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Avatar f tn Most of the people here have an anxiety disorder of some sort. As MMahon, says, "How can we help?" First of all welcome to the forum. We are all here to help each other and learn about anxiety, so don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you like!
Avatar n tn This does sound like depression. I would recommend seeing a counselor. Medication may also help you. We have a depression forum here at Medhelp. The people there are very nice and understanding. They will support and help you any way they can.
Avatar m tn Hello and welcome to the forum, I will echo what mammo said. A little more information would be beneficial in helping you out. It may have just felt goo to tell somebody how you are feeling but if you have been battling the depression for a while let us know and you will find a lot of support on here.
Avatar n tn I have been living with my Mom for 4 yrs with little help she has dementia and copd I am so depressed and have anxiety I finaly have a chance to get out but I cant make myself go I get really anxious when I do go out what is wrong with me
1688492 tn?1346367970 I've had it for 12 years and am still fighting with it. If you ever need to talk, I'll always listen. I also help CL the depression forum so never hesitate to post there as well and we'll be sure to try and help.
Avatar f tn Well, first--- I must tell you that this is a member to member forum here with no doctors. But we can still try to help you. I'm trying to understand what you mean. Your boyfriend has chronic depression? This is not uncommon as some must treat their depression really for a life time where as others have periods of depression and treat it by the episode. He is distant from you and keeping you away from his life? What dos that mean exactly?
8461826 tn?1398709693 We're also always here to listen and help. All of us are here on this forum because we have depression or have a loved one with depression so we do understand.
Avatar f tn You need to be in a hospital setting until you get stabilized. The fact you're writing on this forum suggests you really don't want to die, so go to the hospital, get stabilized, and then with a psychiatrist figure out a plan to learn what you do want and how you might get there. Good luck and get help now.
Avatar f tn Well i guess its obvious to most people when i write down what i feel that I'm depressed and i think its time to get treatment if im honest with myself but i'm in the uk and was wondering if anyone knew of any discreet ways of getting help as i am a very proud person and i find it hard to open up about my problems. Thanks for reading this and if anyone could help id greatly appreciate it.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 28 years old and been the way I have for quite a few years now aswell so please could u try and help and let me know if I need to see my gp I have had a lot of bad relationships to
Avatar n tn I have found that for me deep depression came with the withdrawals and stuck around and sometimes I'm still a little depressed, but not like in the beginning. It does pass, but it's different for everyone. If you're taking benzos to help with the withdrawals, benzos are depressants and so that doesn't help! I found that out and had to make myself taking them like my doctor prescribed. You've received some great advice from the posters above already as well!!!
Avatar m tn Hi and thanks for using the forum. Many, many people suffer from depression and it can be difficult to manage/ treat. However, it IS possible to get your depression under control, it sometimes takes a little time and some "trial and error". Your depression is not being managed, and you need to be seen by a psychiatrist who can speak with you, discuss your symptoms and help you find the right treatment for you. Things will get better for you, you just need the right help.
Avatar f tn I have this problem that I feel like I'm in a depression and can't come out I'm 39 with 4kids before I use to be a outgoing person. Now all I do is just sit around do not care to do anything I have type 2 diabetes doctor tells me if I lose the weight I would feel better. One thing I have notice is that I eat alot especially when I'm upset I eat what I see. I don't sleep well I must take sleeping pills in order for me to go to sleep. Also I'm very moody. Can some one please help me.
Avatar f tn Girl I haven't had a job since July. My bf just got a new job where he works 21 days on and 7 days off so im always here by myself. Im not depressed but I do get lonely and cry cause i miss him. U just have to be positive and u dont have to much longer till ur bundle of joy is here.
Avatar f tn In other people we can seek happiness, this is what I am doing here, helping people provide me with happiness. What you should do is to seek help, try to talk to your parents or friends about your current situation. You need to express your feelings and not keep all this inside of you. You might also try to find a qualified therapist. You might suffer from a chemical imbalances which can be restored by many ways. There is the pharmaceutical approach and there's the natural approach.
Avatar m tn 10 years ago i conducted a successful meningioma operation , one year ago i was diagnosed with depression i was put on antidepressant seroxat 30 mg , remeron 15mg and antipsychotic respiridal 1 mg a day , one month ago respiridal was stopped but iam still feeling tired lacking of concentration and tensed please advise whether same sall alleviate by time This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/203206'>Elevated Liver Enzymes, Swollen Lymph Nodes, Difficulty Swallowing, Pain in N
Avatar n tn If you do not have Chiari, I would recommend finding a forum that would be able to help you answer that question (possibly one that deals with stress/anxiety/depression), there is a huge availability here on MH and I have gone to many different ones here (for different things) and found them hugely helpful. Just type it in the search box up top and it will take you to discussions that relate. Good luck to you!
20801560 tn?1512721736 what is c? lots of people are suffering due to stress, depression and mental problem. But they are hiding that to survive along with people. Need to know that how depression feels like.
Avatar f tn We each choose our own path but you asking this question here tells me you are just crying out for help. If you wish to talk about depression then do so. But not religion. Understand? As an example let me ask the entire forum if anyone here has had relief or a cure from depression through religion. Anyone. I ask this seriously as I want you, Matt, to know the answer. The answer is obvious really isn't it? If religion cured depression there would be NO depression. Right?
777543 tn?1259364117 Hi everyone! I'm Christine--my due date is 3/7/10. I'm new to this forum, but I really need to talk to someone. Does anyone struggle with depression and feelings of wanting to jump out of your skin? I was diagnosed with depression long before I became pregnant and have been ok for a while, but lately I just feel so insecure and down. I hate that I'm gaining weight. I know that it's normal, but before I got pregnant, I lost 120 lbs.
Avatar f tn feels like such a slap in the face every time. o-well. ill get over it. if u want, u can went to me. maybe i can help with something.
Avatar f tn This is our first baby and we've always had such a close relationship until this profound sadness hit me like a ton of bricks! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
1737446 tn?1310662898 it is so hard for me to be a mom of an empty home...what can i do to help me get out of this blackness that is sucking me down..? please help.. i am seeing a Psychiatrist and am on anti depressants but i still feel so lost.also i already have pets..but they are not the same as my flesh and blood kids..has nyoe else ever felt this way? am i going crazy?
2041909 tn?1329939633 Hello dear and welcome to the medhelp forum. Pituitary disease can cause emotional problems like depression, anxiety, behavioral disturbances due to changes in the hypothalamic- pituitary end organ axis. other reasons for these emotional variations could be long term effects of the pituitary tumor, the treatment and the hormonal effects on hypothalamic-pituitary- organ axis. The reason behind this association is possible certain circuits and can cause apathy syndrome.
Avatar f tn // to speak with others who struggle with it. I wish you love and hope as you work through this. You can get through it and find better days on the other side. Hugs.