As an alternative, many times when trying to help a member find a good thyroid doctor, I call the prospective doctor's office and mention that I am looking for a good thyroid doctor for a friend, but before any appointment, I would like to ask a nurse two questions That usually always gets a nurse on the line.
Avatar n tn He told me to use vanicream ( a prescription lotion that does not have dyes or perfumes) to try to help with any dry skin since I have some itching at all times. After I tan in a tanning bed the itching becomes unbearable and for the most art goes away after 7 days. It may be the meds because they are known to cause sensitivity but usually people burn easily or get rashes and I dont (I only burned that one day, but didnt itch). I was on the meds for over year before this started.
Avatar n tn ) please oh please if you have any ideas of what i may be doing wrong or what i can do to help my poor eyes let me know!!! anything will help at this point!
Avatar m tn You can easily find a good drug rehab Portland Oregon, which can provide you the very help you need in leaving the life of a substance abuser behind and make yourself a new person. They can provide you the physical as well as spiritual help to make your life better and leave the past behind and have a new birth like the trees give birth to the flowers after a long winter.
Avatar f tn I take Aspirin to reduce blood clots, At this point, I will seek another Doctor or perhaps go to OHSU to seek help. I am a Veteran and have seen the Dermatologists there, and they seem unable to figure it out. I would appreciate any advice you can offer. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with Major Depression at 25. I am now 45, it has been a struggle at times, to even take a shower . I'm proud I got in the shower today. What I am concerned about is that my husband sees me depressed. He knew I had a disability when we got married 3 years ago. Yet I find he is disappointed in me. I know his ex wife is energetic and smiles a lot, and his past relationships were women who were very motivated with life. I hate being this way..
167426 tn?1254089835 It also helps with depression, but I try to go to the gym most everyday when I can. I think it has help keep my CA 125 going down along with chemo. I am also hoping that between the chemo and vitamin C I want to go back into remission. I have been on chemo for a year now and it has not been doing much, but with the vitamin C my numbers have started moving down now. I hope this will help and as soon as I get more results I will post them.
696435 tn?1289450730 Do you know of a Dr. I can reach there? Any help regaurding his condition would be greatly appriciated. There isn't alot out there on what's ailing me. Thank you.
Avatar n tn its really not amazing that ur problem is so serious. husbands have the tendency to get full excitement from all the possible ways. during intercourse or sexual plays, when there is highly aroused feelings are there, they can do anything because of the low control from ur side and there pressure, even they could take fingers deep into vagina.
372726 tn?1236111994 I would like to know what type of questions show I ask when seeing the specialist and type of test I should take. Also, can these palitations cause severe heart problems or heart attack? Does hypo or hyper thyroid cause severe anxiety because I feel like my chest has a walking bomb inside and I can't help the irregular heart beats and strong palpitations....I feel tired all the time and have gained so much weight!!! What does TSH 28 mean and what should I do?
147426 tn?1317269232 I wondered all the time how long I would be willing to live feeling wretched like this. It was nothing dramatic or immediate and seemed rather normal. I didn't even bother to tell my neuro. A couple months after I stopped the interferon I noticed that those thoughts had disappeared. Hmmm. I told my neuro about it and he stated unequivocably, "No more interferon for you!
790669 tn?1465192699 My sister isn't old enough to understand and my family runs their mouths. I'm alone, again. I can't help it that I'm not able to conceive a child. I've TRIED. I can only afford so much since my insurance covers nothing, i'm NOT made out of money and it's expensive. My dr gave me 2 choices...get DH checked for a SA (easy right??) or get something done for my periods. I have god awful, horrible periods.
Avatar f tn I think if he gets some relief from his symptoms and starts to feel better, things will turn around for him a bit. His previous primary care physicians would not address his pain or depression. They really thought it was a neurologist's responsibility to do that. They would say if the neuros could not give him a firm diagnosis, then they do not have to address the symptoms and treat them. He is going to a new PCP in a few weeks. We really appreciate your prayers and kindness,.
585414 tn?1288944902 Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office proposed eliminating adult day health care centers that serve 45,000 people and in-home supportive services that help more than 400,000 elderly, disabled or blind residents. The Legislature rejected these cuts but has not yet produced an alternative budget. The state already cut Alzheimer’s day care centers and assistance for caregivers.
Avatar n tn Do you think the low dose antibiotics might help? I live in the Portland Oregon area. If you happen to live close, maybe you could recommend a psychiatrist or doctor. I know that is very unlikely but just in case.
Avatar m tn I have lived many lives and worked many jobs, mostly pretty successful and/or decently lucrative. In college I drank as a binge drinker., not every night, but when we drank we went 12, 15, 18, 20 beers deep into a day and or night party/event day. Once out of college I drank socially for the longest time as a weekend warrior type. 8 beers on friday, 10 beers on saturday, maybe a few on sunday etc. As time progressed, started drinking more days of the week.
Avatar n tn I was on a few days ago but still need a question answered. (have been diagnosed with FMS, migraines, possible post concussion syndrome, and PTSD) quick history: started complaining of burning feet in 1996; some optic head nerve atrophy noted same year. The VA did nothing about testing me until 1999 (three years later) I had an abnormal visual evoked test and low B-12 (294). No other test were done to see why I was deficient in B-12.
Avatar n tn This morning (6/14) I had a liver ultrasound, an EKG, and sat down for 1/2 hour with the sociable worker to go over supports and if I have a history of depression or suicidality (I have neither). The meds have been delivered to the Dr.s office and are waiting for me. I never know where I may be at a given time so it was easier to have them delivered there. I have purchased 2 bottles of tylenol and 1 bottle tylenol pm and one of those pill holders with the days of the week on it.