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Avatar n tn I want to start a weaning off program on my own and would like advise and guidance. Please help! thanks and G-d Bless!
Avatar f tn The tests are far from perfect, but assuming that you have not been feeling well (you don't say the reasons the doc ran the test in the first place), I would find an LLMD. If you need help locating one, let us know. In some states, LLMDs are harassed by local medical boards, so we don't post names openly here, but we can help you find someone.
Avatar n tn I am so desperate for some relief - I feel helpless and like no one will ever be able to help me - sometimes I feel they think its in my head, believe me I wish, to me, I cannot breathe and the syptoms are very real and interfering with the quality of my life. I want to have a child, but I am afraid that if I cannot breathe right, the baby will be greatly affected - is this true doctor?
Avatar m tn You are having a bad time with dealing with your addiction you CANNOT do this by yourself you will need help so go to the hospital they will send you to the proper place to get help with treatment and detox. Hang in there.
Avatar f tn Hi All. I am 41 years old and have been having fatigue, depression, constipation, irritability, fogginess, abnormal weight gain, anxiety, and moodiness for a couple years now. I was initially diagnosed with depression/anxiety and put on an antidepressant. It did improve my mood and irritability somewhat; however, I was still experiencing lethargy, fatigue, and mood swings.
Avatar m tn (preface: I am going through the first stages of withdrawal. I hope you can forgive my rambling, bad spelling, bad grammar or non sequiter post. I would be most grateful if you can read my posting slowly and/or ask any questions of what it is you do not understand) I have been taking 2mg clonazepam 2x per day for years. I am out of kpins(klonopin the brand name for clonazepam). I call my doctor and she won't give me an early refill, nor a 4 days "bridge" rx.
Avatar f tn I do not have bipolar, but suffer with depression, and have most of my life and take meds for. I have 3 children, my youngest daughter has bipolar. My sons are both married and have 2 children each. One son has a son and a daughter, and his wifes mother has bipolar. My question is: what are the odds that one of my sons children will develop bipolar? also is there a prenatal test that could tell this information?
563659 tn?1310521517 In a way though makes me feel better that there are still gals that are interested in me and gives me a reason to want to try to help myself, well get the help I need to help myself and understand why I get so messed up sometimes. I don’t understand why on some days I get so low, and why I can go a lil crazy at times, okay a lot crazy. Would be nice to have a day where I don’t pull a yoyo about 20 times in a day.
1354136 tn?1331878917 Dishes, little things just to keep moving when I would rather curl in a ball and escape but that doesn't help it just makes the depression worse! It really is miraculous how much it helps to hear similar stories from others around the country because of how isolating depression is to begin with. Keep on going, one step at a time....
Avatar n tn What are you doing about your depression? I hope that you are still being treated for this because episodes of depression are indicative of what is to come. If an episode is severe, it is likely that you will battle depression on and off your entire life as well as if you have more than one episode of depression, you'll likely have more. Statistics say that anyway (every situation is different). But you should be working with a psychiatrist and definately a therapist.
Avatar f tn Don't let it get you down. Remember, everyone has days of depression, even non-addicts. Unfortunately that it is a normal part of life. So look at it this way, you are finally getting back to normal.
Avatar f tn her pac had her on 2 antidepressants that were making her very nausious and just worsening her depression. she has hepatic encephalopathy, hep c, and is going through change of life. she is gravely ill. i would think my mood wouldn't be to pleasant at times also. she is lactose intolerant and has severe gas pain from lactulose. it's continuous and she doesn't want to live with this much pain....
Avatar m tn Wow, I can't believe I finally found someone who also has this condition. I actually had a reprieve from it for several months but it has returned this week again. It is bitter cold here in Pennsylvania also, we are to go below 0 tonight and tomorrow the high will only be 8 degrees. I went to Pittsburgh to endrocrinologist and have been to a neurologist....he told me I just had to learn to live with it...which I left the office in tears and was completely depressed.
Avatar n tn them until they actually appear true. When I started my battle with anxiety and depression about 10 years ago, I was convinced I had a brain tumor, then AIDS (I was not even sexually active!) then Lupus, then MS. None were true. It was a long battle and with the help of meds I am much better now. You don't have to feel stress to have anxiety. It is all in your mind! I would suggest seeing a therapist and have your medication changed or the dosage regulated.
