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Avatar f tn She uses O2 nightly and PRN, and a myriad of medications. She has ALL the CHF symptoms, +++++, and severe depression, apathy. The fatigue and weakness (she can't even walk because we believe she didn't get proper PT), has really taken a toll on her attidute, etc.. My husband and I (57 & 59) have taken care of her and her husband (before he died 6 yrs. ago) for over 15 years. We are exhausted and have our own chronic health problems, and we can't lift/move her anymore.
Avatar n tn I watched a John Denver special on PBS and wanted to cry. Is depression normal after a prescription of of Percocet meds? I do NOT like feeling this way?
Avatar n tn bup can help you get off! methadone can help get you off! going cold turkey can get you off! Thomas's recipe can help get you off! hell, even darvon can help get you off! time clean is the most valuable thing you can get right now. **** the've had a little bit of fun with the oxy's, or what ever! now it's time to pay up! the cardinal rule of being a junky is everything that goes up has to come down sooner or later. now some of us go a week...some of us go a month...
Avatar f tn And a reason for my concern stems from her food allergies and severe eczema. We went to National Jewish Hospital in Denver, to get control over her skin and to find out what was causing the out breaks, and during our week long outpatient stay.. we consulted with alot of doctors, and we were told that she could have depression issues due to her skin and kids making fun of her.
Avatar n tn have you had your iron checked? what about your thyroid? could you be allergic to additives /. or a particular food? have you been to an allergist?
Avatar n tn (5) I have had to travel from Florida (where we live) to Denver to settle my father's estate. . .while there my blood pressure ran 149/94, Pulse 98, sugars around 200. Normal here is 110/65, Pulse 74, and sugars in the 80-110 range. What causes the rise and is it dangerous for me to be up there ? (6) Does Coreg cause the feeling of not being able to keep up with exercise? Like something is working against me, pulling back. . can't reach the heart max.?
Avatar n tn Yo bro im actually having similar things happening to me 4 weeks ago my heart started pounding faster and faster i was taken to the emergency room they took chest x-rays my blood put me on that machine to check how my heart was urin tests said i was fine but im still efeling wierd pains around my chest and near my left sholder above my left nipple but since i got more symptoms like my stomach was producing alot more acid then normal then my throat starting feeling wierd and i started having trou
Avatar n tn the better. I would consider adding a Naturopath physician to your list to help you recover from this illness.
Avatar n tn No offense, but it sounds to me like all the adults are letting a 9 year old girl have all the control. I'm trying to imagine a 9 y/o girl beating me till I'm bruised (and I'm fairly small stature--5'5", 123 lbs). The average 9 y/o girl is about 5' and approximately 100 lbs. Is your neice above average?
Avatar f tn I have always had problems with depression as a child and was anorexic for sometime as an adolescent until I discovered bulimia. I have kept a diary and noticed that during the day i am fine even if I am stressed but during the evening I feel overwhelmed sad and anxious and feel the urge to either drink or binge and purge. I choose to drink to not binge and purge.. which is bad. I remember that as a child I always became sad towards the evening... and would eat a lot.
1742220 tn?1331360327 but she is one of my few friends right now. idk. she came over when I was detox sick and she was going to help me. I told her before she came over what I needed. and she came over and she was so awful to me. and I feel so angry about it. now I don't even want to talk to her. but she calls me and ... idk I think I am going to get dressed, clean the bathroom, clean up the apartment. maybe later I will go hiking or go to a meeting or both I want to write fiction I am lonely.
Avatar n tn This manifests itself as some kind of nocturnal asthma in the evening, and CPAP is ill-equipped to help because the apnea is caused by an allergic reaction and not muscle relaxation. Has anyone ever heard of allergy-induced apnea? I get no deep sleep at all. Benadryl helped for a short time, but no longer. Prednisone helped only briefly. I have tried several inhalers to no benefit. Please advise if possible. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Private message me if you want some help, as this is so important. And yes, you could very likely have rejects in Denver. There are none really working in New York or New Jersey which just floors me given that population density.
Avatar n tn The treatment alone is like $20,000. You CAN get help from the drug companies to help you cover them. I know that people in here have the information...if you contact them a lot of other people who did not have insurance got them that way. Also...can you try to get in to some sort of goverment trial or something? If this tx does not work for me (I am on 18/48 Geno1A and also 1B - not so hot) I have spoken to my doc about doing one of the trials they have going.
