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Avatar f tn There are many causes for heart disease. There is a hereditary component, but many risk factors can be managed to reduce the risk such as proper diet, exercise, not smoking, moderate lifestyle, etc. What may be an issue with you as related to a heart risk could be your response to stressful situations that cause anxiety, etc. You are seeing a doctor and being treated so that may bode well for a reduction of any associated heart risk. Thanks for sharing, and take care.
Avatar m tn All other cooking oils once heated they produce free radicals in the body. And that causes inflammation. (Heart disease, arthritis etc over time) I've tossed out all cooking oils and only kept besides EVCO, extra virgin olive oil to use fresh only. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is also antiviral, anti-parasitic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. It is also brain food as it can cross the blood brain barrier. The only oil that doesn't get deposited as fat.
Avatar n tn Remember that all these heart disease signs may have many different causes. They do not mean you have or will get heart disease. But combined with other heart disease signs and symptoms, your blood tests, and your family history, they give your doctor the best chance to find heart disease early and keep you in good health.
Avatar f tn This hormone can actually be addictive, and can frustrate people. I know the arguement is huge as to what causes depression and why so many people are depressed. My main points are that it depends on who you are, your confidence, how many different things cause depression and your environment. Thanks, this is pretty interesting.
1692704 tn?1307215380 I would like to ask if anyone else experiences depression due to living with Lyme Disease and how you deal with it? I would like to say that my symptoms overwhelm me. I find myself unable to relate to "normal" functioning people anymore. For example, I just attended a family picnic and others played games which I am physically unable to do at this time. I then find myself depressed and then not wanting to be around people. My depression and illness also interferes with my marriage.
354706 tn?1279474395 Then on the 2nd day upon discharge from hospital, everything changed. My mum had depression – started to cry at every instance. This caught everyone by surprise since my mum broke down after responding to the treatment. My sister has to extend her no pay leave to look after my mum. I could hardly concentrate at work worrying. Mum getting better but still prone to depression and she refused to take remeron to stabilize her emotions for fear of addition.
Avatar n tn one can stay below this threshold for years without triggering diagnosis- symptoms- fatigue constipation depression raised cholesterol(heart disease) brain fog apathy dry skin-eczema ARE ALL CAUSED BY IODINE DEFICIENCY. our bodies are designed to be eating fish all day. pls buy kelp or lugols iodine and spread the word. the recommended daily intake is too low-to keep people ill requiring medicines.
Avatar n tn There are many causes of restrictive lung disease, including fluid in the lung. Your husband's doctor will need to determine if this is due to heart or lung problem. Then the doctor will need to determine the best treatment for the problem. Whether your husband will ever be able to do physical labor again, will depend on the cause(s) of his problem.
Avatar m tn So I have occasionally suffered from presyncope when standing up (that is, I stand up and suddenly feel very dizzy), and three times in my life have fainted, once after standing up, once while cleaning the windowless bathroom in hot weather and poorly ventilated conditions, and once when getting up late at night to go to the bathroom. I have recently (1-2 weeks) had odd chest pains, sometimes on the left side but also sometimes on the right.
Avatar f tn At first I really just thought it was anxiety but now I'm really starting to think it's something else like my heart. I've read how women have different heart disease symptoms than men and they usually have shortness of breath and anxiety months and even years before they have a heart attack. Well, these are exactly the problems I have. Even when I am feeling absolutely no anxiety I will feel shortness of breath or nausea.
21064 tn?1309312333 Increase in LDL and in C-reactive protein can accelerate any underlying coronary artery disease. Some studies say Hypothryoidism can increase your Heart disease rate from 2-4 X the normal rate. There are tons of studies out there. This is just one study. I have had high cholesteral since 1984, and am a vegetarian, but have the family risk, dad dying of heart disease. I am med resistant to lowering the chosesteral also. I take both Lipitor 20 mg and just added Zetia.
Avatar n tn As to skipped beats after exercise, this was a common experience for me during and after exercise. I had all the tests and I did not have any heart disease. Your heart may be telling you something, but it may not be heart disease. More probably at your age the skipped beats are related to other factors in your life i.e. stress, depression, anxiety, etc. Or they could just show up because it happens. Sometimes there's really no good answer.
Avatar n tn He has physical symptoms that we have been ruling out with the doctor for physical causes (his lack of belief that anxiety/depression is the cause). He has been on med's again for 5 weeks, but they are not doing their job. The psychiatrist has boosted & changed his med's to help speed up treatment, but so far not good. Bipolar disorder runs in his family & so does alzheimers disease. Could anxiety/depression cause these disorders to rear their ugly heads?
Avatar m tn Hammering cholesterol down with statin drugs is the wrong approach.” Causes of Heart Disease The Archives of Internal Medicine has just published the results if its “EPIC” study. Researchers took 23,000 people and studied their risk factors for heart disease. They found that changes in diet reduced heart attack risk by 81 percent. How could such simple changes deliver such amazing results? By lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation.
