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Avatar n tn thx in advance...ive read a ton about how they can help depression but my doc's keep telling me they are central nervous system depressants...have to go with their adviice i guess...
1550654 tn?1294751154 i have been very sick with this taper....i thought lortab was bad but this is truly unreal...I had to send my kids to las Vegas with my sister until i am well...i cannot wait till this is over...i just want my life back...thank you for all your support these months..i knew something was not right .....I wish i would have did this sooner..never thought a short tern round of benzos could do this but beleive me they can...
Avatar f tn Non worked, that's why the problem progressed to Cirrhosis and finally a transplant as the doctor said my liver was working on 10%. Living in Las Vegas at that time, I found out that Nevada did not have any hospitals that did liver transplants. Fortunately I have a brother in Chicago who suggested I move there temporarily. I lived with him and used that as my residency, got an Illinois driver's license and had my transplant.
Avatar n tn Currently, I am not covered since I just moved from NY to Las Vegas and have not had the time to sit in a Medicaid Welfare office for a whole day or two. I have SO much stress and things going on with my son and the school system out here that I always put myself last, my son is Autistic and he MUST come first.
642393 tn?1227036256 I seriously considered the Rapid Detox -- found what I thought was the best one -- it is in Las Vegas and cost $9800 bucks. You go to sleep about 10 to 12 hours and then they wake you and tell you that you are clean. You stay in the hospital another 2 or 3 days and they send you home. I contacted several who had the procedure and were very unhappy with it ---- still have a lot of W/D symptoms.
Avatar n tn My instructor was telling us last night about a lady she is working with who was terrified of flying, and now is flying to las Vegas this weekend- her fear was caused by something completely unrelated to flying, but they figured it out and she worked through it. At least you know what caused his fear. It is very important to find a good hypnotherapist who works with children though.
1182411 tn?1265324644 I did the tapering method of getting off Norco and the last few days was spent in Las Vegas with my wife without my small kids and I had a very nice spa visit with a massage that really helped. Just reading your posts, I can feel your pain. Stay strong and know that this will all pass in a few days. Remember to STAY STRONG. Do not talk yourself out of this by saying you will try tapering at this point.
Avatar n tn He goes to Las Vegas every weekend and turns off his phone. I found a hookers email address from Sherries ranch and he said it was his friends not his. After I found that I just have never trusted him at all. I should be glad to be rid of him, but I miss him. We keep breaking it off and going back together. My 15 year old son kicked him out and told him my mom doesn't know what she is doing , please leave.
Avatar n tn It could work for you. I just went thru Dr Thomas Yee in Las vegas advanced rapid detox. pricey yes but I had zero withdrawls. he is a anisthesioligsts (spelling) legit in a hospital i got past the hardest part the physical pain from withdrawls and recieved vivatrol im injection to keep my mind from cheating. its not a scam It was one on one personilized and first class all the way. a lot of famous people or people who dont want to let the cat out of the bag use him.
Avatar n tn my dad leaving and moving across country to Las Vegas...has affected me as well. It also affects me because I start thinking that Im very unlucky, that who would want to be friends with someone as unlucky as I am and I withdrawl from many things, like friends and life in general. I just have so many physical symptoms of ms that it scares me. I go in cycles though obsessing about it.
Avatar m tn does anyone know a doc in las vegas that will prescribe suboxone and Valium together please someone help
Avatar f tn I am having almost the identical symptoms as many of you. In February during a trip to Las Vegas I noticed small blisters in my right arm pit, like sort of a rash.
186606 tn?1263513790 Maryland Parkway #470 Las Vegas, NV 89109 Tel. 702/796-9111 Give them a call and see if they can help.
Avatar n tn this time we will concentrate on the overy. I looked at him like he was crazy and said I don't have any overy's because in Las Vegas I had a total hysterectomy he said that they must have left an overy in or at least a part of one and the overy has a cycst on it. I am 45 years old and really worried. I have also been experiencing depression (crying) that comes and goes. I am usually a very happy person. I know that I don't have a uterus or cervix at least thats what my O.B. says.
Avatar n tn today so I called my friend who is the pharmacist and to him that I so conveniently left all my medicine in the room safe in Las Vegas--He said the only thing i had to do was have my husband call and ok an early refill--Sooo yes I asked my husband(he is a physician and absolutely hates calling in any type of medicine for friends or family) if he would call in the refill since I had left all my meds at the hotel--Well i could tell by the sound of his voice he didn't quite believe my story--Well
1291855 tn?1272193215 I hate it because we can't provided for her like we want to let alone take care of ourselves. It's been so hard trying to find a job here in Las Vegas and because of it we're most likely to get suspended from the TANF(cash assistance) which help getting things for her like daipers and wipes,stuff like that...I'm trying really hard not to just crash in a little corner somewhere and just cry till I can't cry no more but I want to stay strong for her...
