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717440 tn?1292747342 With SUBOXONE now available for opioid dependent patients in Canada, this new treatment option can help them start taking control of their disease and help them get on - and stay on - the road to recovery." SUBOXONE combines buprenorphine with naloxone.(iv) Buprenorphine, a partial opioid agonist, helps to manage the cravings associated with opioid withdrawal.
717440 tn?1292747342 I am in Ontario and am finding it impossible to find the help I need. Anyone here from Ontario that has successfully gotten off the pills can help?
Avatar f tn Bell's Palsy and depression are well known symptoms of Lyme Disease, as is a reduced capacity for stress. It can also cause brain lesions (I have 20 of them and was worked up for MS before my neuro decided I probably didn't have MS and referred me off to a teaching/research hospital). I don't know where you are, but cases of Lyme have been reported in every state in the country, far more in some than others.
Avatar n tn About 15 years ago, I started taking Prozac for stress related depression. At times, I would go off of Prozac, but found that with high incidence of stress, I had difficulty, and needed an antidepressant to help me get through.
Avatar n tn I live in Ontario, and I believe extended care is for seniors...I am not familiar with it..We have OHIP here (ontario health insurance plan) which covers all medical, no up front costs and for meds like I said earlier, we are on a drug plan that will cover all meds...This plan will remain with us for the rest of our lives because it is part of the retirement plan my husband has...
Avatar n tn She is severely allergic to latex and MSG and is extremely careful to not come into contact with these items. Please help. I am scared for her and no one seems to be able to answer our questions. She is now on disability because of the severity of the tics and seizures. She has had multiple surgeries and at one point had a hysterectomy due to Cervical cancer. Please help.
Avatar f tn She wants no reconcilliation with me and basically blames me for every bad thing that ever happened to her. For years I have suffered from anxiety and depression and wonder if she mistakes this for abuse. I never hit, molested or neglected my children and I was the only parent with no support from anybody. Not self pity, just reality. I have been seeing a therapist and discussing this for years.
Avatar f tn I have recently gone through the worst depression that I have experienced before. I was on Lexapro when it happened. I have since been started on Lamictal 200mg (mood stabilization) and Effexor. I was on the effexor for a while and it helped some but not enough, so we upped my dose and I ended up with unbelievable high BP and still had anxiety. I have since switched to Prozac 20mg. I am weaning the effexor and only take 37.5 mg for 2 more days. I have been on Prozac for 2wks.
Avatar m tn Symptoms include exhaustion, feeling cold all the time, depression, major heart issues (flutters, skips, racing, etc), hair dry and falling out, dry skin, and more. I live in Ontario Canada and the range is 0.3-5.00 so my doctor has always claimed that my TSH is normal. My mom has Hashimoto's/Hypothyroidism, my grandfather died of thyroid cancer, and my great aunt had thyroid cancer.
370801 tn?1264408618 Just a thought since I can't find any clinical evidence that B12 injections alone help major depression, although vitamin B complex may be added to other medications to supplement the treatment of bipolar disorder. Regardless, you're feeling better and that is great, but I'd still discuss the issue with your helathcare provider. Injections of B12 are not usually given as often as you are taking them.
4302823 tn?1352642900 Will the sleep eze help out at night? what about during the day, what can i take to help out. Anybody, please help me out.
Avatar f tn Your depression could be caused by ADHD. So helping that will help your depression. You probably need to keep searching for a psychiatrist that specializes in ADHD. I would be glad to send you links to any specific questions you might have.
Avatar n tn 2 years ago my doctor prescribed oxycocet for a painful miscarriage I was going through. Not only did the percocets help w/ the physical pain of the miscarriage, the emotional pain was tolerable as well. IN fact, I felt great, I felt more sociable and better than I had in such a long time. I took maybe 40 percocets over the next couple of months and then got pregnant again. I stopped the day I found out.