1011655 tn?1251603545 I dont know how long you have had your illness for, but my moto is avoid stress at all counts.(I know thats hard) becasuse graves disease causes you to feel anxious, It is not you being anxious , its the disease what causes anxiety symptoms. (Its them nasty raging anti-bodies v hormones) Are you taking any meds for your graves, or are you just trying to ride it out. Your story was one like many thyroid sufferers have to go through. I wish you well, and if i can help you in any way i will.
1402484 tn?1280891787 I should also mention that my family has a history of Diabetes, Heart disease, cancer, and my mother also had cervical cancer while I was in her womb. What's wrong with me?
Avatar f tn My doctor said to just have it rechecked after the sunburn has subsided. I hope nothing is wrong with my health.
Avatar f tn I'm worried it's cardiomyopathy, seeing as it's the most common form of heart disease in adolescents and children. My family history is revolved around cancer not heart disease, yet I'm extremely concerned as is my mother. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Avatar f tn My heart races and I get fluttering in my heart as well. I went to a cardiologist because of the heart issue and had several tests, including a heart monitor and everything was normal. He thinks its anxiety and has prescribed xanax., I hate taking medication, so I try to avoid taking the xanax. I take it from time to time when things get really difficult and it does help. I hate feeling this way.
Avatar n tn I don't have any chest pains, headaches, numbness. I do suffer from alot of anxiety and depression and having these symptoms make me stress out alot so therefore I panick. I 'am over weight and have a little high cholesterol. Please if anybody is experiencing this symptom and have been diagnosed with something regarding dizziness please let me know. Thank you. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/254207'>Reliability of EKG?</a>.
Avatar m tn If a men is suffering from heart problems from long period of time then the risk of getting effected by erectile dysfunction increased. Beside it there are various other causes too that are responsible for erectile dysfunction problem. Men should take care about health health and go for regular check up. Have a healthy day. Good Luck.! For more information visit http://www.dazzlemeds.
Avatar m tn Causes of chronic depression Sadness, depression, chronic depression. Do you know difference between them? Sadness is a natural and temporary feeling. It does not last long, but it can result in depression. Depression is our response to traumatic events; it can last from 6 to 9 months and should be treated. And what about chronic depression? What about symptoms of chronic depression? If depression lasts longer than nine months, it is chronic depression.
Avatar f tn hypothyroidsm overmedication (upper abdominal pain sometimes during walking, polyuria, dehydration) hypercalcemia (primary hyperparathyroidism diagnosed, hypercalcemia, high PTH, polyuria) partial central diabetes insipidus (could not be excluded, polyuria, dehydration, nocturia) muscular dystonia (diagnosed) coronary artery disease (suspection, ST segment depression in ECG during recovery) chronic disease anemia (have microcytosis, high erythrocyte count) hemoglobinopathy (a heamotolgist sugge
541303 tn?1216175777 when my aunt first saw me she asked if I have seen a cardiologist. I have heart disease in the family; but am not sure what is going on . My father died at 50 from a heart attack my grandmothers' sister (father's side) died at 42; my grandfather at 49....
618210 tn?1223930565 However, emergency room hospital visits are on the rise. Ecstasy causes the release of norepinephrine, which increases your heart rate dramatically and can be dangerous for people with cardiovascular disease or weakness. Dehydration can also lead to liver or kidney failure. Some people report bad emotional reactions to Ecstasy including confusion, depression, sleep problems, drug craving, severe anxiety, and paranoia, sometimes lasting long after taking the drug.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering if I have an autoimmune disease. I had a cold early feb and a few weeks later I had shortness of breath that sent me to the ER three times. All blood tests and X-ray's normal. Pulmomologist tests normal. Drs think related to sinus allergies but I've always had allergies. I was put in prednisone and augmentin but I got worse especially after completing it.
Avatar n tn With secondary lyme disease, the bacteria has evaded the immune system and causes an number of different potential problems including cardiac problems, migratory arthritis and neurologic symptoms (including numbness/tingling, problems thinking/psychiatric manifestations, etc).
200220 tn?1361955154 I have posted several times on several questions and haven't gotten an answer. I just recently was diagnosed with hashimoto disease. I have probably had this for a lot of years just was never told the name. It really upsets me as will I ever feel normal again. I know many of you have this and how do you feel. Will I ever feel energetic and do you go back and forth with hyper and hypo symptoms. This whole thing is discouraging. I am sorry to be so whinny.
326184 tn?1348812708 If you have Lyme disease, can it cause lesions in the brain..? could it be Lyme disease? Is a test for this done when ms is suspected or does it have to be ask for? Thank you in advance for any responses.. I have joined many different areas on MedHelp under cantsleep2007..