Avatar n tn i used to take effexor, but went off it because of severe constipation, weight gain, and bloating. My question is about the bloating. I recently flew from ottawa to las vegas, a travel time of some 8 hours, and ended up with feet so bloated i could hardly walk. I mean, I was horrified, and could not do much of the walking that i intended to do in vegas, and could BARELY walk the first day.
2141745 tn?1336160518 I had been worried about my trip to Vegas, nervous about re-starting the Celexa (which I had started around the 13th) and nervous about having to give the Best Man speech...when we got to Las Vegas on the 17th I could feel some heightened anxiety, what I at least partially contribute to the side effects of starting a new med, but my spirits were high...I was still aware of the anxiety, and still vigilant, but it wasn't the oppressive thought presence it had been.
Avatar f tn Hello Everyone I am somewhat new to this board although I have been lurking for a while and I was coming here for some support. Here is some info about me, I live in Las Vegas, I am a 24 year old mom of 2 boys, ages 4 and 1, and I was diagnosed with MSK 4 years ago after the birth of my first son. The condition is really starting to wear on me and the pain and tiredness is making it EXTREMELY HARD to keep up with a full time job and raising my boys.
Avatar m tn Las Vegas cocktail...I do your same combo soma/vic prescribed by my (pill mill) dr. I cant give you great advice on the vic recovery but I can tell you for fact ive gotten off the soma by tapering but staying on the vics, i experienced no withdrawl from the soma except a little night sweat. The vic buzz wasnt as good without the soma IMO but it beats cold turkey. You will be fine this is a very supportive group.
Avatar f tn o). You must have done that much yourself over the years, eh?
Avatar f tn According to ET, Michael left a note explaining he intended to end his life after a lengthy battle with severe depression that left him, he said, feeling as if he had no friends and could never fit in. In 2007, Michael, then 16, entered a rehab facility. His mother said at the time, “My son Michael is an amazing young man, shown through his courage in facing his issues. As his mother, I couldn’t be more proud of him.
Avatar f tn I'm on day 3 now. Holy moly walking the Las Vegas strip is BRUTAL!!!!!!!! I'm doing it though. Pushing myself. Getting a massage right now with my fiancé. I have taken Tylenol today. I am going to rest after this before going out tonight for NYE. The good news is I'm alive and PUSHING through.
Avatar n tn My three sisters and I suffered a lot of emotional, sexual and physical abuse as children in Las Vegas. I am the oldest so I would always do my best to protect them. We were in and out of shelters and often did not have our basic needs met much less higher needs of love. Our mother is bi polar manic depressive and had frequent episodes of mania which sparked abuse. So extreme that I remember her forcing one of my twin sisters to take a bottle of my psyche medicine. Melissa was sick for weeks.
Avatar n tn The thing is, i have been put on almost all of known anit seizure medications, none seem tobe as effective as it should be, i beleive at one time i was close to depression while on depakot, then i met a specialist who then put me on Zonegran, it worked for a couple years or so, then i moved to Las Vegas back in 03, it started again inspite the drugs, perhaps a combonation of stress, and lack of sleep could be the cause of it all?
Avatar m tn So in June of 2011, I was assaulted from behind while walking in to a McDonalds. At the time I was intoxicated, as I was coming back from the Fremont St Experience in Las Vegas. I was brought to the hospital after complaining about severe dizziness and head pain. CT scan showed a contusion and hematoma on the left frontal lobe. I was there for 3 days before they released me, as the bleed was not getting any worse.
Avatar n tn Safe Nest provides shelter services for the rural and urban areas of Clark County with shelters in Las Vegas and North Las Vegas. Residents receive staff support and advocacy including individual case planning, onsite support meetings, parenting classes, vocational counseling and housing assistance. Children's services include an on-staff therapist and children's programmer, structured playtime and indoor/outdoor play facilities.
865566 tn?1356703962 I will leave my Las Vegas gambling to the slot machines and not to drugs. Why risk ruining our trip? My head is so clouded today. Just got AF yesterday at 17 DPO which was really, really hard. My moods are swinging like crazy, and I need to get a grip on reality. Ever feel like you are losing it? Thanks for listening girls.
Avatar n tn Over a month ago I had an condom protected exposure with a street prostitute in Las Vegas. During sex she used lubrication whenever we changed positions. Condom didn’t break, but it didn’t cover the whole penis, but I suppose it did cover more than half. 2 days before this exposure I had a small cut on penis while triming at the bottom end of penis. I would say it was not completely healed, as i was able to remover some skin from this cut a day after exposure.
Avatar f tn thank you so much for making me a little more aware of methadone. in las vegas all dr's. wanna do out here is just give u any pill for everything, its tricky cuz if the DR prescribes it ooh nuthings wrong with it it has to be great thats where basically my addiction started. i never saw my self as an addict cuz i had a script for it. WRONG huh!! ive never tried methadone for sum reason im scared of it. rite now im taking 15-20 lortabs a day. its really bad. i take 5 at a time.