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Avatar f tn Not necessarily the negative things, which we all tend to put off, but just the daily tasks of life. I had never thought of lack of motivation as a manifestation of MS, but maybe it is. For myself, my motivation is the pitts, and has been getting worse very slowly over the past couple of years. I had tied that to fatigue, and that does make sense, as it's much easier to lack motivation if you also lack energy, which I sure do.
1610967 tn?1314814701 B12 and iron deficiencies would be the two most common causes for lack of motivation and energy, but there are others. All you'd have to do to confirm that would be to go to the doctor and have a blood test.
Avatar f tn Severe, untreatable depression Suicidal Lack of motivation Lack of energy Poor memory Lowered level of intelligence Life with no future Feelings of worthlessness I do not feel sorry for myself at all I am angry about this whole situation and just want it to end. Other than my grown son, I feel no other reason to be around. I don't even like re-reading this, I sound pathetic and I don't like that. I want to feel upbeat again, at least sometimes.
679393 tn?1226544772 When it comes to chronic pain, at least a third of patients have no identifiable cause, and a significant number receive diagnoses (such as fibro) that are best treated as a probability-based diagnosis rather than a definitive diagnosis. Finally in a number of cases there are several separate causes of the chronic pain condition, all of which need treatment in order to significantly reduce the pain.
Avatar m tn The emotional abuse and blatant disregard by the majority of general practitioners and endocrinologists over the suffering experienced by untreated/incorrectly treated thyroid patients and their lack of compassion over the fate of these patients. 3. Stubbornness of general practitioners and endocrinologists to treat patients suffering from hypothyroidism with a level of medication that returns the patient to optimum health.
2190999 tn?1504992491 I actually made an appointment with my psy doc to talk. I'm fresh out of reasons I don't take care of things, and clean out of motivation to fix this myself. Hoping another med isn't the answer. Can't wait to hear what this doc says. He's not impressive, I really to need to find another... but that is just one more thing to deal with :).
Avatar f tn I have been on 100mg of Topamax since the end of April. I immediately experienced the loss of appetite. I seaked the advice of a naturopath to use it to my advantage because I had about 80 pounds to lose. I see him every Friday and since then, I have lost 43 pounds...:-) It has not been difficult. It seems like he weight is coming off on its own now. I don't crave anything. I'm hoping to reach my goal by January.
Avatar m tn I read through your post and feel that you could be suffering from a combination of medical problems and lack of motivation in life. Dry hair, dry scalp, constipation, feeling depressed etc can be signs of low thyroid function. Low testosterone is another possibility. Other causes could be anemia and diabetes. Apart from this adolescents of your age need a drive or motivation in life. You must hae a goal (professional, personal, social etc) and work towards it.
Avatar f tn I was studying abroad for a master's degree when the flare up set in and decided to fly home to my parents to get proper health care and support. Eventually I had to pull myself out of my program due to lack of health improvement, so here I am, June 19th living at home and still not feeling myself. My symptoms have improved but I have little motivation and always feel weak and fatigued. I am not myself and do not know if I am fatigued from my disease or do I have depression?
2033435 tn?1329947108 I try to check in with myself if I am depressed and some days yes. Some days just not focused enough to do a job search. Most days I have a lack of motivation. I beat myself up for being a lazy slug but I really deep down don't think I am. I don't know if my doctor is thru Mary Shoman but after reviewing her strategy, it is the same methods. I just started a few weeks ago and he diagnosed me with Hashimoto's after the first round of testing.
Avatar f tn I think that post tx depression, lethargy, brain fog, and lack of motivation seem to be the biggest complaints. Mine have lasted over three years beyond finishing tx, and I am SVR. I truly believe that the interferon changes the brain chemistry, and possibly also the nerve circuits and pathways, thus causing a wide array of post-tx complaints long after the drugs have cleared from our systems.
Avatar n tn I wonder how many people finish a long tx and DO NOT experience this funk, post-tx depression, black hole, lack of motivation, and whatever else you might call it? From what I have been reading on the forum over the past few years, this strangely timed depression seems fairly common, and seems to hit sometime after a month or so beyong the ending of tx. I really have to believe that it is an interferon induced issue.
Avatar n tn What you describe sounds more like depression than anxiety, but you can have both. But your numbness, lack of feelings, lack of motivation and irritability all point to depression. Depression can cause anxiety. I would see a professional for a diagnosis as to exactly what is going on, and go from there. Therapy is very effective, because there is always a root cause for our depression and/or anxiety.
572651 tn?1531002957 It's a tricyclic antidepressants which happens to be useful for this kind of pain. I have no history of depression or anxiety and have noticed no effect of this med on my mood.
Avatar n tn And right now as I type this....I'm thinking of a way to get hold of another prescription. The depression that goes with this is horrible. The physical pain is much easier to handle. There is nothing worse than waking up at 4:00 am and knowing I have no pills to take to get my day going. And there is no better feeling than waking up at 4:00 am with a supply of pills and knowing I can pop about 4 and get going and have a normal day. Ha! I guess I don't even know what normal is anymore.
