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Avatar n tn If it dosen't help why take it. Maybe some of the depression would at least go away. Deal with one thing at a time.
1478126 tn?1291072975 would a body cleanse be useful to help eliminate toxins? also, how long does the acute stage of the withdrawals last? i guess that depends on the amount and how long. i'm just looking for suggestions...i know it won't be pain free.
Avatar n tn ) I've been to a pms clinic for more than 6 months in Montreal. And the solution was to take an antidepressant. I've had pms for 10 years and I refuse to go on like this for an other 10 years and make my husband and children miserable. Even with the antidepressant I have pms and sometime severe pms. Besides that, I have (as per my medical report) a small anechoic mass lesion in the left ovary compatible with tiny follicular cyst on an ovary.
563659 tn?1310521517 In a way though makes me feel better that there are still gals that are interested in me and gives me a reason to want to try to help myself, well get the help I need to help myself and understand why I get so messed up sometimes. I don’t understand why on some days I get so low, and why I can go a lil crazy at times, okay a lot crazy. Would be nice to have a day where I don’t pull a yoyo about 20 times in a day.
741515 tn?1262540739 Hi lady, I'm in Ottawa and been searching the internet for help for years, and this is by far the best source of information I have found. Even here in the Capital of our country I've been without any doctor for over a year because my environmental specialist retirerd and last GP left town and no-one would take new patients. Finally have an August appointment. I'll be watching this thread myself to know of any other help here.
Avatar m tn This test is NOT covered by Public Health Plan - Cost is 140$ Lab is based in Montreal. The turn around time is 1-2 weeks. The test by Immunoblot HSV1 is 92%-100% accurate. The test by Immunoblot HSV2 is 98%-100% accurate. Public Health (in Ontario at least) does IgG HSV ELISA/EIA testing. It is free but only if your referring doctor or the lab where the blood is drawn requests Public Health to do the actual testing. The test in NOT type specific ie.
Avatar n tn This past weekend I went on a trip for a friend of mines bachellor party in Montreal. We got toasted and one of the guys decided it would be a good idea to bring a pro back to our room. I got oral sex from her (she used a condom), however she had her tongue pierced 3 days earlier. I feel sick to my stomach because when I woke up I realized what had happened. I have a wife (Who i will not have sex with until I am tested in the next couple of months)and kid.
Avatar m tn hi and sorry for my English, as im writing to my hands are shaking even with anti anxiety you i need some help and explanation i get lost in the internet and all the information.
4190741 tn?1370181432 “It’s a very interesting paper,” says Moshe Szyf, professor of pharmacology and therapeutics at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, who studies epigenetics. “The important thing about this paper is that it looks at PTSD that has different life histories. One group has a life history of child abuse and the other doesn’t and we see a completely different functional genomic appearance.
1446517 tn?1304550175 n of Montreal In This Section Global Year Against Pain International Pain Summit Declaration of Montreal Sign the Declaration Desirable Characteristics of National Pain Strategies Pain Initiatives Declaration of Montréal Declaration that Access to Pain Management Is a Fundamental Human Right We, as delegates to the International Pain Summit (IPS) of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) (comprising IASP representatives from Chapters in 64
Avatar n tn Help! We are from Canada, and we have all the information that we need on minimally invasive surgery. We have been desperately searching for a physician, either in Canada or the U.S.A. who will perform "minimally invasive aortic heart valve surgery". Also, please supply the general fee that is charged for this procedure. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I do not attempt in this now quite lengthy account to describe this period of my life in more detail, nor do I discuss my death wish or my suicidal tendencies during the many years of BPD beginning in the last months of my adolescent years, in October of 1963, during which I experienced the death wish for the first time due to the intensity of my first depression. Before the official diagnosis of manic-depression in 1980 my death wish was only associated with a few periods of intense D.
Avatar m tn Treatment is a roller coaster. You might want to talk to your doctor about antidepressants which do help many. From the interferon web site concerning side effects: Mental health problems and suicide.
Avatar f tn Your sil is right, if there is something they are concerned over, someone is going to want to stick a needle in it immediately. They are probably looking for changes to make sure they are correct in what they see. Most of the time, it will be just a benign cyst, the ultrasound can give tell them if it's fluid filled or not. Please try not to worry too much. At this point, you don't have any need to be freaked. It's more than likely just something they want to watch.