Avatar n tn Both Roche and Shering offer free meds through a patient assist program. I am not sure how you go about it.I would check their web sites.
Avatar f tn I'm goin to be movin back down south near my family cause pittsburgh and there servcies don't really help people in need. But its all this pain and being so sleepy and weak that drives me crazy.
1049967 tn?1257010888 Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum. I am sure once u get to the NS u will get details of ur herniation size, but what is more important is , do u have a CSF blockage, if there is overcrowding and ur symptoms...and they also look at quality of life. For a bad HA...try to relax in a warm bath with scented candles and a darkened room...relax as much as possible....most meds do not help with these chiari HA's.' We do have a page in the Health Pages here on MedHelp on anti inflammitory foods....
1168110 tn?1272685917 Never an answer. I have prayed for strength and guidance.... No answer I have prayed that this doctor will help, that this doctor will care enough to keep the ball rolling. Most doctors just kick the ball into someone else's court. For the past 14 months that is what is going on. I am always passed onto someone else. Getting good health care in Alberta, is like winning the lottery. One in a billion shot.
Avatar n tn it's 7:30 here in WI and i've been up since 4:30am, we're going tubing today weather permitting. 40 miles an hr down i 10 story shoot.....the things we do for our children, right? dont get me wrong i'll have fun going, but my body wont be to happy with me when we get home.
Avatar n tn i have low thyroid, secondary adrenal insufficiency, fibromyalgia, arthritis, tendonitis, neck pain, anxiety, depression, OCD, i've had orthoscopic surgery for arthritis on one knee and carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists. the doc just x-rayed my hands and feet last week and could see arthritis in my fingers and also in the large joint of both big toes. i have muscle pain and bone pain, headaches, a ton of floaters in my eyes and tinnitis.
Avatar n tn Her physicians are convinced that she has psychogenic vomitting, and once again the psychiatric people are scratching their heads stating they can find no psychological cause for the vomitting. Are there any lab tests, imaging studies etc. that can be done to help figure this out. They tried to repeat the gastric emptying scan but she was not able to hold down the liquids. HELP!
Avatar n tn F/25/300lbs I'm always so hard on myself when I make a small mistake and give in to something sweet and unhealthy.which leads to more sad emotional eating. Please help me overcome this annoying habit.
Avatar n tn i know its difficult, but a professional can help you through the rough time, especially one that has experience with health related anxiety.
1719825 tn?1316269432 Taking meds strictly by a family physician's prescription may help you weather the anxiety storm, but it won't help to actually treat the anxiety and what is really troubling you. What type of anxiety are you suffering from?
Avatar f tn to me, means severe anemia, severe neutropenia, nausea and vomiting, moderate or severe rash and/or itching, retinal problems, severe depression, and some of the rare but severe side effects. Also, if a person gets the severe rectal problem of crapping shards of glass, that is really quite severe and painful. However, it can usually be controlled and prevented with remedies.
Avatar m tn 72 weeks of (old school) treatment got me SVR* and 100% SSI disability for life! At least the nurse for the University of Pittsburgh Liver Center Guru, again, the nurse apologized by saying "Sorry. We destroyed your life" over and over again... "Sorry. We destroyed your life"!... "Sorry. We destroyed your life"! One of the more honest humans in that cattle call. *I hate using *cure since we all know there is no cure for a virus!
Avatar m tn It was given to me by my neurologist to help with my cervical vertigo (basically the feeling of slight dizziness 100% of the time). To my surprize, the medication actually seemed to help. Thus, that is why I stayed on in for the past six years. I recently decided it was time to get off as I do not like to take any medication for this long. Not knowing about this forum or 'withdraw' syndrome......I just quit cold turkey. It took about two days, but then it hit me.
680296 tn?1229624581 Felt fair for about a week, but the pain returned even worse than before after that. That particular surgeon sent me to Pittsburgh to see a specialist who did an MRI and said I had no more neuromas. When I told him that I couldn't stand the sheets touching my foot, that the entire top of my foot felt like it was on fire, his eyes lit up and he immediately referred me to a Pain Management Specialist.