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Avatar n tn Many need drugs for self-mediacation but in the long run, illegal drug use just does not help. Getting help for depression may eventually lead to him feeling better and a step toward not abusing drugs.
Avatar n tn You need to be patient. I am not familiar with these kits and thus cannot comment on their reliability. At the same time, your original risk of HIV from the exposure you described was very low risk. You should not worry but, if you have concerns about the quality of the test, you should get tested again, prefferrably at a site which not only uses approved tests but which can give you post-test counseling.
Avatar f tn PCOS is serious and can lead not only to weight gain and insulin resistance but to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, depression, and of course problems with infertility. If you ever want to chat I'm here for you. Good luck!!!!
2015036 tn?1333001388 Is this depression due to illness? Or could it be depression due to interferon therapy? A combination of both? Would an anti-depressant help? Or should I discontinue therapy? I know I am not the only one who has felt this way. How have you dealt with this?
Avatar m tn org I am sorry you are such a bad situation. I wish I could do more to help you. I hope this information is of some help. Remember the good news is that you have many years to find treatment before you ever become ill. Best of luck.
Avatar f tn oh and i was negative for type 1, sorry but i am freaking out right now!!!
Avatar f tn My doctor put me on Welbutrin. It worked really good for depression. Anyways it will happen in time, but those ovulation kits work great. Good luck..
Avatar f tn I have a son who is addicted to ocycotin, he has been doing 40mg yellow pills, somone gave him a hydromorphine 24mg, I am wondering what does the hydromorphine equal when compared to oxycotin? Any help would be appreciated so i can understand where he is comming from, He says to me he only has to swallow 1/2 of the beeds in the 24mg hydromoprphine to equal a 40mg oxycotin and would only have to do this twice a day, he says the hydromorphine last 12 hours instead of 6 with the oxycotin.
Avatar f tn I recently discovered my boyfriend was addicted to oxycontin. He asked me to help him get clean and to ween him off the drugs but it's been very difficult trying to do this alone. He doesn't want anyone to know. He has had no pills now for over two weeks and still feels like ****. He can't keep food down and sleeps a lot with the help of sleep aids but he has managed to go to work other days and seems fine. I'm afraid that he's lying to me and still taking meds to help get through work.
Avatar n tn People prone to depression also get caught up in this type of thing, as they are more susceptible to hypochondria and intense guilt feelings. And, how about those with OCD and hypochondria (which is related to OCD)? I suppose all of this is to say that you have asked a very relevant question. How do you get past all of this? For some people, time is the healer. As time passes, the feelings of anxiety fade away.
Avatar m tn It feels good to finally get answers at least for the better part of a year i've been so ill and because i'm in my early 20s every single doctor (we're talking about 10) told me it was in my head or it was depression or anxiety attacks. At least I know something is going on that can be treated. Last question: Would the parathyroid not working be hyperthyroid or hypothyroid? I just wanted to do a little research on treatment. Again thanks!!!
Avatar f tn Hello; I wanted to know if you could possibly help me. I am very lost and to be quite honest an absolute mess. I feel very guilty and disgusted with myself and that my actions have put me in this situation. I am a married women with a child. Actually happily married. I made a HORRIBLE choice and slept with a close friend. I recently discovered I am pregnant and LOOSING my mind cause I'm not sure by whom. Please give me your advice. NO ONE KNOWS about this except the man I slept with.
Avatar m tn At the end of 2013 I started experiencing lightheadedness and dizziness, also often felt sad and emotional like at the beginning of a depression. At that time my labs were in the normal range and my doctor did not link this to my hypothyroidism. Then I started doing more research myself and – instead of taking an antidepressant – I cranked up my dose to 75 mg Synthroid. Within a week to 10 days my symptoms disappeared and I felt more like my normal self.
Avatar n tn Robin, thank you - I had d&c's the last two times too. This is new to me - just seems awful quick to be done bleeding but maybe i was just so early..thanks for your thoughts and means a lot!
Avatar n tn I knew that he took them occasionally, and when he's been injured, but had no clue to the severity of it until I checked our saving's account and saw a large chunk of money missing. He admitted the problem then. He says he wants help, has agreed to marriage counseling, doesn't want to lose me or our kids, that he'll do anything it takes. However my questions are- what can I expect with his withdrawl? What kinds of symptoms are there? How can I help him through them?
579749 tn?1217862169 since when are dry mouth and depression symptoms of hep c?