1372757 tn?1305920171 Fever, body aches, muscle aches, headache, brain fog, loss of apatite, hungry, fatigue and or tired, insomnia, lack of motivation, itching, wanting to isolate, easily irritated, eyes dry and or burn. Please add others if you can think of them. My side effects include fatigue and tired, use to be insomnia. Lack of motivation, I am ok once I get started; it’s just hard to get started. HUNGRY. Itching usually starts about 3 hours after I take Ribo.
Avatar n tn So much of what you describe sounds like depression or a chemical imbalance -- the fatigue and lack of motivation. Also the flare-ups of anger and discontent and then times of feeling good seem consistent with depression. Having been to the deepest depths of depression I empathize with you if this is in fact what the cause of your troubles are. Do you have a doctor who is familiar with depression that might be able to rule this out? I am sending good thoughts and energy your way.
Avatar n tn During a withdrawal and recovery period from opiates most people report high levels of anxiety and bouts of depression and lethargy, a malaise of sorts that comes and goes over a period of months after quitting. The energy you report having is a bit puzzling to me. You have the right idea though! Exercise can really help expedite the recovery process and elevate your mood. I am on day 139 of quitting subutex (which I took for almost a year to get off of vicodin and lortabs.
Avatar m tn Whether the pain is because of depression. Whether he require to take any particular medicine for the purpose of reducing pain and to balance his harmones. He says that he do not require depression medicine now. Whether Psychiatrist can suggest any such medicine. I want to know details about the harmonal changes. Whether pshycitrics can give medicine for scutal pain also.Please advise.
Avatar f tn Only 34% of the patients who had a significant increase in depression cleared the hepatitis C virus from their blood at 24 weeks, as compared to 59%-69% of patients with milder increases in depression. The effect of depression on viral clearance persisted even after adjusting for factors known to affect treatment outcome, such as viral genotype, or whether medications had to be reduced." http://tinyurl.
Avatar f tn As to what works on depression I would not list it here because if things are of that much concern then its neccessary to speak to a psychiatrist. Living a healthy lifestyle is a great idea. But please don't confuse medication with illegal drugs. And not all natural remedies are healthy either. Talk therapy certainly isn't harmful. That doesn't mask the actual problem. Why not approach psychiatry with an open mind?
Avatar n tn Im so glad i found opiates, and as for the side effects like a little bit of lack of motivation, constipation, lower sex drive, and of course being dependent on them and having to bring them everywhere you go or be in a world of severe withdrawal, yeah every addict has that, but that stuff is such a small sacrifice for peace of mind.
Avatar f tn They can link low levels of seratonin to hormonal influctuations but they refuse to link birth control (which causes unnatural hormonal influctuations) to low levels of seratonin. Whatever. To all of the women on here who are opening up and speaking out about these issues, I applaud you and ask you to speak louder and to more people. Especially those people in the medical field.
Avatar f tn Like your daughter, I also find it hard to let people into my life as I find it difficult to trust people after my father left eight years ago. Due to my depression I also feel a lack of motivation to do much and because of this I had to drop out of school. My sleeping pattern changes often. For almost a week I was sleeping during the day, and fully awake at night.
2033435 tn?1329947108 Fatigue, lack of motivation, lack of interest are all symptoms of hypo...perhaps the most common of all the symptoms. I doubt there's anyone here on this forum who wasn't fatigued or drowsy when hypo. Other symptoms vary person to person, but this one seems universal just about.
Avatar f tn Well I broke down & took 100mg on Sunday for some pain I got after cleaning the house so I'm on day 2 without. I felt like crap when I woke up on Sunday and all day after til about 30 min after I took them. Right now, I feel a serious lack of energy & motivation, but otherwise feeling ok. I do want to take them just to have some energy, but do not feel like I need to.
Avatar n tn I'm disappointed in myself for getting this way, disappointed in the medical industry for making me this way (another story), disappointed in the lack of sympathy by people that do not know the all consuming feeling of narcotic withdrawal and disappointed that I'm this concerned with all of it. I tried to be honest - it got me nothing more than I had. It's like telling your boss you stole something...offering to return it and getting fired and prosecuted for your honesty.
2217782 tn?1394367572 your mood trends, any lack of motivation, sadness, anxiety, etc, that you are experiiencing. It's also imperative for you to tell him about the self-harming and how your thought processes work. For example, you need to tell him if you have racing thoughts, intrusive (scary) thoughts, etc. Don't get too caught up worrying about giving the doc EVERY piece of information...he will lead the questions and ask for information that is important in the assessment process.
Avatar m tn I have been taking gleevec 400 mg since Aug 2012. It still gives me all kinds of grief with multiple side effects. Taking Gleevec before bedtime to lessen the nausea gives me sleep problems. Taking Gleevec with a meal and a full 8 oz of water seems to work the best for me. Other side effects are cold chills, hair loss, change in voice box, skin problems, shortness of breath, no motivation, lack of energy, & mild depression.