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Avatar m tn that's with a higher power within me HELP I'm scared!!!!! I will not stop meetings they striped me so they should pick me up Or is that just the selfish addict in me Help please somone??? They say at meetings when u really need that call someone suprises you & calls Well Call please!!!!
Avatar n tn How long should i let the headaches go before i get worried,can you get headaches like mine everyday due to anxiety? All help is great and hopefully i get this sorted.....I also had blood work done 2 weeks ago and all showed fine in that.
1008506 tn?1323085564 My husband is 5 years out from a TBI resulting in a Glasgow 3 coma for 30 days. he has recovered all bodily functions and cognitive skills (aside from memory losses, word salad and slow computing time) but suffers from extreme fatigue. He has been tested for everything know to man and no one can find a cause for this. It is so debilitating that he sometimes cannot even get out of bed.
Avatar n tn With these episodes the blood pressure increases, especially the diastolic which has been as high as 122 mm hg., with a systolic of 180. With one of these episodes the Glasgow Coma Scale reached values of 8, then 6 and his O2 Saturation dropped to 86 with respiratory rate also dropping to 10 and less. Is there Brain Stem involvement? I am also wondering about prognosis and treatment as it is 4 yrs post MVA.
Avatar m tn hi in 2001 i had a heart attack and had a second one in 2010 the first heart attack i was given a clot busting injection and came out of the hospital feeling great my second heart attack they fitted a metal stent since leaving hospital i have been totally unwell and very depressed i went back to my gp and he started me on sick tablets for my nausea (i feel nausiated every day ) and pain killers for my headach i am also on antidepressents for my depression my condition was not getting any better
717920 tn?1231610381 My more common fears are that I have breast cancer, lung cancer, i'm having a heart attack, I have a blood clot of some kind, I also suffer from/imagine that I have breast pain, a lump or lumps in my breast, or back, I frequently have an extreamly fast heart beat, to the extent that sometimes I can hear it when I'm walking along sauchiehall street (busy city street in central glasgow) I have trouble breathing, I get that rush you may feel when you have held your breath for a moment but without
Avatar n tn problem, your limited funds (me too) and your not having insurance, plus your asking for help! I am thrilled to help anyone with suggestions, so don't ever think you are bothering me or others on here! I truely believe your answers will come (probably thyroid) because God is on your side!
388154 tn?1306365291 Our bodies seem to need the adequate amount in order to be strong enough to withstand all kinds of diseases, depression, stress, etc... very interesting! It only makes sense that it would also help with this ugly virus. I believe it is important to get one's vit D levels tested. Mine were low before starting tx and I was on good dose of vit d and monitored all the way through tx and still am. My levels are back to normal, but normal doesn't seem to be the optimal.
Avatar f tn Any information on anything that can strengthen her lungs or help her to breath on her own again. Although she is in a coma but we feel that some days she can respond to very simple orders from her father or me. I would truly appreciate any advise that can help us.
Avatar f tn No decisions to make, no one to bother me I know that is probably an unrealistic view of what really happens in the psych ward -- would anyone care to share your experiences if you have ever spent time there? Did you feel better or worse when you got out? It might help me to get a better perspective on things. There was a recent case near my hometown where a woman got out of the hospital after a 2-week stay and a couple of days later, she committed suicide.
Avatar n tn hopefully some one with more tramdol experience will log on to help you.. if there is anything I can do please don't hesitate to ask..
Avatar f tn Over the last 12 years i have had no bother with my thyroid and my anxiety and palpitations have ceased. I am very upbeat and i know i do not have depression. I want to get back to work and I would try anything to help my condition but my gut feeling is my condition is not functional. My neurologists say my lesions are a mystery.
Avatar n tn So maybe through my death I can help someone else. We never know what the future holds for us but we should do our best to figure out what God would have us to do. As I said try not to get depressed, enjoy every moment that you do have and know that you have a better place waiting for you, without all this pain that me have to suffer through. I do get mad at times because I have so much to offer but because of my ilness I am limited to what I can do.
893455 tn?1251621100 I am a bit worried now that if i did get pregnant the steroids could cause me to miscarry? I also will be taking Clexane by injection - which is a blood thinner too and is supposed to help things along but I am a bit worried about this as it's similar to aspirin I think? Has anyone taken Clexane aswell??
Avatar n tn I have been reading your stories on this website for several days. I was interested in finding out more information on been hooked on pain medications. I discovered I am a drug addict. Please don't laugh. This website has been most informative. I have been taking loritabs on and off for years. I started taking them when I was at my mothers house for headaches. She'd give them to me freely. She was on 10's for back pain and the doctor would give her as many as she wanted.
Avatar n tn ~~~~PART 2~~~~ ----------------SLEEPING PROBLEMS------------------- Well for my sleeping issues this is probably the biggest problems anxiety has ever gave me. I have a hard time sleeping at night, I CAN'T sleep without sleeping pills every night.
Avatar f tn bad headache, foggy head, lack of motivation, overall crummy feeling, depression, fatigue. Alcohol definitely doesn’t work with my body during the 2-3 days. One drink will make me feel immediately bad. Unlike past hangovers when I could snap out of it after a few hours by doing a physical activity and drinking plenty of fluids/getting a good meal in, there is nothing I can do yet to snap this feeling. It seems like all types of alcoholic beverages have the same effects.
Avatar n tn There are so many reasons why women become irregular. You do need to make sure they are checking for anemia with having such an extended period and blood loss. Perhaps you should see a doctor instead of a nurse. They should be running blood tests to check the Thyroid, Bleeding disorders etc.. Women go through changes for no apparent reason as they get older.
Avatar m tn I have been taking victoza for weight loss for about a month now and it has definately made me naseated a lot so I can't hardly eat but I still haven't lost any weight. Very frustrating!
902019 tn?1249865014 I'm a cuban young girl of 26 years old, caucasian type that is looking for a team or a good diagnostician online, and as I see you are social workers maybe you can help me. I'm very ill but no one knows what's happening to me. I've seen so many doctors in this week and the matter is becoming worst by the hour. I feel like dying, please gime a way to contact some doctor. I beg you. I'm alone in Kiev and noone is helping me, because they don't know.
162948 tn?1205256292 jan i started bleeding for one day and stoped i need help and someone help me try and figure this out i had iud for 4 years.