Depression causes high blood pressure

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Avatar n tn Hi. I am new to this site and have a question. I have high blood pressure and have been putting off taking medication. Today I was at the dr. and finally I have decided to take a medication. I also wanted to talk to the Dr. about possibly taking an anti-depressant as I have been sporting symtons of anxiety and depression. He said until my blood pressure was stabalized, he did not want to investigate anything else. Does anyone with High Pressure also have symptons of depression/anxiety?
Avatar f tn It helped but returned the next day in the afternoon. Also blood pressure was very high. I have a family history of high blood pressure, my mom and dad and grandmother. I guess now it is my turn. I take a blood pressure medication but it is for headaches.
1541993 tn?1293127878 People often develop elevated blood pressure as they get older. I doubt your post-partum depression alone caused permanent elevations in your BP. Don't be afraid, just focus on diet and exercise and stay in touch with your physician. Best of luck.
Avatar f tn So today at work we had a biometric screening. My blood pressure has been consistently high for years now. All the dr's tell me is to lose weight. Yes, I know I'm overweight and it's hugely depressing. But today my blood pressure was 150 over 120. Way higher then what I expected. Do I make a dr's appt and insist they do something about it? I joined Curves and am trying to work out, but it's hard with my schedule. I gained even more weight after the m/c.
Avatar f tn •5% of dm patients have high blood pressure within 10 years •33% have high blood pressure within 20 years •70% have high blood pressure by age 40
Avatar f tn pressure fluctuation throughout day. pulse fluctuation throughout day. low of 99/57 high of 121/71.
Avatar m tn Low sat rate and high pain
Avatar f tn been told today i have high blood pressure normaly low
1160520 tn?1402981076 60 - 108 bpm, see Blood Pressure Tracker.
Avatar f tn My blood pressure was high before, during and after the trip to Japan (Apr. 08 2013 to Apr. 25 2013].
Avatar n tn High blood pressure and high pulse 101
292592 tn?1234139424 High bp today 135/91 at walmart. took again half hour later it was still 132/89. Bad Bad headache twice today.
443264 tn?1212172007 i have very high blood pressure today
2121068 tn?1334898058 I haven't been taking my blood pressure medicine for months. I just started back on it, so my blood pressure is high. I'm taking Linsopril, 20mg.
Avatar f tn I was happy, since my blood pressure has been pretty stable for a while, but it wasn't too good today. I measured 30 minutes after walking for 30 minutes. Maybe I should have waited for a little longer to measure.
1328411 tn?1276653491 The Logan/Mosgovoy wedding and Lupers' last Sunday caused my bp to shoot up. I had to push myself really hard to get everything done. Hope this week will go a little slower though VBS is coming up in two weeks.
937826 tn?1261333879 I have high blood pressure It has been like220 over 110 not on medicine or anything don't know why have severe headaches passing out dizzy week can't breathe .
Avatar f tn ok, so after 2hours on maternity this morning, they decided to put me on medication to lower & control my blood pressure. have an appointment with the consultant on londay to review 2 sets of bloods taken on thursday & today & my readings & decide a course of action.
286042 tn?1214864238 I'm feeling OK today. Been running but want to get this under control . . .
598210 tn?1281213484 Last few days got high blood pressure with pain on spine and other parts of torso