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618210 tn?1223930565 What you took most certainly would not have been 100% ecstasy. Dealers mix and match that sh!t up with cocaine and pcp and other subtances. Ecstasy causes serotonin levels to drop below normal, which impairs the brain's ability to learn, retain information and regulate mood. It appears that Ecstasy causes serotonin receptors, which allow the serotonin to fire in the brain, to shrink from overuse.
Avatar f tn I think that post tx depression, lethargy, brain fog, and lack of motivation seem to be the biggest complaints. Mine have lasted over three years beyond finishing tx, and I am SVR. I truly believe that the interferon changes the brain chemistry, and possibly also the nerve circuits and pathways, thus causing a wide array of post-tx complaints long after the drugs have cleared from our systems.
Avatar n tn Depression causes drug abuse ,drug abuse causes depression,to keep it simple get him of the drugs as they are just self medicating the underlying depression,he would have never have turned to drugs if he had not had some degree of depression(it can range from increased needs(love sex friendship) to suicical intent and accomplishment) Every person on the planet is Depessed at some stage or another it is only when it is persistent and interferes with normal functioning,that a Diagnosis is consid
Avatar n tn Everyone I have ever known or heard of that got off any opiates was left with severe depression. Is this a standard side effect and how long will it last and how is it best treated? My friend's nephew just went to an addiction doctor who gave him buprenorphine injections and other scripts to get off pain pills. When he asked about an anti-depressant the doctor said "no mood enhancers for addicts." This seems unusual to me.
Avatar n tn stress can feed depression and stress chemicals are cleared out of the brain by oxygen. I am interested in this too.
Avatar n tn An anyone out there explain 1) the feelsings of depression and will they subside in time? 2) Is the joint pain from the chemo (carboplatimum and toxal or Nulasta taken to build the white count)?3) How long before you began to regain your strength and not feel so tired?
Avatar f tn My daughter is a cosmetologist and she told me the topo causes the hair follicles to close. What has fallen out, wont grow back, but the hair loss should stop when you discontinue the drug. The Topo really messed up my cycle too. I think my adrenals took a hard hit from just two weeks on the drug. For me it was not worth it. I was stupid, depressed and started having panic attacks on it. I would loose blocks of time. Huge blocks.
20831188 tn?1527202946 Sometimes it's not the drug at all, you just have a bad day or week because no medication cures depression, they just make it less bothersome. Some people do get cured in therapy, but we don't know what causes depression yet and so we can't cure it with medication. Very few things in life are cured by medication -- mostly they just tamp down symptoms. And they can all stop working if we're unlucky and our bodies just get too used to it.
574118 tn?1305138884 Anyways I googled the B-12 feelings of guilt and found out that there are a lot of studies that show lack of B-12 causes depression. When I went to the doctor she said I was deficient in B-12. She said I was not eating enough meat. I eat cereal to get my B-12 vitamin. If I take too strong B-12 I get very manic. My thoughts are for you to feel better.
Avatar n tn The problem is basically the addictive nature of the drugs. The reason they work on depression/panic/etc is because they make you feel good. This causes cravings and people wanting more and more which raises risks of overdose etc and anyone who takes opiates on a regular basis is going to need them to avoid withdrawals.
Avatar f tn There are no natural remedies proven safe and effective yet so its best not to chance it. And they are all an unknown quantity. As for medications that are approved and available though there are many options. We have some good websites linked up such as "Depression Central". There are some aspects of physical recovery you are working as well but that question would more be for your doctor. One thing I can say is I am not sure why you had to wait 9 years for cognitive therapy.
602796 tn?1219877065 Despite the many forms of clinically diagnosed depression... Physical activity is always good for your body, if it cures the depression then what a plus! It'll at least help you become physically healthy. Making a change is always something that helps! *Change up your daily routine *Meet some new people *Start a home project *Travel to new places *Check out some new restaurants *Google some things to do in your city Getting away from the negative! And starting to LEARN WHAT HEALS YOU!
Avatar f tn DO NOT buy the Midwest Program for Anxiety and Depression. It is a fraud and a scam, sold by charlatans, like Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About - both programs/books/tapes are equally full of quackery. It is a supposed panacea, albeit extremely expensive, designed to make the designers rich while bilking people at one of their most vulnerable times, at their weakest, when they feel as there are no options left. Well, then.. maybe it actually has a use?
Avatar m tn Basically these types are the symptoms of Anxiety or depression like issues Certain medications , genetics , conflicts are the common causes of depression ....!! to heal this many products in the market ...but before going to take medication tryt some natural cures exercise , active in sports ..etc are the good ones ....
1783351 tn?1314785288 The Top Reasons Why You Can’t get erection There are some leading causes as to why you can’t have a erection. Let’s explore a few of the top causes. As stated above, the aging process and reduced circulatory capacity is the most common reason why. There are some other reasons, too. Sometimes diseases like diabetes and heart disease are contributing factors. Other times obesity and poor diet are the culprits.