Avatar n tn You'd think with the medical advances something would help. hopefully help is just around the corner. Have seen no cure so far..Anxiety and sleep problems make it worse for sure...a vicious circle..Maybe we need to retrain our thinking/brain, as this is all powerful You are what you think you are. Maybe hypnosis. I've tried whitenoise,, pinknoise... Relaxation is prob good too..and yeah after a while the brain expects it I think....
Avatar m tn Can anyone help me with some ideas, to do when it rains! I feel like I am getting depressed???
Avatar n tn The HPV was becoming more pronounced at the same time that I experienced symptoms of fever, sweating, depression, swollen glands, flu-like soreness, and soreness in my lower back/thigh area that lasted much longer than the other symptoms. The symptoms lasted for about 19 days. I am concerned that I had HIV symptoms onset at the same time as HPV. I still get occasional itching around the base of the penile shaft while the warts have not gone away.
Avatar f tn that causes the fatige and alot of the depression..exercise will force the brain to produce...tyrosine and phenylalanine help the most with dopamine/hence energy...thenaine is calming but not sedating...5thp and SAM e also help with johns wort helps dopamine...glutamine is also a good one to take lots of dopamine enhancers out there...yohimbee..alfa dopa it and lean..if ur problem is fatigue then dopamine is ur need...
Avatar f tn TIA, Simple Partial Seizure, Anxiety, Depression WELL BEING -Sick with Chronic Sinus infections / and frequent yeast infections -Weight fluctuates / days of bloating and pain in lower stomach -Fatigue/ frequent naps -Swollen lymph nodes in neck, ear, near elbow, under arm, and groin DIAGNOSED WITH: Chronic Sinusitis, Graves Disease EYES/VISION -Optic nerve damage in right eye -Double Vision -Fluttering back and forth eye movement -White/bright flashes -Pain behind eyes with movement -Phot
506791 tn?1439846583 At times life can get to be real gloomy for me. Helping Teia has been a big help to me in my dealing with depression and anxiety. I think she, and the other kitties, will continue to be a source of joy and inspiration.
Avatar n tn I'm currently under stress and deep depression. My exposure was during 2 month ago when i stationed at China for an exchange seminar. after the seminar, my colleagues at China brought me around the city ( beijing ) to experience its nite life. It was then we visited a brothel which provides 3 some services ( 2 ladies and 1 guy). It was my first time having such fun and new experience. It was then i reallised that my condom broke around 25 mins after the intercourse.
459206 tn?1245072322 When I was having severe perimenopause symptoms a few years back (and didn't know why) they tested my blood FSH levels which were within normal ranges and the drug store test kits all were normal. Nonetheless it was hormones. It wasn't until after I'd been tested for a bunch of other things (all negative) and I went 6 months without a period and then started having hot flashes that they really believed it. I decided that they don't seem to know much about perimenopause.
168348 tn?1379360675 I must confess that the anxiety ABOUT meds for anxiety seems worse, sometimes, then the anxiety for which the meds were orginally prescribed. That said, unless you have some reason to think that your doc prescirbed something he/she knew WOULD make you feel worse, I'd be inclined to try what the doctor said. You DO say that you take meds "to help," so I assume they do help. And by now you may have read my response to Rite, some of which may be helpful to you.
Avatar f tn They sell drug test kits at any pharmacy. You can tell him that since he left treatment he will need to be drug tested until he proves that he is done and is seeking help. These are just suggestions or things that have worked. Use your own discretion. You cannot help him if he doesn't want it but you can protect yourself. I hope you come back and talk with us. There is great support here and members can share their experience with you.
1136509 tn?1260633866 Maybe some detox kits? Vitamins and such to help my body push whats left out? I have plenty of meds left to sort out a plan for tapering and have been doing so for a good 2 months now. From 210mgs a day, which was 2 40s and 4 30mg IRs a day, what I take now 3 20's and 15mg IRs when I need to. I am not in a junkie mindset as things are going pretty good but a little help would be nice.
984138 tn?1359816673 Thank you guys for your responses I talked to a therapist on the phone and is sending some dvds self help kits to start until she will go see an actaul therapist hse wont leave her house unless its to work or my parents so i hope this works! thanks for your advice very appreciated!
338963 tn?1253664422 a pamphleted Depression After Delivery to help you determine if you have postpartum blues or need help with deeper feelings. Write to Depression After Delivery, Box 278, Belle Mead, NJ 08502 or 1-800-944-4773 You're A New Parent! Guide from Prudential Insurance 1-800-843-7625 ext. 3076 Your Baby's Development, a color booklet about child development from birth to 18 months. 1-888-344-BABY Miscellaneous: 1-800-547-9400 Carnation "Special Delivery Club", for expectant parents.