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717440 tn?1292747342 Are there any Canadians out there that know where we can access suboxone in Ontario? We've heard it's great to use to quit pain killers, but we can't seem to find where to get it. Does anyone know?
717440 tn?1292747342 I am in Ontario and am finding it impossible to find the help I need. Anyone here from Ontario that has successfully gotten off the pills can help?
Avatar m tn I am very close to making a appointment to get help for what I think may be depression. My symptoms are basically just being down too much, feeling tired in the morning and a hard time getting up and being motivated, hard time sleeping, bad thoughts.. etc. Basically I just would like to be run through the process starting with going to the doc. I'm sure I tell him some stuff that has happened lately and how I am feeling and then what? Like how does he test me for depression?
Avatar f tn Bell's Palsy and depression are well known symptoms of Lyme Disease, as is a reduced capacity for stress. It can also cause brain lesions (I have 20 of them and was worked up for MS before my neuro decided I probably didn't have MS and referred me off to a teaching/research hospital). I don't know where you are, but cases of Lyme have been reported in every state in the country, far more in some than others.
Avatar n tn At times, I would go off of Prozac, but found that with high incidence of stress, I had difficulty, and needed an antidepressant to help me get through. Over the past two years, there have been many stress factors in my family, including two surgeries for me, chronic pain, and migraine headaches treated with Zonegran as a preventative; open heart surgery, rage, and emotional problems in an adolescent son who also has Cerebral Palsy, and marital problems. I also take Premarin, and Clonapin.
Avatar n tn I live in Ontario, and I believe extended care is for seniors...I am not familiar with it..We have OHIP here (ontario health insurance plan) which covers all medical, no up front costs and for meds like I said earlier, we are on a drug plan that will cover all meds...This plan will remain with us for the rest of our lives because it is part of the retirement plan my husband has...
Avatar n tn There is a really good clinical ecologist in Toronto Ontario, he is the one we went to. They are all over the world We were lucky to have one so close to us.
Avatar f tn No cheating - cheating in Ontario can get you into huge trouble. Late last week, I found out that disability is no longer paying for taxi service and my last claim will be for March 2008. I freaked!!!! Then I thought about some information I had heard about going back to work/training and if my disability made it impossible to work (my disabilities are anxiety, depression, etc.
Avatar f tn I have found - but this might not be the case for you - that a combination of medication, individual counselling/therapy and group therapy has worked a lot better than medication alone. However, I am in Toronto, Ontario Canada and a number of the agencies and/or services they provided no longer exist because of one of our former Premiers. However, when these services did exist, I found them to be extremely helpful.
Avatar m tn As long as you dont smoke it anymore throughout the pregnancy you should be fine... if you live in ontario canada... yeah they test young mothers children... between 16 years -25 years old dont ask me why... but they do... they did it to my friends son and he was clean. But again if you dont smoke it during the duration of your pregnancy youll be fine dont stress and be honest with your doctor.
3166043 tn?1514263618 The mental health system here is PATHETIC. Does anyone have it any better? I'm in Ontario Canada. I'd love your input.
370801 tn?1264408618 It's like I have absolutly no energy at all in my body or mind, even with my AD meds. My AD meds help with the depression, but not much for my cronic exaustion and severe fatuge. So tell me more! This really helpped you get your energy level back? How do I get the B-12 to inject? exactly how do I inject myself and with what type of syrnge? I hate needles, but I hate my cronic sleepiness and exaustion much more, so I am open to trying ANYTHING! More details please!
Avatar m tn Symptoms include exhaustion, feeling cold all the time, depression, major heart issues (flutters, skips, racing, etc), hair dry and falling out, dry skin, and more. I live in Ontario Canada and the range is 0.3-5.00 so my doctor has always claimed that my TSH is normal. My mom has Hashimoto's/Hypothyroidism, my grandfather died of thyroid cancer, and my great aunt had thyroid cancer.
