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Avatar f tn I just sent a PM with info for you. To access, just click on your name and then from your personal page, click on messages.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm on here to try to find help for my husband. He was diagnosed with dysautonomia a couple of years ago at Vanderbilt. He has not been able to find relief though. He suffers from Potts, chronic fatigue, various aches and pains, hyper and hypotension, depression, numbness of extremities, and a few other symptoms. He's tried a TON of medicines, vitamins, lifestyle changes, and basically anything you can think of.
Avatar f tn I have seen 2 Lyme Literate doctors and they do not know how to help me. One tried antibiotics and with the other meds I am on- caused life threatening reactions. Now, my blood pressure is extemely off the charts and am on meds. Have seen Neurologist and Sleep Specialits- no one can help. have tried every med out there. Don't know what to isolated and alone all the time. Afraid I may die soon. Have you ever heard of any herbals helping?? Have you ever hear of i.v.
Avatar f tn Hello Michelle Contact this website that will help you locate a therapist/doctor that can help your daughter get though this condition. Also research her disorder so that you can know what are the causes of this disorder and the treatment. This is if you have not researched this disorder already. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I also take Celexa for mild depression. After searching your sight I have a few questions. 1- My doctor and insurance company have never heard of a movement disorder specialest. Is there one near Milwaukee, WI? 2- Can this muscle/nerve problem lead into Cardiomyopthy, which is just about a given in my family? 3- It seems like my nerves are so hyper can tests determine if that is a problem? 4- Should I be seeing someone else?
Avatar m tn They didn't start bothering me until i had an auto accident, mild one, that did set off my airbag. I had my Milwaukee family Dr at the time, and he prescribed from 3 to 5 Vicodin per day for 5 or more years. My wife and I retired on disability . He was pressured by his HC Clinic to cut down all pain meds,and he had me go to a pain clinic in Greenfield , WI where I hada new MRI, and trad RF disk ablation therapy for 3 times without much improvement.
Avatar f tn 4 kids home with the holiday break is really taking it's toll on me. It doesn't help that my hubby has the week off, but has decided, it seems, to sit around playing video games instead of helping with the house & kids. Grrrr I think my hubby is tired of the Chiari run around too, and now that 2 doctors have told me that Chiari is not the cause of my symptoms, he's beginning to agree. I'm really feeling alone now.
9360193 tn?1403298429 I have severe stage 5 endo and I tried lupron twice for 6 months then 3 months. It didn't help me at all I got dbl the amount of cysts because the lupron wasn't suppressing anything. I'm only 23 and luckily I finally got pregnant once this baby is born I'm getting a full hysterectomy! The pain is just not worth it and also the side effects for lupron ars incredibly bad I thought I wanted to die sometimes then deal with the symptoms. I will never do it again!!!
8488481 tn?1410329809 I have been there I had a little girl my marriage end when she was 1 1/2 was on food stamps.
Avatar f tn ) I have tachycardia issues (think over 200bpm occasionally and it even happened IN THE DR OFFICE ONCE, and over 100 more frequently), chest pains, vision issues including blurry vision, hard to focus, near sighted, light flickers and 'dark spots' (not entirely sure how to explain beyond dark spots flying around in my vision), anxiety, depression, insomnia, bad fatigue with and without exertion, bad ringing in ears many times every day, minor issues with balance/coordination, but BAD clumsiness
Avatar n tn Luke's Hospital in Milwaukee Wisconsin and Dr. Sra did a total ablation of the sinus node using epicardial ablation. He also needed to go inside to ablate. She no longer has a working sinus node and her AV node took over the pacing of her heart. Her resting heart rate is now between 65 to 70 BPM and her walking HR is in the 80's range. This procedure is like a miracle. It has been 2 weeks and so far so good.
Avatar n tn @ 1 1/2 months ago, my doctor put me on 90 mg of morphine sulphate per day. He has now switched me to Suboxone to help with the w/d. My prescription is 2 mg one or two per day as needed. I want to start taking it tomorrow morning but all I have read are horror stories. Can you please tell me the best way to take this and how much for how long so I can be pill free. I really don't want to take Suboxone for very long if I don't have to. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I feel like we are just experiementals and until someone finally diagnosis the problem - we are waisting our time trying to get help. Sometimes the pain gets really bad and I have to take something (it doesnt help but only helps me to think about something different for while) When I take a deep breath sometimes, I can feel the spot below my shoulder blade - it seems to be like a numb stretched feeling. Sometimes it hurts but most of the time its just real annoying.
Avatar n tn I can relate to the frustration both u and ur DS r going thru. Most of us have been given meds for depression as well.That is of no help, at least it wasn't to me.
1098999 tn?1276790867 And size is not the main criteria for chairi to cause issues...overcrowding and CSF blockage is. Re-read Dr Oror's will help u get that fighting spirit back....keep pushing,...u know ur body and what is going on...keep going until u get a dr that is well informed and listens.
