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212753 tn?1275076711 Calgary, i have just started to post on this site today, for the first time. I read your posting & it sent a chill up my spine. Why? I am in Calgary, born in 67 & have currently received an over -medication of Effexor. I ALSO have a mother with dementia, living in a Nursing home. These coincidences are crazy! A walk-in clinic Dr. took me off my Paxil (after about 10 yrs.), saying that she felt it wasn't working anymore. (I visited the clinic about 5 weeks ago, with severe depression.
Avatar n tn It was not known until some people started coming out to say they were having odd times of depression. there are different kinds of depression that should be treated differently so my best advice is to ask your doctor or look into seeing if there is a sadd clinic in your area.
382218 tn?1341185087 The study examined patients taking one of the three interferons or Copaxone, and found no significant differences in rates of treatment for depression. In fact, the % of pts being treated for depression were marginally higher (but insignificant) for those taking Copaxone (41.1%) compared to those taking Avonex (39%) or Rebif, high dose (39.4%). Those on Betaseron had the highest rate of treatment for depression, but the difference was nominal (43.1%).
Avatar n tn Do you (or anyone else reading this) use exercise to help with the depression? Again, that's great news Mary Ann. Also, Creston, if you're out there, how are you doing?
Avatar f tn hp_id=171 That page is one that I need to get in and update, but the only info on there that I know for sure is outdated off the top of my head is that SSRI/SNRI medications have fallen out of favor after some clinical trials showing they help with depression from dysautonomia but not with the autonomic dysfunction itself. However, opinions on this are still mixed within the medical community, so I'm not going to remove them at this point.
Avatar m tn this is going to be pretty long but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish reading it and anyone who can help i will be SO appreciative... so im 21 male and ever since 8th grade i was diagnosed with ADHD and depression. my doctor at that time put me on zoloft/concerta/stratera and another medicine that was supposed to help. i took the medicine for about 2-3 years and then one day realized that i didnt need/want to take them anymore because i felt i was "normal.
1442059 tn?1340244552 Can someone please help me I have a friend who has seems to have lost all sense of time. She says hours feel like minutes.Recently she started taking martazapine for her stomach problems but even before that it seemed as though she was loosing her sense of time. Can anyone anyone please help. She is in a great deal of anxiety over this. If this is not the right forum to ask maybe someone can let me know where the appropriate forum is.
Avatar n tn after trying stjohns wart and other alternative meds to try to help with the depression and anixiety.i went back to prozac and changing my moods to more positive outlook and more drive the experiences that i have had on the prozac forced me to stop skin.but also became aggresive and extremly sensitive hearing and feeling like im in a dream state with confusion.thyroid and physical organs have been checked thru blook test.
Avatar n tn gaining weight only makes depression worse - even if that isn't the core of the depression, people don't wan't to have one more thing to worry about like their weight and personal self esteem. anyone that has stopped Effexor Cold Turkey, please respond. i need all of the info i can get!
1255936 tn?1296627061 I was able to stop for a few months about a yr ago and I am now trying to stop again. I am in Calgary, Alberta Canada and hate that Canada has it OTC. I take it for chronic headaches and nasty shoulder and neck tension. But I think there is a serious rebound effect from the tylenol & codeine that causes you to have headaches once you have not taken the 222's for 10-24hrs or so.
Avatar f tn The get some help, if you have a diagnosis then you are being medicated and have a doctor. Anger is a common bipolar symptom and can be treated. We all get that way, for me its mornings. There are ways to deal with it.
1497552 tn?1288972957 I have a friend of my moms who has been diagnosed with a few autoimmune disorders and could not get answers in canada so she went to the states, so she will be setting up a fundraiser to help pay for me to go into the states and get help if i need too.
Avatar f tn If he doesn't get help these illness can get worse in time. The treatment for depression is talk therapy and anti-depressants. This will be difficult to do because you have no insurance. He needs to see a psychiatrist as they are qualified to diagnosis whatever mental illness he has and then prescribe the correct medicine(s) to help him manage his illness. If he is found to have depression, and he finds a medicine that works for him his energy will return. So it is a catch-22.
Avatar n tn It is so hot here in Calgary today so I am taking it easy anyway but being that it is Friday the 13th I have decided not to drive the car. I do have a superstition about the 13th. I will keep you posted. My head feels a bit strange but no buzzing. Has anyone else come off Effexor??? I was certainly over medicated. WOW. Have to find another doctor but that is almost impossible in this city.
Avatar m tn When it becomes almost an obsession and is impacting your overall well being, that's when it's time to seek help. I didn't seek help until after my son was born, and will always regret the fact that I didn't get to enjoy my pregnancy the way I should have...I was always convinced something was wrong. Lot's of us go through this, and the good news is there is help available. Your not alone, and there is no shame!
