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Avatar n tn You'd think with the medical advances something would help. hopefully help is just around the corner. Have seen no cure so far..Anxiety and sleep problems make it worse for sure...a vicious circle..Maybe we need to retrain our thinking/brain, as this is all powerful You are what you think you are. Maybe hypnosis. I've tried whitenoise,, pinknoise... Relaxation is prob good too..and yeah after a while the brain expects it I think....
Avatar f tn Now that my son is gone, I miss him a lot and have been in depression. I am struggling now. If I take my own life again, I will not be able to meet my son in heaven. God will not accept a sinner like me but to live on, it's very torturing for us. I am on the fence now. To jump or not to jump of here. Can someone chat with me? I am very afraid to tell anyone i know of this relationship because I am ashame of how people look at me and worry that I will shun another friend.
1557928 tn?1304814263 I would be surprised if zoloft helps much with the withdrawals, given that you have reported anxiety as your major issue rather than depression. Zoloft is an SSRI which can be great for depression but has not been shown to help with anxiety. I really hope that I am proven wrong & your doctor is right but I don't want you to get completely discouraged if you find the cold turkey approach too uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm a male from Malaysia. I had a sexual encounter with a sex worker / prostitute last week. It's my first vaginal penetrative sex with unknown partner and right now I'm worried to the point of breaking down. I have a wife. I'm worried sick. Please, i need help desperately with this. I'll try to make it short. Here goes: 1) When putting on the Extra Safe Durex condom, she uses her long fingernails just for a brief moment.
Avatar n tn i am currenty diagonosed ADHD anxiety (panic attacks,GAD) and minor depression. my current meds are lexapro 10mg in the morning and ritalin 10 mg 3 or 4 times. i am also having impotence and premature ejaculation. ssri has removed it but the impotence is there.... the long and short.. iam 100 percent satisfied in case of adhd but not in others (dep,anxiety , libido,....) . i am very lethargic physicaly. so i got my testosterone tested here are hte reults plz comment on it.
Avatar n tn I have the symptoms of depression, but I don't have the money to go to a doctor. All I can think about lately is suicide. I don't have a job, I don't want to leave my house, I really hate myself, and I don't care about anything anymore. I don't know what to do!!! I asked my Dad to get me some help, but he suggested that I read a book or newspaper.... or to get out and do some yard work. He just doesn't understand the severity of my condition. I cannot talk to anyone about it.
Avatar m tn 2/ the subcutanous fat at the arms, hands, feet disapear a lot ,all the veins pop up , and I feel numb at the hands 3/ My belly getting bigger every day ,when I sit I can feel my belly push up,I used to have a flat tummy all my life. 4/ I dont feel well all the time, feel like mild flu all the time. Please help to answer me , I feel so distress and helpless since my GP doctor didnot know what to do.
1878545 tn?1348940882 I think it depends on where you live in Malaysia.....correct? Perhaps you can look into organizations in Malaysia that support people in your situation that can help you further explore your situation and perhaps bring clarity to your situation. Just start googling and see what comes up. Organizations in Malaysia that support homosexuals/bisexuals do exist in your country. They could possibly give you names of professionals that are gay/bisexual friendly who could counsel you.
2104507 tn?1333756337 the ganglion is not in the thyroid that we think it's infection no, the ganglion are in the two side upper of the thyroid like the tooth infection or something, I took augmantine last week but it didn't help me at all.
Avatar m tn My name is Zul & I'm from Malaysia. I'm married & have a 3years old son. Go back 2month ago, i have made a big big mistake in my entire life. I never done this before & it haunt me & take it toll out of me everyday of my life. Stress, pure guilt & living with HIV/STD Anxiety really drive me crazy. Here my story goes.. This thing happen because at 1 night, i have a very tense fight of word with my wife.
Avatar m tn Based on the Ultra scan HBS results as above, do you think I'm having liver cancer? 5. How I can get rid of the depression that I'm having? What I should do? Pls advise.
Avatar f tn Whenever I hear about some kind of tragic event (the missing flight from Malaysia, the sinking ferry in South Korea) I can't help but put myself in those people's shoes and think of what it must have been like for them, if it hurts, how afraid the were. I've tried talking to some people before, but they just don't relate. I'm always told to just "stop thinking about it" or "don't worry." If only it were that easy.
Avatar m tn They met when he had to move to Malaysia due to his job. Then he moved to Singapore in mid-2016 for higher pay. He was keeping this a secret for months before finally telling my mum and totally breaking her. He hasn't been here. He hasn't been a Dad for ages. My mum told me I should tell him how I feel. It's hard to do when I see him in person, so I emailed him. Told him how I felt. He gave a long reply. He seemed sort of like my dad again.
440193 tn?1293814117 I'm on my first spray and eagerly waiting for it to work. i'm just spreading this and hopefully it will help you too. Their price is very reasonable!
