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Avatar m tn I would suggest going to the doctors for a full physical examination to rule out causes such as thyroid problems etc. If they come back clear, then your next step would be counselling. Talking about what you are feeling may help. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn Boarder line depression really don't know much about it an what I could do to get fixed up for my new baby
Avatar m tn I personally recovered from an underactive thyroid with no medication or intervention with my thyroid by treating my low level depression or dysthymia. (most who have thyroid issues seem to have a more low level depression which is called dysthymia for those who aren't familiar with that term). Because of my professional background and understanding the association, I went the route of knocking out the dysthymia with medication that I took for about 6 months. Thyroid righted itself.
Avatar n tn I had been VERY hyper earlier this year and spoke to a psychiatric triage nurse who told me depression, anxiety, etc is VERY common in thyroid patients. Often the medication takes a long time to kick in and that is what causes the time delay in having the depression. So not sure why you are asking. Do you have problems and now need to see a specialist? Or do you think you need to see one? What are your levels of TSH etc, do you know?
Avatar f tn hypothyroidsm overmedication (upper abdominal pain sometimes during walking, polyuria, dehydration) hypercalcemia (primary hyperparathyroidism diagnosed, hypercalcemia, high PTH, polyuria) partial central diabetes insipidus (could not be excluded, polyuria, dehydration, nocturia) muscular dystonia (diagnosed) coronary artery disease (suspection, ST segment depression in ECG during recovery) chronic disease anemia (have microcytosis, high erythrocyte count) hemoglobinopathy (a heamotolgist sugge
Avatar n tn Kaplan and Sadock's Synopsis of Psychiatry (8th edition), published by Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.
2033435 tn?1329947108 It's kind of impossible to differentiate. Once you know that you are hypo, I would assume the depression is thyroid related until thyroid hormones were optimized. It's such a common symptom of hypo. If it doesn't go away, you can look elsewhere later. I'm sure there also is a psychological element to it. We're human...our minds prey on us.
Avatar m tn Also, do they say they are FREE T3 and FREE T4? Hypothyroidism can have many causes. Iodine deficiency and the autoimmune disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, are two of the primary ones with Hashi's by far the most prevalent. Symptoms include fatigue and/or drowsiness, weight gain, depression, constipation, hair loss, joint pain, etc. You can google for a complete list. Of course, not everyone has all the symptoms.
Avatar f tn I returned as it didn't go away and the GP this time examined my neck and told me there was no sign of any infection. Two weks ago I noticed that my thyroid was swollen. I have this constant feeling of tightness around the area, a bit like wearing a collar that is a tight fit. The lump that I have had for a while now feels more like a golf ball stuck in my throat although it is only about the size of 3 fingertips long and two wide.
Avatar n tn New AACE guidelines for TSH is 0.3-3.0. Your results are high. Did your physican also check your free t-3 & free t-4? They will reveal where your blood thyroid levels are. I have many of your symptoms. I am suffering from thyroid disease & B-12 defiency which causes most of my numbness. If your B-12 level hasn't been checked you may benefit getting that checked too.
Avatar f tn Your Free T3 and Free T4 do look good, although if you have nodules on your thyroid, the nodules can produce thyroid hormone in addition to the thyroid itself, this would cause you to be on the Hyper side. this could be why your TSH is supressed. If your MD is not addressing this issue, I would try another MD or an Endocrinologist that is good with thyroid and not just Diabetes.
5386835 tn?1368544415 I am in medication of depression i have TSH 29.6 and T4 0.8 what type of sympots should i supposed to be in and how many time it will take symptoms to disappear after medicine thyroxin?
Avatar n tn then in , nov 2011, t4 14.6 , tsh 3.
200220 tn?1361955154 Most of that was due to my TSH being so far off and going up and down and my hormones being out of whack. It causes depression. The fact that I was unable to work and the doctors were not making me better just made it worse. I still have bouts of depression, but they are not as severe now, and I can often "talk myself" out of a bad spell. The people here help a lot, because they understand what it is like and it is difficult for me to talk to my friends in town about it.
Avatar f tn Today I have a fever, pain when I swallow, swelling near thyroid area of the left side. Any possiblities of thyroid problem due to the cold or weather allergy? What do you suspect? Thanks.
