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9128404 tn?1418274216 I do have a nutritional recommendation handout that I give to our patients after they go through our clinic's detox. However, it is difficult to quit on your own, but with commitment and dedication it is possible. I have dealt with hundreds of addicts who have all told me horror stories of doing it by themselves. I would only guess that if are successful in doing it at home you don't end up in my clinic.
Avatar n tn I have 2 children, 7 and 2, a husband (we all know how demanding they can be, god love him) I work and study and run a business with my hubby, have no family to help out, hubby's help but that is sporadic as they have lives too. Anyway the second Dr has organised pregnancy and hormone blood tests, plus ultrasounds of my pelvis and breasts.
Avatar n tn David: Depression has been lsited for years as a rare side-effect of Accutane. In 18 years of oprescribing it, I have seen one patient with mild depression, reversible after stopping the drug. I understand that a recent TV show highlighted the problem in a teenage suicide, though apparently there were other psychological issues as well. My feeling is that, if acne is severe and resistant to other forms of treatment, then Accutane need not be feared.
Avatar n tn -You may have developed a tolerance -Either one or both of the drugs could be affecting the other -It could be psychological symptoms that present at the same time A community mental health nurse gave me a handout on depression. It had stuff about plateaus, etc. I don't think recovery is all about constant improvements. You have peaks and troughs and plateaus. The doctor is likely to be able to identify what is going on and offer advice.
Avatar n tn It sounds like this might be an alternative for people that do not respond to Rebetron or something that could be used with Reberon to help kill the virus and also help with the bad side affects of the treatment. The handout that was given to the people attending the meeting said that this treatment is used to help with the side affects of Chemotherapy. I am considering trying a few treatments while on Rebetron to see if it helps me with the depression, fatigue and just not feeling good.
505907 tn?1258372940 Eating is a form of self medicating for depression and depression is one half of bipolar so lots of people do it. I reguarly over eat when im feeling at the extreme highs or lows but lucklily my metabolism is so ****** up i cant really retain any fat on my body. Lol something a lot of people would dream of but it does have major downsides to. Bipolar sufferers and sorry again but..
294596 tn?1193453025 I ust to keep an immaculant house. I thought it might be depression but it's not that I don't want to do it, I just can't get going. Then when I do I tire so easily. I never had this problem before as I get immense pleasure from keeping a tidy house and seeing things get accomplished. Thanks for the insight. Kitt and Quix, I did not know that sweating could be a sign. I also didn't know sleep problems were common, otherwise I would have mentioned these on my timeline.
Avatar n tn I think it's alot simpler than that. Read this and see what you think. ATENOLOL ORAL - Patient Handout COMMON BRAND NAME(S): Blocadren, Corgard, Lopressor, Sectral, Tenormin, Visken SIDE EFFECTS: You may experience dizziness, lightheadedness, drowsiness, and blurred vision as your body adjusts to the medication. Use caution engaging in activities requiring alertness. Because beta-blockers reduce blood circulation to the extremities, your hands and feet may be more susceptible to the cold.
Avatar n tn Addiction is called that because a certain part of the issue is not yours to control, it is the drug's.
1512574 tn?1342612085 I was not looking for a handout...just to earn what I got. Back then, a man's word was his bond...with many young kids today a young man's word is to check if the person can be manipulated or taken advantage of...I hope you enjoy this short story...times have surely changed since then... RED MARBLES by Rod Russell During the waning years of the Great Depression in a small southeastern Kansas community, I used to stop by Mr.
585414 tn?1288944902 If you have a psychiatric diagnosis and you go for help the first thing you want is medication. So why are they testing you with physical exams? Or asking you about your personal life? First of all, because of various side effects as well as benefits, they want to know if they are any underlying physical conditions. And to rule out that they are not the cause. So take any test your doctor or psychiatrist orders for you even if they are uncomfortable or difficult. Just like I did.
936133 tn?1244832491 Ten Steps to Overcoming Your Headaches There are some things that everyone can do to help their headaches. There are a number of things you can besides just take medication to help their headaches. If someone follows all of these directions, the need for prescription medication is often dramatically reduced if not eliminated. 1. First and foremost, taking pain medication everyday is definitely not a good idea. Daily pain medication tends to perpetuate headaches.
Avatar n tn Also over the last few days I have been having back hip and leg pain to the point of needing ibuprofen to help me get comfortable enough to sleep. I really thought before I went to the doctor that everything pointed to POP. When he said he did not think he felt it I was shocked. Could it be missed on physical exam and if so will my upcoming ultrasound show it? Please offer some input I am feeling pretty down with this latest flareup.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosied officially for one week. I have been on meds for about two weeks. I'm also taking supplements to help with the symptoms as well. I'm just so frustrated with feeling somewhat ok one day and crappy the next. One I have one symptom and then that goes away and something else pops up. Do any of you feel that frustrated, sometimes a bit hopeless. I'm glad for the diagnosis but struggle day to day. I'm back to the gym and my energy level is getting better.
306455 tn?1288865671 Sorry...had to go eat breakfast (can't live on MedHelp's Thanks for the post. I wasn't saying that Democratic Socialists had anything to do with the Democratic Party. I simply mentioned that I ran a search on this subject ( ...Are democrats socialists?). Why? Because of the cries/protests/etc. in the news that Obana is a socialist and is turning America into a Socialistic state. Shouldn't I do further research to see if this is true? Or should I believe....let's see....