Avatar n tn Hang on for the ride of your life. It's not a fun ride --- but it is an experience. Prepare yourself mentally for all of it --- and if you have no sides --- WOOHOOO! If you do --- know that most of them are normal - especially the depression part ---- Keep reminding yourself that "it's the meds talking --- it's the meds talking". I found one of the best things to do is to journal your moods, your daily activities and your sides, if you have any.
Avatar m tn I am from Malaysia as you may have noted. I had really moved on dear Grace. My last question is just that I had many sex partners from 2008 till 2010. I slept with around 14 women, some high risk partners and always used a condom for sex but had some unprotected oral sex. I slept with only one girl in 2011(both protected oral and vaginal only) and I had just a protected oral sex and some brief frottage - genital touch of bare genitals in 2012 January. I never had herpes like symptoms.
Avatar n tn Did you get answers I have the same thing slanted vision reading the computer or mobile phone I'm really worried iv got a brain tumor?
1822062 tn?1317283366 Between my first and 2nd biopsy, I developed a fluctuance, they called it and eventually, started to leak pus from that area and from the biopsy site as well. I've been applying polysporin as well, in hopes it will help! My breast is looking better and I'm feeling better about that but the lump is still there. I'm hoping and wishing, like everyone else, that it will get better. Best of luck to you!
Avatar n tn geeze, i was ONLY giving that as ONE example (about the mother). my whole thing was we should welcome both sides of the fence so the origional poster could make their own informed decision based upon facts,others experiences and opinions that they may not have had coming into this. of course there are other circumstances where religion, culture come into play and that type of attitude (that i described upset, then joyful)does not always happen.i dont live that far off in the northeast.
Avatar n tn Everytime you feel negative ask Gods help to change how you see yourself or else you will dig deeper into depression and anger. Keep looking for a meeting and yes I believe you need a psychiatrist to give you your medicines but also to see you once a month to make sure the medicine is working fine or adjust or change the medicine until you are feeling the way you should.
Avatar n tn Please be infromed that in my previous post i tried to let ppl know that i've been to Thailand and my risk is somewhat different. I just suggest that if we r going to let ppl help access our risk, ( i see many of us having this 'i am worried, please tell me my risk' problem) we need to give the details... all i'm wonder is, will this data make any different to doc's judgement?
Avatar m tn I'm not trying to elicit sympathy from anyone and have no realistic expectation of anything so this isn't even a cry for help. I know I'm dying and that's about it. I haven't been formally diagnosed yet but the signs are too painfully obvious. And I mean "painful" in all senses of the word. Here's a bit of background for what it's worth. I live in the UK and 45 y/o male. Presented to GP with diarrhoea before the summer.
Avatar f tn Glad to be of help to you! Let us know how everything works out. Would be interested to hear your opinions on this procedure as you progress through your rehab.
Avatar n tn Not really a question as such - trying to help resolve teh countless testing debates with my own personal experience as I can pinpoint the risk time exactly. I am 28, heavy drinker but no real health concerns/illnesses/immune problems etc: I had unprotected vaginal sex with a brothel sex worker who said I didn't need to bother with a condom - i.e. HER choice even though she had them with her, she also showed them to me on the way out...
Avatar m tn The itch is not due to dry skin because I 1) use moisturizers, 2) live in very humid San Francisco, and 3) it is a deep itch with no visible symptoms. I do have a history of depression, but I have noticed no correlation between the itch and depression and stress. It still occurs at some of the least stressful times of my life. If there is a correlation with stress, it's because the itch itself is stressful. The only relief I have discovered are cold compresses. I have a freezer full of them.
Avatar n tn I deal with depression and sparatic emotions. I get sad, angry, and happy with very little to stimlate those emotions. I can't keep my thoughts straight. I bounce from one thought to something totally off the subject. I stop mid sentance and forget what I was even saying. I am anxious and jumpy. I have at times even had panic attacks linked to post traumatic stress. I live a very "safe" life now. I have a hard time finishing my sentences. I repeat myself alot.
Avatar f tn I have similar symptoms. I wonder any useful treatment/remedy was reported? Please help. This discussion is related to <a href=''>burping</a>.
Avatar n tn The Yog Pranayam (breathing exercises) will help you relax and also help to improve the head shake. I have shown all the exercises to be done. Initially I want you to do anulom vilom(30 minutes) and Bhramri (upto 20 times), for 9 days and then do all the pranayams regularly. Keep your eyes closed and concentrate. Come back to report your progress when you feel the difference. Also I want to know, when you feel fine without smoking, as this is the point when you will be able to stop smoking.
Avatar f tn Dr al Marzouqi said officials have discussed the importance of early TB detection and “complete treatment”, which would help reduce its spread. The risk of deportation meant expatriates were instead tempted to avoid diagnosis, increasing the risk of spreading the disease, he said. Another problem is that each emirate has a different regime for reporting, treating and following up positive cases. All the authorities are working to create one set of guidelines based on international standards.