394687 tn?1290924440 Hi, I am in the flames and could use some help putting them out. I'm 52, just diagnosed with geno 2b. Got it probably during a transfusion 36 years ago. Have had symptoms for 14 years, boughts of elevated levels for long periods of time, Severe RA (15 surgeries to repair joints), heart problems, and as of about 6 months ago I've had most of the symptoms you all talk about that relates to the TX (but I'm not on them yet!
Avatar f tn I have been seeing a trigger point massage therapist and it does help, but I only go once every two weeks.Insurance will not cover it.Make sure your docs check everything out before you assume it is nothing serious.Don't wait because the longer the pain, the harder it is to reverse the injury.I currently see an ortho doc that specializes in chronic pain.He is pretty good and genuinely interested in my problem(I think!) Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn Can one of you please help me? I've gone from 600mg Lyrica a day down to 450mg and I'm on 1 oxy 5/325 4 times a day. How can I do this?
938326 tn?1300882404 Does anyone know of a good endo, or thyroid doctor in London Ontario that they would reccomend? I am desperate to get treated fairly and be heard.
451975 tn?1372332199 No one has been able to help me, the depression has reach desperate lows, and now doctors are trying blame the psychological problems that have resulted from these ongoing ailments of 4 years as the cause of the problem in the first place...??? I just want constructive help. Some of the earlier symptoms of daily nausea, vertigo, vomitting have eased greatly but I now suffer from 2 - 5 seizures a day. Any ideas of a place to go for further study?
Avatar f tn he comes home from school he is still ok according to him he had a good day, ( teacher has a different story, which i think is more likely), so regarding the incident in the am at bus stop i tell him his consequence is that he couldn't go outside to play in the snow....(northern ontario, canada), well this started at 3.40pm he was kicking the walls, calling me names, his anger was out of control, and he was breathing heavy and fast. he was doing flips off his bunkbed and out of this world hyper.
Avatar f tn Also, perhaps your daughters could speak to the school Resource Teacher (and all high schools in Ontario have Resource Teachers) for additional help and guidance. There is help in your area but someone in your family will have to make the first move. As you know, most mental health treatments are covered under OHIP. I wish you the best ...
Avatar f tn So far none of my doctors have seen anything like it and the only reason I reached this diagnosis was because one of my doctors reached out to a colleague at the MayoClinic in Rochester, MN who has 8 patients with this disease. I just want help understanding it and maybe to reach out and speak to anyone else that has this as well.
Avatar f tn The anti-depressants did not help 35 years ago when my daughter was kidnapped, and they did not help when I was overdosed on morphine in the hospital 34 years ago, and they only put me into a chemically induced state of not caring 6 years ago. And they put me in the hospital 4 years ago because of side effects. I take the Synthroid. I need that. That's all I need. No energy, no motivation. Seems to be the way I live.
Avatar f tn There has to be someone on here that got off the drug after taking it reg. for a few months! Hope someone can help! Thank you!
Avatar n tn Ok. CDC- 25 days to average detectable antibodies. 12 week 97% conclusive, the other 3% that are infected and dont show have previous health issues (chemo, cancer, immune problems). If you are in the US those are the federal guidelines. Stick by them as they are conservative numbers.
590279 tn?1286339622 Hello, First and foremost, regular estimation of blood sugar is important as hypoglycemia can lead to dizziness. Secondly, you have mentioned of a car accident long back. Sometimes, patients of brain trauma present with neurological manifestations many years after the accident. This depends on the area of brain involved and the extent of damage to that area. Patients with cerebrovascular disease have partial or complete blockages in the arteries that supply the brain with blood.
Avatar f tn It depends on what province you are in.
Avatar f tn It is an extensive 4 week program and I will be living within the hospital. He said this will help me get immediate help for major depression and after that I can see a therapist ongoing as an outpatient. So i'm very excited to be getting this help and I encourage everyone to not give up and seek out a mental health facility in your area. If I wasn't approved for this program I would have participated in a study at the hospital that was trying out an alternative type of therapy.