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Avatar f tn Well i guess its obvious to most people when i write down what i feel that I'm depressed and i think its time to get treatment if im honest with myself but i'm in the uk and was wondering if anyone knew of any discreet ways of getting help as i am a very proud person and i find it hard to open up about my problems. Thanks for reading this and if anyone could help id greatly appreciate it.
271792 tn?1334983257 Please, just post away if you need can email me too..........I will help in anyway and I read all your posts so just because you don't THINK they help anyone hon, they have helped me tremendously!!!
Avatar f tn So, assess that first and then go to work on the depression. You've had some level of depression for a long time. It's time to realize you don't have to live that way. Now, this is not to say that you won't have good and bad days. All humans do and it is normal. So, you'll maybe want to log how things are going each day to take to the doctor with you for examples of how your moods depression are interfering in your life just for clarity.
Avatar f tn I just hope everything soon kicks in, it's been 17 days now , and really do have my moments, thought the prozac would help, but I'm not sure. I am very senative to meds , so this is not what I expected to go thru twice in 1 year. Just one day at a time I guess. Thank you for your concern, it really helps.
Avatar f tn I thought this would just go away, I know now that it won't. I'm finally going to seek medical help. If there is anyone who has or still is suffering from dprssion please let me know your story and what helped you, such as the kinds of anti-deppressants.I can't go on living like this any longer. My family doen't understand this and thinks that it is in my head. I need and will seek help for me, the one person I seem to always neglect.
Avatar m tn It is rare someone gives me all the information I need to enter spreadsheets or forms. The forms are crazy. Emails are crazy. How does one read 30 email exchanges a day? I battle up from the bottom of my email inbox and still end up with 70 emails left over from the past few weeks. At least I am mostly beyond the mistakes the previous jobholder made. She had things in folders in the most random way. I feel like no one in the world could be that disorganized.
711224 tn?1344775287 The depression sets in again and I am scared to death, I just hate being in the black, dark hole.
Avatar f tn For one-I am one of the only ones that can help, and for two-even when I don't check the site I still check my email on my phone. If you send me a message it shows on my email and you will get a much deserved, quick response.
Avatar n tn It may seem that you cannot do anything more to help her, but just being a good listener, without being judgemental, may help her more than you may know. Give the medication for depression a chance to work. Depression only aggrevates other medical conditions. She may realize that once she's feeling better mentally, she will be able to better cope with the other physical problems that she's experiencing. You mention her son. He needs your love and support also.
Avatar m tn ***@**** It will be my pleasure to help with what I know. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn she felt there were messages being sent on the TV or email never went to doctor she has always been stressed with her husbands family (as husband always takes side of his family and may have hit her once or twice)about 1 week ago she was crying almost 2 days and was saying she wanted to break up with husband she has not been happy for last 17 yrs, she was hearing voices,guilty thoughts and delusional .
Avatar n tn Hello. Sure you can have my email address. With Both of our depression situations, I also have many medical problems that my doctors are not helping with. I can understand and appreciate your anger and frustration.
Avatar n tn But if you need someone to talk to just let me know,,, will be glad to exchange email addresses,, Maybe something will help the ones of us that need help,,
Avatar n tn the problem with this is that it didn't really 'affect my life' to the point where I needed help. I don't even KNOW if I was depressed; it could have been hormonal for all I know. anyways I could have BEEN depressed because I changed schools and really didn't like it. but now, I love my new school and things just can't be better.
Avatar m tn Starting late elementary school and middle school, I've lived in a state of depression. In middle-school I got a psychiatrist (an adult psychiatrist). He was very good and after a couple of meetings he prescribed me with medication for what he called a chemical imbalance in my brain that caused depression. The meds worked and I definitely wasn't as sad most of the time. So for seven years I've taken meds. More recently I've started to feel, emotionless and even angry (on the inside).
Avatar f tn I have suffered from depression from an early age when nothing was discussed. In the 80s, self-help books were a big thing as was Psychology Today. Seeing a psychiatrist was not a total negative in a community. So, I have gone on with trying to keep as busy as possible, doing as much as possible and realizing that this is probably as good as it gets!
Avatar f tn In my experience, agitated depression = a mixed state. You also say that you cycle, shopping sprees, etc. Sounds familiar. I diagnosis...label if you don't want one right secondary. What counts in the practical world is the behavior today and the outcome tomorrow. Deal with that with a doctor.
Avatar n tn hi- i,m new to this forum. Can anybody tell me why the depression i feel whilst detoxing from tramadol is so severe when i am prescribed and take regular paxil for depression.
Avatar m tn Lack of concentration, motivation, fatigue, and listlessness all point to depression. Depression is not just feeling 'blue'. Those are all classic symptoms. The LAST thing you need if you are depressed is interferon and ribavirin. PK "in mental distress, probably pre-menopausal, paralyzed by fear" Wow. You picked up all of that in the post ? You are GOOD.
Avatar n tn sorry, I don't know his email, but you might post a remark there, although unlikely he is checking after that long an interval.
215385 tn?1201806501 My reason for writing to you today is to firstly thank you for your help and attention in relation to my case. I understand you are a busy man but wanted to personally thank you for the quick response and time taken in dealing with my referral.
Avatar m tn Reference to my earlier email in regards to my sister. What do you think - is SPA kind of treatment like Jaccuzi, massage, Sauna etc.. probably help de-stress/De-tox. Appreciate a Dr. feedback as well.
Avatar n tn My email is ***@**** and my cell is 786-277-7414.
Avatar n tn I wish I could take it now for the depression but it does not work for me. It may help you though just remember it won't make you feel better immediatly give it a few weeks and you will probably notice a difference, just don't give up! Man do I have a bad head ache actually for the last couple of days and I can't take anything for it that stinks!
Avatar f tn Hi Sweetheart, I've been suicidal before. I've called suicide hotlines at 2am and had them talk me down off the ledge. I understand. I'm sorry that you don't feel comfortable asking your family for help. Is there a reason for that? Do they want you to be perfect or is there issues under the family dynamic (booze or drugs or mental illness) that are preventing you from talking freely about how you feel? For me, I didn't want to die, I wanted relief from PAIN.
Avatar f tn , which would take you into the very well documented science about T3 and seratonin and depression. It is not possible to help someone who doesn't listen. I hope raising your T4 will help you, but if you're not converting properly, I have my doubts.
Avatar f tn So please come back and we can see just how I can help you anymore, you can do it as an email if you want, through med help.