Avatar n tn Getting odd sensations that disapear when focused on another task can happen in some neuropathies (diseases of the nerves) and also in anxiety/depression. In addition, given your epilepsy history it is best that epilepsy is also ruled out as a cause (by getting an EEG[brain wave test] while having the 'buzzing' sensation).
4302823 tn?1352642900 There is a misunderstanding, the rehab center that contacted me in a place that will help you but not keep you in, well i think they do let you stay in there facilities but i am not able to do so, i know its not an excuse but i am not able to stay, too many things i have to take care of, i know i will loose my job if i leave for a long period of time, i just got back to work from my heart surgery and things were upside down here at work, things will go crazy here if i leave again.
Avatar f tn This will not only minimize your withdrawal symptoms, but also aid in minimizing chances of the two drugs interacting in a negative fashion. Most withdrawal symptoms should be minor or nonexistent as long as you are careful, but if you are having trouble getting off the drug, then you should talk to your doctor about ways to get rid of the side effects.
Avatar m tn I have a great family that supports me that I appreciate but I still can't help but feel like i'm in a dark room with no one in sight and the only thing that I can do successfully is pray about it.
Avatar n tn However, have seen that a spinal tap may help to solve the problem as they can test the fluid in your head for infection, disease, pressure etc i will be seeing my doctor tomorrow hopfully with some good results.
Avatar f tn Your depression could be caused by ADHD. So helping that will help your depression. You probably need to keep searching for a psychiatrist that specializes in ADHD. I would be glad to send you links to any specific questions you might have.
Avatar n tn In Canada even if you live in Ontario, the RCMP would be who investigates this. Worse case senerio in my opinion, with with proof that you were seeking help with your addictionmand and better yet got the help, you would have limited consequences for a first time offense. In saying that you would need a lawyer, likely have to tell your family and they could publize if charged and you would have a record.
604185 tn?1233964457 I had a lot of cramps after my last fresh cycle .. I kept thinking it was my af on the way .. it turned out I was pg so not sure if it was uterus pain or pain from the ivf meds ... I know the progesterone cream gave me cramps as well having PCOS wouldn't help either ... I hope it means a + result for you!
Avatar f tn I doubt my doctor will have a clue and I tried googling EDS specialist in Ontario but had no luck. I feel my only hope is to tell him the name of someone because he won't know and doubt he will bother to seek one out.
450439 tn?1249236838 I'm suprised a lab tech would even voice an opinion to you since hospital workers have been essentially gagged regarding expressing any opinion on test results - be they radiology techs, nurses, or lab techs. You got lucky that one risked doing so. I'm currently with progressing symptoms and no diagnosis, no real leads on what is causing them except that I react to UV rays, so in a way I'm envious of you actually being close to diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Mikk76: Compare your symptoms to these: Depression, difficulty concentrating, muscle twitches, internal vibration sensation, can all be symptoms associated with Lyme Disease. Symptoms of pain or tingling may vary from day to day. If you would like to locate a doctor who is very experienced in diagnosing Lyme, you can post a query at ========== Rubble: I answered your post from March 8. http://www.
Avatar n tn hi i am 21 and i have not had a period in about 4 months. i have been irregular since i started having periods. but this time it is the longest i have gone without one. i took like 3 pregnancy test which all came back neg. i dont feel like i am preg. but i have cramps for like a day and nothing happens.
394687 tn?1290924440 Also - yes Burbank is pretty close (30 miles west) I live in San Dimas (by Ontario). I can go either way. My Dr that I am seeing today is in Orange (St Josephs) which is 25 miles south. Any Suggestions from folks in my area would be great!
Avatar f tn I've posted this before but will do so again in hopes someone can help!! This past spring my husband decided to turn our king-size mattress...well he let go of it and it hit me and threw me across the room....I hit my back and head on a night stand....14 stitches in my head. A couple of months later, I was visiting my sister's new home and didn't see the step that separates the living-room from the dining-room and went flying across the room and finally landed chest high on the leather couch..
938326 tn?1300882404 Does anyone know of a good endo, or thyroid doctor in London Ontario that they would reccomend? I am desperate to get treated fairly and be heard.