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Avatar f tn u can talk to me.. you shouldn't be alone..and of bf doing all that should take some space from him.because feeling like that isn't good for you.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am glad that you have posted here and we will try and help you. The information that you have given here seems to be incomplete. Please give us some more information regarding the origin, development and progression of this lesion. also let us know any other significant part of the lesion, such as itching or redness. You may also indicate when your sexual history and if it was protected or not. Please relax and give us as much information as possible.
Avatar n tn You should try counseling to build your self confidence.It would help you tremendously.let me know how you are.
Avatar f tn Talk to your midwife asap
Avatar n tn This does sound like depression. I would recommend seeing a counselor. Medication may also help you. We have a depression forum here at Medhelp. The people there are very nice and understanding. They will support and help you any way they can.
1070864 tn?1255358837 hello, iam 29 yrs old and iam verry stressed out my 2 1/2 twins, iam not working at the moment i feel very sad and hopeless i need help can someone help me undrestand why i feel this way i also need help with my anger.
Avatar f tn So ladies I need as much help as I can.. I have been very depressed. Me and my partner have not been too good, and a few days ago he decides to move back in with me, and we are working on things. Well today he went to go get the rest of his stuff, and he was arrested and went to jail for a fight he got into this past weekend... Idk what to do yall. I'm so stressed out and depressed..
Avatar f tn Aww that's good!
Avatar n tn I have tried different pills for my depression and none of them work for me. The effects that I'm suppose to get from these pills are causing the opposite effect on me, even the sleeping pills I'm taking is making me more anxious and keeping me wide awake. I just don't know what to do next and I really need help.
Avatar f tn I wanna be happy and excited but i feel like all i do is sit in my babies room and cry. Also doesnt help my hubby has picked up extra work cause my dr took me off work so i rarely see him anymore. Anyone else getting depressed in the last few weeks ?
Avatar n tn I hate doing that, I like to just fall asleep, but I am afraid of my depression over coming me. How do you girls deal with depression? Its made it hard for me to properly communicate wit. My bboyfriend and has caused many issues. I feel Like I need help!! How can I relax my mind ?
Avatar f tn I feel non energetic.Always remembered parents toucher ed to me. Is is Depression? If yes please guide me how to over came it.
Avatar f tn My doc has prescribed me many diff medications and never once questioned my ability to be a good mom. You need help and there is no shame asking for it, it'll be ok just talk to your doc about what's best for you.
Avatar f tn ( its really sad someone please help....
Avatar f tn I'm going through the same thing it ***** not having anyone to talk to either I just try to remind myself that I'm blessed with a baby and I have kids already and I'm blessed to have them to
Avatar n tn He has been there lately and ofyen call to check on me. It does help me feel better. He is under a lot of stress also with his job. But he's been making time for us. I'm due April 30th. Having twins is pretty scary but I'm trying to prepare for this huge change.
Avatar n tn I am 47 year old female who has been on Strattera for over a year and has been a miracle for me but i am very depressed and agitated and i do not like feeling like this at all. I am usually a happy person, but lately i am so sad and agitated, I hate this. Is there a medication that may help??I am in therapy and that does help alot. ?
Avatar f tn I have talked to plenty of counselors in my lifetime and that doesn't seem to help me. so I am lost on what to do? depression runs threw my family along with bi polar disorder...and even my mother has been treated for what do I do?! I'm in need of help I can't keep living like this!!
1577478 tn?1296181097 ) I know its not safe but I just want to feel something other then depression...I dont think Im bipolar but I think I might have MDD or something like that. Please help me!
Avatar n tn Hey, go see a psychiatrist and do it soon. Some of us have to do this and it sucks but we do. I wish all of the time that I could be normal and not have to be so depressed but its just who I am for now. My boyfriend tells me "If you always do what you always did, then you'll always get what you always got". Do you want to live with what you've got right now? Go see a doctor, get it over with.
Avatar f tn Check your other post...
Avatar f tn I'm 26 weeks and I been having really bad depression since 12 weeks. my doctor point me on some depression pills and they help sorta of but its not helping much plus I see someone for it. does any mommy have any. ideas on how to help with this stuff? anything will help. thank u.
Avatar n tn I constantly feel like im going to burst into tears and feel like I want something bad to happen to me, so I end up in hospital. I think Iv suffered with depression before and ave resorted to self harm, I now have an obvious scar on my arm. I feel asthough I have no confidence and I feel a burden to my boyfriend as i feel so sad all the time, although he says he will always be here for me and he understands that i may be sad, he just want me to be happy again.
Avatar m tn To answer your question "will depression make me sick?" Yes depression will make you sick. Depression is an illness itself and it's symptoms are frequently physical sickness. The most common are the ones you are already experiencing. For me the bad physical sickness is what made me sad and filled with 'gloom and doom'. If I weren't physicallly sick because of it, I would be happy and positive.