1947744 tn?1324332020 In this disease, your body develops antibodies which attack your thyroid gland. As the antibodies continually attack your thyroid, you will lose thyroid function over time, in which would cause you to need an increase in meds. It would be most helpful to see your most recent lab results. That is quite a jump in dosage for your Dr. to throw you on without doing it gradually.
Avatar n tn To give my input into the inital question, I haven't had the experience of thyroid cancer but being hypot. I have fatigue, depression, anxiety and all the rest that comes with it...Im not on anti depressants and don't think I will.... But I can relate to feeling at a loss and not knowing what to do..... There are so many people on here who helps me and I know they will help you... Give this site a chance i promise it will make you feel better!
955560 tn?1250198145 He/she might first want to rule out physiological causes of the anxiety / panic (like a thyroid issue or vitamin / mineral deficiency). You can then discuss what treatment options would be best for you. These might include exercise, talk therapy, relaxation techniques, medication or a combination of these. All the best..
Avatar n tn A number of things can cause this, besides it being a form of depression. For example, thyroid function is sometimes implicated, not that I'm saying it is likely. I would agree that it is a good idea to rule out other possible causes before muddying the waters by taking antidepressants. If you are otherwise fit and physically healthy, then perhaps antidepressants or a mood stabilising agent are at least worth considering.
Avatar n tn Incidentally, many people with thyroid disease or imbalance are misdiagnosed for years with depression, anxiety and other mental illness labels. Thyroid imbalance causes many psychological symptoms. It is very important for anyone suffering from depression and anxiety to have a full thyroid workup by a knowledgeable doctor. Most doctors will only test TSH; this is NOT enough.
Avatar n tn I am EXTREMELY careful because Lortab CAUSES depression with me! (I am bipolar 1 rapid cycler) I am with Venora Moonwind... maybe there is another cause for your depression all these years! GOOD LUCK!
Avatar n tn and, besides panic attacks, what is fear? like what causes fear (if it's not panic attacks)? and what causes panic attacks- medical conditions I mean? I thought it might be thyroid condition but I'm not sure. or rapid heart beat, I forgot the name. and lastly, do you think this is serious? OKAY, I've never had mental/emotional problems or even physical problems so I'm pretty healthy. I have great parents and do very well in school and have supportive friends and all that.
952717 tn?1264686496 When my doctor told me I had Myxoedema (Hypothyroidism) She just said youve had your fair share of stress. I have has stress and depression for some years. No one in my family has this condition, on visiting a different doctor as there are many in my surgery I asked if stress can cause this condition, she said no it just one of those things. Could you tell me if it may be due to stress or indeed is just one of those things? Thank you. Kind regards.
Avatar m tn I use to take levsin for the IBS pain and also have the full panel of thyroid blood tests done. Awonky thyroid will make you experiance alot of physical symptoms. Good luck and I will look for your post after the doc appointment ok.or post before if you want to talk somemore.
Avatar f tn I truly think it is depression and know that depression really hurts. I should be relieved all tests and surgery are over. And I know I am very blessed not to have any serious diagnosis and no cancer. So now I don't know what to do or where to turn especially if my doctor ignores me. I explained to her I feel run down and tired and she just shrugged her shoulders. Please if anyone gets these feelings come over them I would appreciate any advice. How do I come out of this slump I'm in.
Avatar n tn If the hypertension is secondary there may be a treatable cause. Most of these causes are relatively rare (i.e. renal artery stenosis, pheochromocytoma). If no secondary cause is found then the high blood pressure is said to be primary. The vast majority of cases of HTN are primary. The main cause of primary HTN is genetic. There are a number of drugs that can be used for treating HTN.
4753943 tn?1359938169 l-mythlfolate, glutamate and your Thyroid. These can affect depression. Taking fish oil helps too. I hope you are tapering very, very, very slowly off of the Effoxer. This way it lessons your withdraw. My best to you, hang in there.
Avatar f tn A few years ago I read about one of them, and the estimate they use is that 10% of their cases are physiologically based. Most common causes listed were thyroid, blood sugar, other hormonal imbalances, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, chronic yeast overgrowth, and certain hard to find infections. Of course, most of these have a collection of symptoms, not just anxiety, but you're not off-base in eliminating these as possibilities.