951477 tn?1293072287 He doesn't help out in any house work other than doing the dishes every night. Never changes the baby, never feeds him, never rocks him to sleep, never bathes him..I do every thing while working full time. On his off days (we don't work the same hours) he watches TV, naps on the couch all day while my mom watches our son.
228936 tn?1249097848 I recently got off Effexor after many years and now have some stability and would like to offer some thoughts. I was originally put on zoloft because of depression resulting from years of narcotic addiction. This helped me achive my first real taste of being clean. Since then, my mother was dying and the pain of loosing her was so scary I went on Effexor as I had suicidal idiations. I believe this again helped me but now feel it has outlived it's usefulness.
Avatar n tn For those that are trying to get off T1's and get headaches....take liquid Advil Caps. It does help a bit. I have depression also and take 300mg Effexor daily. Ironically the withdrawal from Effexor is WAY worse then T1's. I think those that have depression are susceptible to abuse of other drugs if they have access...well I am anyway. The doc wanted to give me benzo's for anxiety and I had to say hell no! For fear of addiction....maybe I have watched too much Intervention shows Lol!!!
572651 tn?1531002957 It promises to be hotter'n'ell, so, maybe on the flat sections of river I'll just have the oars rigs drag me through the water (I wear my PFD at all times) to keep cool, LOL! Rapids are always a blast because you can't help being splashed and cooled! My Rebif has been very easy to travel with, and inject correctly. Minimal side effects, so far, and I'm up to 22 mcg this week. Have a good week!
Avatar f tn We can not get anyone to listen to us except his psychiatrist and ped and they can not help. The ONLY criteria for decompression is the presence of a syrinx. Our next MRI is scheduled for this coming Thursday. Ayrek just got out of the psych ward after trying to choke me in one of his uncontrollable rages.
782045 tn?1238196925 • Inability to perform up to ones personal and public expectations • Anxiety • Depression • Frustration • Anger • Fear of the unknown Thus, it is apparent how coping with a chronically painful condition such as MPD can place someone under tremendous amount of emotional stress. Mind and body is a complex interconnected highway, so that even though the problem may stem from a structural imbalance in the jaw, the resulting discomfort will affect the mind as well.
Avatar f tn A lot of people in Britain dont actually know what it is they mostly think its the same as Unipolar depression =/ Just remember that if he really cares about you hearing that your bipolar should not matter to him.
Avatar dr m tn Add to this the fact that Alzheimer’s patients also have a higher incidence of depression and heart disease. And lastly, there’s a general consensus amongst Alzheimer’s researchers that this condition is a small vessel disease. Autopsy studies have revealed neurofibrilary tangles (NFTs) and senile plaques (SPs) in Alzheimer’s patients, but no one has figured out why or how these events occur. NFTs and SPs are also seen in other non-Alzheimer’s conditions as well.
Avatar f tn Lorazapam? The doc. gave it to me for sleep and anxiety. Will it help? Is it addicting? And will the soboxone let it work?
Avatar n tn I have about 5 whole ones left. I gave them to my husband and he's going to help me taper down. I'll do 1/2 for 2 nights and 1/3 for 3. What do you think. He thinks thats why I'm still having such bad anxiety. If its not I'm screwed because no one will give me any benzo's anymore. By the way I AM on buspar. 1 whole in a.m. and 1/2 at night.
Avatar f tn I really need help, please can't someone help me? There i was, begging and pleading for help, and i got turned down so many times. God, this ****** me off, i am not one to ask for help and to do this, it was hard on me, and still ended up with nothing. The earliest i could have gotten in was a month from the day i called. I said, this is bullsh**, i will be clean by then.
377493 tn?1356505749 The irony is she had her daughter a month before I had my son and she suffered through post partum depression and could not get much help either. At any rate, I just wish some one would have told me that it is normal for a baby to be at your breast for that many times during the day until the milk comes in. I thought it was not normal and there was just something wrong with me. How could have I been so wrong! Well, things will be so different next time around..............
586140 tn?1219082562 In addition, infection with Borrelia often results in a low grade encephalopathy (infection of the brain) that can cause depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, numbness, tingling, burning, weakness, or twitching. It can also be associated with neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease).
Avatar f tn Lately my husband exhibits strange symptoms of paranoia and extreme fatigue. Our family doctor prescribed exercise but that didn't help. To make a long story short. After two weeks of pleading with the doctor, he finally sent my husband for some thyroid tests. I didn't get to go with him but vaguely remember seeing names like total T3/T4 and glucose fasting test etc.
Avatar n tn I know I should use the tough love approach, but when he calls and is crying and begging for help, (Not help to get clean, help for money) it's just so hard to walk away. This past year has been such a roller coaster. He has lost his family, they will have nothing to do with him. He did them so wrong I can't blame them. He can't hold a job, lost his car. So he has turned to crime to support his habit. I will not aide and abet him.