886824 tn?1253740254 This attack damages the myelin, which in turn slows down or blocks messages between your brain and the body causing the symptoms of MS. The causes of MS are largely unknown. MS is most likely a multifactorial condition, which means that it involves a combination of genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors. It is currently well established that MS also runs in some families.
Avatar n tn Although, you have mentioned that depression has shown to be influenced by serotonin and noradrenegic systems and dopaminergic, literature would indicate that no one is really sure what causes depression. What the literature reports that if you take either of these medications, depression improves. Actually, research is ongoing other neurotransmitters that may help in alleviating depression - substance P. A good explanation of the medication to stop working is the diagnosis.
Avatar n tn The fatigue likely has two probably causes (a) irregular blood sugar levels (b) iron deficiency anemia (your hematocrit may be abnormal). Daily exposure to sunlight often cures depression. The blood sugar meters are so inexpensive with rebate I urge you to purchase one and test your own sugar levels. Chromium GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) and a teaspoon of cinamin will help to mediate blood sugar.
Avatar n tn I say this agreeing that anyone with depression can benefit by exercising, but you know, pro athletes suffer depression and they certainly get their exercise. Nobody knows what causes depression, and no medication yet invented cures it, they just tamp down the symptoms. If you were taking medication and it wasn't working, psychiatrists will often add medications to it.
1705773 tn?1326483874 We meet again, Vicky.........with more symptoms. I would now add that it sounds like you're also dealing with episodes of depresonalization/derealization. You can't get cures until you get a diagnosis and you can't get a diagnosis until you see a doctor. You need to tell your parents IMMEDIATELY what is happening and that you want/need to see a doctor. Be prepared for your parents to not understand completely what you are going through.
Avatar m tn Now it's only my opinion, but folks with just depression don't get your symptoms, I have Bipolar Spectrum Disorder and I still get those ups n' downs, but not as severe - it's more like a bit of anxiety and small bouts of depression. There are no cures for most mental disorders, but maintenance, but it's better then a kick in the pants. Many people live very productive lives.
Avatar m tn Prior to that I was on 20 mg with Klonopin 2mg until it worked not well and felt worse. My anxiety depression worsens I noticed in fall due to SAD syndrome. The anxiety of under control this way but my doctor often takes time to refill the Klonopin therefore to not run out of Klonopin I skip it and take it every second day or third day.
Avatar n tn I also have been taking Mirtazapine for about 2 years for depression and havesufferd from anxiety and stress over the last couple of years, your feedback would be helpfull.
Avatar f tn Yep, they can get yeast and fungal issues just like we can. Babies get them!!! It's just a shift in your ph that causes an overgrowth of yeast. You can get them in your vagina, your mouth, etc. NOT a big deal. Not related to sex or being sexual. We can get them from taking antibiotics even. Really, not a big deal. Your mom will be like "congratulations--- you are one of us!". So, you are itchy with discharge? Have a little irritation and burning too?
Avatar n tn on penis head and scrotum -Rash on the inside of my butt cheeks Symptoms that are constant -Uncomfortableness on the head of penis -Uncomfortableness urinating -Fatige -Pre-mature ejaculating -Discolouration of penis head -Depression -Erectile dysfunction -Loss of sex drive Complicated symptoms (constant) -Can easily feel blood pressure throughout my body.
1802778 tn?1315974297 We're very fortunate to have specialists who are educated in this and can now help us overcome anxiety and depression. You have ruled out all other causes...why not do what is necessary to rule anxiety out....or in? Life's short and you don't want to wake up an old person one day wondering where the years will have worried them away. I know you can do this and wish you all the best! We're always here for you to talk, vent or just share. Take care...
788358 tn?1237750554 it's just trial and error. I'v bhen thinking of starting a juornal of what causes my depression and mania two weeks I drank a energy drink I had mania for a week and now I'm verry depressed after comeing down today was tottal meloncolly for me. just be carefull and make wise choices of what you put in your body. well good luck! I actually feel a little happy now :) it feels good to help someone! bipolar really *****! lol I know happyer people that have no leggs bipolar can be pretty nasty.
Avatar n tn Pharmaceutical companies have put a lot of paid studies out there, but independent researchers have no idea what causes depression, let alone how to treat it for everyone. You do it through trial and error. As for your questions, I assume you have a psychiatrist -- you really should be asking your questions there. None of us here are experts on this stuff, we're just folks who have taken medication but not necessarily the ones you're taking.
Avatar m tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! I hope you started Prozac on medical advice. This drug can precipitate anxiety, depression, agitation, dizziness and the likes. Hence be careful about the drug and if you are experiencing any of these please inform your doctor. A change of medication may help. Other than this, anxiety could be related to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, cervical nerve compression as commonly seen in spondylitis of neck vertebrae.
983030 tn?1261356662 It is where we need to look so we can find whatever it is inside us that causes us to be angry. I used to have violent angry outbursts and with some help I've learned to deal with it better. What I found out was this: I don't get angry because of people places and things. I get angry because of my inability to accept those people place or things. I think things should be a certain way and when they don't go as expected I get disturbed. This disturbance manifests itself as anger.