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Avatar f tn I am looking for a Hep C specialist in the Las Vegas area. Can anyone help me with a couple of names?
784382 tn?1376931040 what about the Virgin Islands or is that too far , they may do deals in April if its out of season, New Orleans I think its been fixed up a lot since Katrina struck,yes there is las Vegas, /LA ...
Avatar f tn Any chance there any ladies on here in the Las Vegas area?
Avatar n tn I'm looking for phentermine prescription in Las Vegas?? Do you know any doctors in the Las Vegas area? I only have 20 pounds to lose.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the board, magnum is our vegas guru here so you might want to flag him down, sure he can help you out...........
Avatar n tn Any mom's on here live in Las Vegas? If so how are you taking this weather while pregnant?
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Avatar n tn Thanks you guys! You are a big help...I was really getting depressed about this situation. This doctor and his PA really pissed me off. The PA told me there really wasn't anything they could do for patients with hep 1a. So when I asked if I just wait till the disease progresses and die she wouldn't even respond! Plus my insurance only covers 60% of the cost of the medication. Any one have any ideas for help with pegasys costs?
Avatar m tn Does anyone know any doctors in Las Vegas that uses HCG Injections for weight loss?
Avatar n tn Gish has a satellite clinic here in las vegas and he is in the office here in vegas this week. This is the local office information. 3006 S. Maryland Parkway Suite 470 LV NV 89109 702 796 9111 if you like, I suggest you ask for Saundra Hart and then tell her that Debra F referred you to her, the one with pneumonia. She'll know. Saundra is the RN in that practice and if I refer, she'll pay close attention. Tell her you are one of my friends from the medhelp board.
Avatar f tn I'm 25 weeks and I'm from Las Vegas, nv. Anyone else from Vegas. I think it would be great to go through this pregnancy with some one who understands what I'm talking about.
Avatar f tn I am located in Las Vegas and would like any info that you can share with me on this and need to locate a dr
Avatar f tn Anyone from las Vegas???
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