Avatar m tn 2 My account also provides a statement of my most recent experiences in the last two years, 2007-2009, with manic-depression(MD) or BPD as it has come to be called in recent years. Some prospective analysis of my illness is also included with the view to assessing potential long-term strategies, appropriate lifestyle choices and activities in which to engage in the years ahead.
Avatar n tn The last Neuro is sending me to a specialist in Rare Muscular diseases at the Montreal Neurological Institute- he said I have an "exotic illness no one has heard of" . Any advice, my hands are numb as I type this and I am in agony from having walked 4 blocks two days ago.
572651 tn?1531002957 Congrats on the Dx! Yay. Can't help on the meds from, my med of choice is Cabernet!
Avatar m tn I moved from Ottawa to Montreal to do my training, and start a fresh new life. I haven't looked back if youre wondering. But this whole thing, moving to Montreal, and then Toronto, has put a big toll in my heart. I don't see my family often.. maybe 3 days a month.. or 2 months.. I don't.. or havent been able to manage a relationship.. I am acutally guilty for not even going out anymore.. if I go out, I like to get wasted to the point of being really sick.
Avatar f tn but i really do wish i could help her.. I hated christmas family parties on my daddys side of the family.. fights all the time.. one time my dads daddy was so drunk he took a turkey knife and tried to kill my daddy right infront of us all.. it was traumatizing.. but meh.. many things were.. my daddys mommy was always bitching at my mom to take care of daddy.. and telling her she wasn t doing her wife job right.. i don t like her very much..
Avatar n tn the final stage is 2.5 mg every third day for one week, then want to avoid the possibility of seizures.
Avatar m tn What is the validity of my Rapid POC test at 4 weeks that was conducted in Montreal, Canada. It was a finger prick tets. They took my blood, put it in a clear liquid, put that liquid into a little bowl, then added a blue liquid to reveal the results. Two dots being positive, one dot being negative. I received one dot indicating a negative test result at that point. I hear all this talk about 2nd gen, 3rd gen, 4th gen tests.
Avatar n tn They are not likely to get better in a hurry and she is very reluctant to seek help .
987762 tn?1331031553 Hey guys and dolls, Latest research has come out that basically shows that fatigue may precede a dx of MS and should be considered as a possible early sx of MS, i'm sure more research will follow. June 7, 2011 (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) — Fatigue is a solitary symptom in almost one third of patients who go on to develop multiple sclerosis (MS), sometimes years later, according to a study presented here at the annual meeting of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers.
Avatar n tn Natalie,I too have had that sensation (water dropping on my skin) and have been worked up nearly yearly for MS over a period of 4 years, always negative. This time, however, I have an elevated lactic acid and my muscle biopsy was positive for red ragged fiber, and I have been diagnosed as having mitochondrial myopathy...the type not determined.
Avatar m tn I know that there aren't very many examples since it's only been so long since we've been doing these procedures but how about an estimation? A best guess? Anything would help. I'm going to live with a large right ventricle and a valve replacement every 5-10 years. OK, great, can I keep it up for thirty years?? Any info would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn gov/pubmed/18242211 On the other hand, consumption may help adherence to meds, sleep, diet, depression, etc. and contribute to overall QOL. So, just as with the occult-doesn't-mean-I'm-not-cured argument, a more realistic assessment of mj use may be that evidence supports a pro-fibrotic effect but that, with moderate use, benefits may outweigh damage.
1689583 tn?1387755994 I have read it is good practice for new patients to see if they are capable to handle the mental sx of the drugs for depression . I don't have any of those issues , Will be interesting , another pre tx qualification .
Avatar f tn Plus, my husband would make a terrible nurse - it's just the way he is. Not medical help material at all. some of us are, some aren't and he's an "aren't". -:)). I suppose that we could go up and if it does get worse, we could come back down. (?) I have wanted to "check it out" but we just never got around to it, what with raising kids and trying to make a buck.
Avatar n tn The muscle biopsy did not show the ragged red fibres he was looking for. I was later sent to Montreal Neurological Institute for further testing and the only thing they came up with was that I had myodenylate deaminase deficiency, Which as far as I can understand could cause muscle fatigue, but not the rest of the symptoms. I can remember reading on the Montreal neurologist report that she found "clonus" and "cogwhheeling rigidity".