Avatar f tn You are awesome with the replies you send everyone here! Will you please help me with a few more questions? I was taking Paxil since 1998! Going on 9 years of that med, it wasn't doing anything for me anymore! So, I started seeing a Psychiatrist 2 months ago and he put me on Pexeva, he said it has a different chemical from Paxil. I've searched and the only thing I found about Paxil and Pexeva is they are same exact anti-depressants, it's just that the Pexeva is a generic form!
665692 tn?1294013906 In 2005 I finally got to see some specialists and was diagnosed with Fibro and CFS, spinal stenosis, 3 herniated discs, 3 benign tumors and 2 bulging discs in my spine, generalized osteoarthritis/arthrosis, depression and anxiety disorder. In October of 2006 I hired an attorney in the Milwaukee area. I finally have a hearing date for Jan. 6th, 2009. It has been a long, painful and humiliating journey...and it isn't over yet!
Avatar f tn I do go back to the Dr. Heffez in Milwaukee on the 21st. to get an MRI and talk to him. I was told that I would be better by 4 weeks and that the 2nd surgery wouldn't effect my recovery. I just feel like I am never going to get better. Is there anyone out there with any answers or suggestions? I am just feeling so sad right now.
Avatar n tn The only thing that bothers me is you really insulted the man who is here to help addicts. You are posting on his site and saying addicts are garbage. I don't know if you are aware that the very man you asked your question to ....Is an addict, a doctor, obviously well educated, and dedicated to this disease. I commend him for speaking out, and reaching out to others with such openness, compassion, and true dedication to this cause.
Avatar n tn You know I wouldn't say that if I didn't really think that either. You are near the end now. This is the time when that little depression monster came out for me. I found myself agrueing with myself about continuing the tx to the end. It was a VERY tough time...... but all in my own mind. I got through by just surrendering myself to the "Brain Fog" and refusing to let myself make ANY tx decisions that would change what I had been doing.
Avatar f tn I see you live in Milwaukee, which is one of the original hotbeds for Lyme+. That means there is experience in the medical community with this disease, but also means that many MDs who take the old approach of 'a couple weeks of abx and you're good to go' are probably well established in your area too. My best advice: find an LLMD for testing and evaluation, then decide what to do.
Avatar f tn U let us know what info u need and we will try and help. We have many threads going here...some of themn r just for fun...others for support and of course info.
190559 tn?1280615967 The first hospitalization was involuntary in Philadelphia (where she attends college) due to her taking a non-toxic dose of Motrin, but she checked herself into a local psychiatric hospital once she got home here in Milwaukee, WI. My husband and I agree with the depression and eating disorder labels, but we have doubts about the borderline diagnosis.
1872991 tn?1320335163 I am a veteran of the depression wars. This was NOT anxiety. Let the testing begin! I had a sonogram of my carotid arteries, and an echcardiogram ruling out any blockage. They were fine. I had a ton of bloodwork.. my lithium level (I am on a high dose of it) was fine, my thyroid, B-12, Lyme, cholesterol, sugar, etc all fine. The suspected issue was MS. I had a scary episode when my whole left side went totally numb, I had trouble walking and I couldn't swallow.
707040 tn?1473948394 Thanks for your input it is very helpful, im writing alot down about this so when i go may 9th i can hopefully get some answers, i too am just tired of feeling like the docs are thinking im a hypochondriac its very hard to deal with and really does not help my depression. Being told by doctors that im healed because of the surgery just frustrates me because i know whats going on with my body thats not normal.
2124271 tn?1335207176 I know it's easier said than done, but dwelling on what you did isn't going to help you. Thinking about it til it eats you up is only going to hurt you.....badly! Try to talk to an attorney. Also, if you have a pastor or someone like that you could talk to about how you're feeling that might help! Congrats on your 8 months clean! That's wonderful!
Avatar f tn I left the office very frustrated and emailed a local acupuncturist asking if he thought his services could help me since apparently my neurologist just wanted me to sit around and continue to suffer for 5 months anyway. He seemed confident he could help, so I gave him a try. I went to his acupuncture sessions and took the Chinese herbal medicine he gave me for about 3 months, but I didn't feel like I was seeing any benefit and stopped going to see him.
Avatar n tn Also over the last few days I have been having back hip and leg pain to the point of needing ibuprofen to help me get comfortable enough to sleep. I really thought before I went to the doctor that everything pointed to POP. When he said he did not think he felt it I was shocked. Could it be missed on physical exam and if so will my upcoming ultrasound show it? Please offer some input I am feeling pretty down with this latest flareup.
Avatar f tn with so many people needing help and so many helping each other it seems the threads get buried so fast. I try not to waste threads so when i posted i asked MANY Probably not a good idea since they get lost. I dont want to waste anybody's time but i know people don't go way back down all those threads. so i'm copying random ?'s from my previous posts and hope they will be of help to others also. does anyone know if high RA factor causes symptoms and does that return to normal with tx.