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540310 tn?1343627720 I suffer depression and at the moment I am really very sad. Depression is a cancer of the mind and if it is left untreated it will kill you. Mark will be sadly missed he was a very talented actor and such an amazing person. I am still in shock over his death. So many people suffer from depression one way or another and more and more people are being diagnosed everyday.
Avatar f tn ) just wanted to let you know your not the only one inside today, worried about the next time you have to leave - im doing the same thing in Perth, Australia - and WE CAN GET THROUGH THIS with help. Could you advise your state / country? i will research as much as i can for you and post for your reference.
8553298 tn?1398792352 Siblings or friends u can call on? U know, this is where real friends really shine! They can help. It took. About 4 days for real wd to kick in.....can u get appt. In 4 days??? Beg them if u have to?
10507163 tn?1442323514 I just need help, I need someone to talk to. I have BPD, depression and social anxiety and its taking over my life. I don't know how to deal with it when I don't have a psychiatrist or psychologist to talk to which is 98% of the time... if anyone has any tips please feel free to tell me, how do you do it? How do you cope? I'm sick of feeling hopeless.
Avatar f tn So far none of my doctors have seen anything like it and the only reason I reached this diagnosis was because one of my doctors reached out to a colleague at the MayoClinic in Rochester, MN who has 8 patients with this disease. I just want help understanding it and maybe to reach out and speak to anyone else that has this as well.
Avatar n tn he had just came from Romania, married the most beautiful girl named Ashely they had a boy named roman. They had arrived in Perth at the age of 3( roman) ashely was never shown to be a party classical girl, he had just flu into Perth to start a new life with his family with no money. to cut it short .... they had lives in a farm land that grew no crops or other things that they can money form .
Avatar f tn But I did take a lot of nurofen and panadol to help. They should give you some meds after the implants to help with all pain. I don't remember having fog brain, racing thoughts etc, paws when I was on naltrexone but defiantly talk to doc before they put them in and ask about anti depressant just to be safe if you like.
228936 tn?1249097848 I recently got off Effexor after many years and now have some stability and would like to offer some thoughts. I was originally put on zoloft because of depression resulting from years of narcotic addiction. This helped me achive my first real taste of being clean. Since then, my mother was dying and the pain of loosing her was so scary I went on Effexor as I had suicidal idiations. I believe this again helped me but now feel it has outlived it's usefulness.
212753 tn?1275076711 ), saying that she felt it wasn't working anymore. (I visited the clinic about 5 weeks ago, with severe depression.) She put me on 175 mg Effexor & since then, my life has been unbearable. I am now in the process of being weaned off this drug, with extreme withdrawl symptoms. Although i don't know your entire situation, i want you to know that i am here for you & can realte to so much. Take care....
1289660 tn?1272436953 Hi don't give up looking for treatment i have been doing the same having docs telling me every thing from it has nothing to do with your lesion it's stress related to I need anti depressants and none of them would listen to me untill I wound up in hospital and only the did I start to get the help from a few good endos at sir charls Gardner hospital here in Perth.
5887915 tn?1383382380 I'm new to this forum & new to any forum really. I have been reading your site for over a year & have finally got the courage to ask a question. I have a history of Inflammatory Arthritis (RA - Seronegative) which I have been on Rituximab for 51/2 years now. In the last few years I have been experiencing all sorts of neurological problems. Well I have probably had symptoms spanning back 15 years but I never looked at them collectively.
2505404 tn?1339696836 id rather hear from someone who actually has it and can tell me what is going to happen... im only 19 and the last 5 years i was fighting depression and now iv been told i might of had this for the last 5 years and im sorried the damage could already be done. i meen i noticed a year ago in 6 months i went from 60 or so kilo's to 100 now.
Avatar m tn I have been spending 2 months in another country (Mauritius), but am originally from Perth, Australia. The attacks have happened rarely in the past and not enough to cause me much worry (it takes quite a lot for me to consider seeing a doctor) however lately the attacks have become much more severe and regular. The attacks begin with shaking through out my body then a feeling of incapacitating weakness followed by dizziness.
Avatar f tn Hi brodie and welcome to the forum. I took Lexapro for awhile for Depression. It seemed to help. But I'm sure someone with more experience with this anti-depressant will be around soon. Why did you take so much? Keep posting, and hang in there!!