Avatar f tn I am so sorry, but I am at the point of depression about all of this to where I just don't care anymore. I will not say the words, but I am seriously depressed, seriously. Thank you for all your help everyone, it is appreciated, but I see no end to this.
Avatar m tn Background, about a year ago, my father-in-law who is 62 years old, suffered from severe panic attacks and depression that landed him in the phych ward twice. He would hyperventilate and tremble to the point that he could not function for hours at a time. Although he could stop the symptoms when his mind was not on the thing that we agreed was causing the panic attacks.
973882 tn?1258684904 Been there done that. Elaina is always nice when she calls back but when you need help you need help. Hey, not sure if helps or not but just know that your on my mind. The Dr did mention to us something about a conference in Denver this month don't recall if 'he' was presenting or what the details where but he said research a 'balao valve [sp?]'.
Avatar f tn I did see the new Endocrinologist yesterday in Denver but didn't find her to be of much help. She did order an ACTH Stimulation test for this morning so I drove up to Denver again today. No matter what the test results are I wouldn't see her again for 2 months. That honestly just doesn't make sense to me. But what do I know, I'm just the patient. LOL I also have an appointment with my primary doctor Monday afternoon. I will get lab results that day and see where he wants to go with all this.
Avatar n tn I would GREATLY appreciate any suggestions and advice you have of effective strategies folks have used to sleep comfortably with oxygen as it is my biggest challenge in using the oxygen I'm prescribed in Denver. The provider I use in Denver is Lincare via their Englewood branch.
Avatar f tn we had gotten so frustrated b4 he left, that he started to put the whole thing in there. i dont know what to do. please help me/us. please any advice that you have please let me know. sincerlly, frustrated in denver, co.
1989179 tn?1332444658 I would have given anything to have help. My only advice is to accept your human (not superwoman!) and take help when it is offered. If you dont decide to live with relatives, possibly try sleeping over once a week do they can help u get a good nights sleep.
Avatar n tn I need help in this area. Step by step, like everything else. I think the depression may be fear and unfilled hope. Now that I'm feeling more stable, I'm ready to get on with life and generate the next stage. Something I noticed too is that I have an extremely active imagination that links up with my emotions. I sometimes have these weird feeling tones come over me.
1742220 tn?1331360327 it just aint fair anywho um i was thinkin the depression follow you, to another city to everywhere cuz like, depression not outside of you its inside you. so my house dont have the depression in it right? its in me. i think. so i has to change that myself. like fight it keep fighting it fight it more make the writing a bigger part.
Avatar f tn Greg Everson, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, CO this is what I came up with when I searched the internet Your Doctor I would suppose if you requested it, can order it and they will draw your blood at your local Lab and they will send it to the labtthere in Denver or you can contact the University of Colorado Health and Sciences Center in Denver. the page I went to said the State of Colorado uses this test and (is the only state) that has it?
356518 tn?1322267242 The real symptoms of Parkinson's are anxiety, depression, sweating, erectile dysfunction and bladder problems. “I refer to them as invisible symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Those are the worst symptoms for patients, and they're often overlooked by family members and physicians because you can't see them,” Melissa Nirenberg, M.D., Ph.D., from New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell College, said.
1742220 tn?1331360327 I know it sounds dumb this morning depression is so awful its hard to fight I know I have to fight it I got dressed, I am still sitting on the couch watching tv listlessly there is nothing to do I don't want to do nothing I cant get out of this today everyone is gone.
Avatar m tn Hi, 1st post, here we go. After Years of begging my provider to get looked at for chronic infections and dealing with year long colds (tricare is a horrible, horrible orginization) I finally got a poke test and tested positive for 6 different kinds of weeds, juniper, and cats. I have pretty harsh allergy symptoms all year. -Cracking and poping in ears every time I swallow. Mostly the left one pops and the right one seems so inflamed it only does sometimes.
Avatar m tn I just want to start, and have started, dealing with things like anxiety and depression in a healthier way than just medicating them away (if that makes sense). But, if there is a real medical condition with my thyroid that is increasing the sweats and heart racing and body aches, even by a bit (because those symptoms are really, really getting rough), I'd like to address them. The tough part is finding someone to address them with:). And so I got on this site. It's part of my education.
Avatar f tn I took antibiotics,,, but they did not help. I am seeing an allergist in a few weeks. I started taking Zyrtec a few weeks ago. I take multivitamins daily, and flax oil supplements. I have tried green tea, grape seed extract, zinc and echinacea. I do mild exercise regularly and eat fairly well. My doctor’s office said it's because my asthma and allergies are not controlled properly.