Avatar n tn I'm slim and like to exercise and eat a healthy diet so even gaining 5 pounds would likely make me more depressed. Will Zoloft help my PMDD? I get so irritable and depressed a week or two before my cycle that life is totally unbearable. I'm a vegetarian and usually have a poor appetite from stress so I take a Multiple with Iron, Zinc 50mg, B-complex, B-12 100mcg, Vitamin-E 200iu, Biotin 1200mcg. Are these okay to take while on Zoloft?
655727 tn?1283299648 Franklin Roosevelt and His New Deal Herbert Hoover was president at the beginning of the Great Depression. He tried to institute reforms to help stimulate the economy but they had little to no effect. By 1933, unemployment in the United States was at a staggering 25%. Franklin Roosevelt became president on March 4, 1933 and immediately instituted the first New Deal. This was a comprehensive group of short-term recovery programs.
Avatar n tn I am going to stick with my Docs recommendation and see a new neurosurgeon that can help. Not just give pills, and a handout on a new diet plan. The time off meds was great. I will get there soon again. I am just going to give another neurosurgeon a chance to see if he can come up with a long term plan to help with my degenerating disk. I was just tired of waiting 3-4 weeks to get an appt. Then you spend 15 min. with the doc and he does nothing to remedy the pain.
Avatar n tn Do you believe he or she is there to help you and not hurt you? If so, rely on their help!! Take care and know others suffer from the same condition as you do and there is help.
3060903 tn?1398568723 ~ ~ ~ We cannot change the nature of the addict or addiction. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ We can help to change the old lie ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Once an addict, always an addict,” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ by striving to make recovery more available.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ God, help us to remember this difference.
277836 tn?1359669774 He knows the struggles we are having. Do you think he has offered a loan, Not a handout. Get real. When my son was dying and we were seeking tx. at DUKE but had to have $2000.00 for each treatment, no family help. Strangers hepled, people we had never seen before. Now, you had better believe he brags about the money he got and that he is receiving. I had to leave the room it made me so nauseated, but not before I said, "It's not what you make, but what you do with it.
585134 tn?1218582714 its just that a lot of really stressful things was going on when i made the stupid mistake of using again,theres no excuses for it but i was at a very weak point at that time and methadone left me with no energy and lots of depression even after a year and a half! im miserable as hell,and i hate myself for using again because besides the methadone that the clinic gave me i didnt use at all for 7 years.
4437866 tn?1388123224 Supply Issues Every working mother faces milk supply issues at some point in her breastfeeding career, here are some tried-and-true tips to help get you through the slump. One of the biggest issues that employed breastfeeding mothers who are separated from their babies face is low milk supply. In talking with other active-duty mothers, you may think that a low milk supply is inevitable because it’s such a common issue.
Avatar f tn Johnny - The info I've been getting on fatigue in MS is even more complicated than you describe. Although there is good research on the lack of signal to "motivate", it would be doing a disservice to say it is simply that. The lack of mental starter energy certainly is in play with the traditional MS lassitude. Sorry to say, guy, you'll never make it a Jiffy Lube.
16202199 tn?1446067125 Nothing on her scan made me concerned - we just know that at some point we will have to get thyroid medicines on board. I need to get a pediatric endocrinologist involved now to help us decide the time frame." His office called this morning and sent a referral over to the pediatric endocrinologist. There is only one in our area so telling how long it will be before we get seen. I'm not stressing out like I was yesterday but I'm still very concern.
Avatar m tn I had to be slowly tapered off of it because it gave me HORRIBLE anxiety, depression, pain, and lots of other fun things. So, again, leading up to this surgery we had discontinued therapy and I did little more than sit on the couch. With my Norco I was able to get past the horrible withdrawals from Tramadol and was feeling a little better with less pain. The second surgery went much like the first, more pain after words and even less use of the hip.
518117 tn?1429279873 However, I am a nurse with definate opinions when it comes to lawsuits. 1) There are so many people out there now days looking for a handout for just about anything and unfortunately the lawyers who try to help them. (I will never understand how someone can be awarded so much money for spilling a cup of coffee on themselves - would they have not complained if the coffee they received was not hot?
Avatar n tn if you can prove (though doctors notes and questionarres) that hep c and all the various ancillary problems that hep c causes ie., depression (depression is a big one, backed up by a psychiatrist) and any and all other problems stemming from hep c...or any other disease or disability you might have on top of this, these are the types of things that will get you a settlement, because what youre proving to the lawyer, and to the courts, is that you can't work because of your illness...
Avatar f tn Hi Tybear, sorry to hear about your brother - I hate this IBS handout. I'm amazed you didn't have any symptoms, that had to be a terrible shock. Glad to see you're posting strong for nervous nellies like me.
1458891 tn?1285647838 I am wondering if you were, consciously or unconsciously, trying to seek out help, a spiritual being who could help to ground you, help you find peace, in the midst of a manic episode... I don't want to scare you, but just because your mania has not brought you to the point of the fear/terror experience doesn't mean that it won't happen. I'm just saying - make sure you have a support network, someone you can call, in the event that that happens.