Avatar m tn self medicating isnt the way to deal with your anxiety and depression. there is help. counseling and support groups do work. maybe you just didnt find the right one yet. we want you to live and to live life, clean,sober and yes happy. it can be done.
1459555 tn?1286402869 It was a good thing I did because she recommended something for anxiety that would also help with depression etc. I was a bit skeptical but 20 minutes after taking it I did indeed feel a little better and a lot less anxious. For anyone in Australia this is made in Australia and is called "Fusion Health stress and anxiety" and works straight away, whereas most herbal remedies takes days if not weeks to work.
Avatar f tn Sounds like no one can help us. I will love to help save other women from this surgery. My life is just here.I went though all this in 1998. I look 5 months pregnant at 55.I have constipation problems. I have depression due to my limitations. YES THIS SURGERY NEEDS TO BE OUTLAWED. ***@**** I am in search of a cure of these terrible side affects.
Avatar n tn I am interested to hear that you think diet can help? Is it just by avoiding additives or anything else?
Avatar f tn This is someone with a good stretch of time sober under their belt that will make thesemvles available to you to call, meet with, etc... to talk you through the tough times and help keep you guided and focused in your recovery. Also I would reccomend seaking out additional recovery resources. A local church or hospital clinic might have substance abuse counseling and/or meetings that you could take advantage of.
Avatar n tn If someone has experienced this or found a relief or know what it is, then PLEASE help as I am desperate to get better.
Avatar n tn i suffered from weight loss, dizzyness, hairloss, had a swollen throat, inflamation all over my body, and much more.,. i was misdignosed for 2 months with depression and was treated with meds for this and also given meds to clam me down.. im really angry and since have reserched my condition.. i was on fluconazole off and on and my symptons have worsened again.. burning on the skin and itching..dizzyness itchy throat and much more..
387660 tn?1242600342 Your primary physician will be able to help you rule out any underlying causes. Although this may not be an urgent case, frequent sleepiness or drowsiness require further assessment. Keep in touch with us regarding your progress. I hope this helps.
687079 tn?1230952212 I had thyroidectomy 2 1/2 years ago and the heart palps ,tachycardia started... after 1 1/2 years of being told it was anxiety ( tried antidepressants did not help) and my levels were low normal, no Hashi's , Graves, I started on synthyroid for nodule suppression on remaining lobe. I started feeling much better til I tried Armour...and WOW- my symptoms went thru the roof again. Now I am back to square one, restarting low dose of synthyroid and trying different heart meds.
Avatar n tn Could be psychological, but it seems to help. If I'm anxious they will kick up. I also note that if I'm stressed out from being at work, when I get home they may flair up, only exercise seems to alleviate them. I caution you on taking beta blockers. If the PAC's or PVc's are induced through heightened parasympathetic tone, (you notice them more in the evening) beta blockers may make them worse. All of these comments are just my opinion, and speaking with a EP Doc would be the best.
Avatar n tn Hi guys, I was wondering if some of you would help me with something. I read all your postings every night. I haven't disappeared.I'm still giving my daughter all the information I get from all of you. But today I need to ask you something. I wrote you about my health problems.So I won't go there again. Here's my question. I had to see my neurologist today. I have trouble walking now due to damage to my back from surgeries and disk disease. He said 3 Lortab 7.5 a day was too many.
192055 tn?1263559137 I have gone to an ent who thought I had gerd. he prescribed nasonex and prilosec with no help. i have gone to my nutritionist and she feeld it could be a yeast allergy - candida. google it and see if it would apply to you. i am going to start a strict yeast free diet, start acidophillus, and do some infr-red treatments to detoxify. i hope it helps.
Avatar n tn My husband and I like and respect my doctor SO VERY much. We're not angry nor do we hold him responsible for this. We just want help in getting me "back to normal." I am TERRIFIED that I am going to go back into a "withdrawal" state again today. The last time I had codeine was 5:00 PM yesterday and I have NO more resources to prescriptions. I WANT TO STOP TAKING PAIN MEDICATION NOW! Would you please give me some GOOD SOUND ADVICE RIGHT AWAY SO THAT I MAY GET MY LIFE BACK????