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Avatar m tn org/ Concerning the HCV induced brain cell damage, this might explain why HCV causes depression besides the fact that it's depressing to feel like cocca all the time.
Avatar f tn Radiation causes calcification of the basal ganglia and stroke causes damage to them .
Avatar m tn there is an online researcher video that says prednisone destroys neurons in the hippocampus and shouldn't be given to stroke victims I'm already having brain damage, fog from sleep apnea and 73% O2 at night so I don't know if klonopin and prednisone helps or actually causes brain damage
Avatar f tn After all my treatments were over, the hospital nurses in charge of the ECT's told me that I only convulsed three or four times. Shouldn't they have told me sooner before there was so much brain damage done?
Avatar n tn i can remember nothing short term--- can psychiatric drugs cause permamnent BRAIN DAMAGE? (specifically the spell w/ the risperdal and prozac) and if NOT-- what else might be causing such reactions from medication i could take before? i took haldol for like a year-- and now i can't handle even risperdal at .5 mg. (messes up my heart-- don't know why though) should i see a psychopharmacologist? or a neurologist?-- and also-- i am wondering about the brain damage. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
7522862 tn?1396949021 I have come to a few possible causes from physical problems. Brain damage from possible upper respiratory infection, ear infection (leading to meningitis or encephalitis), wisdom teeth infection, B12 deficiency/Pernicious Anemia (already present GI Tract Problems), Heavy Metal Poisoning (from smoking metal shavings out of a pipe). I also have a history of drug abuse. My past drug abuse in order includes: Generic allergy pills (I took 16 of them twice two years ago!
Avatar m tn My vision is slowly recovering but it still scares me, because when I go outside everything looks like is going by really fast. I want to know if the drug could have caused permanent brain damage or if the damage is in the eyes. If the problem was caused by Geodon, am I gonna be able to recover? I had a CAT scan and everything came out fine. Please please help, I am an honors student at university and I start school next week, I can barely see or write.
Avatar m tn If I take ativan again my headaches go away but so does the little short term memory that I have. These drugs obviously cause permanent brain damage if you look at my symptoms and the thousands of posts on the internet and talk to many people who's doctors have intentionally got them addicted. My question is why do doctors prescribe drugs to people when they know or should know that they cause permanent brain damage?
7522862 tn?1396949021 I have come to a few possible causes from physical problems. Brain damage from possible upper respiratory infection, ear infection (leading to meningitis or encephalitis), wisdom teeth infection, B12 deficiency/Pernicious Anemia (already present GI Tract Problems), Heavy Metal Poisoning (from smoking metal shavings out of a pipe). I also have a history of drug abuse. My past drug abuse in order includes: Generic allergy pills (I took 16 of them twice two years ago!
Avatar f tn Both LSD and magic mushrooms don't cause any brain damage. In fact, they don't alter the brain at all. This class of psychedelics amplifies your thoughts and emotions to an intensity that someone who hasn't experienced them yet couldn't possibly imagine. When used right, it can allow you to gain insight into how your mind works and help you fabricate your own joy by thinking positive thoughts.
Avatar m tn EDMONTON — A virus best known for the damage it does to the liver can also damage brain cells, University of Alberta researchers report in a new study. The research into the impact of hepatitis C on the brain is significant, they say, because it marks the first time scientists have been able to show that the virus can infect the brain.
Avatar f tn • Concentration is terrible, brain fog all the time • Slight dizziness, lightheaded, off balance feeling • Trouble concentrating • Eyes feel weird all the time, like I'm staring off in a daze • No energy, yawning all the time • Anxiety, periods of depression These symptoms continued to get worse over the years and then a little over a year ago I developed new symptoms • Eye floaters • Eye pain • Light sensitivity • Seeing After images (image burn in) • Tinnitus • Dull ear ache feeling off
Avatar m tn I'm not seeing the page to the link blue posted, I'm getting a "page not available" message, so I cannot comment on the content. Don't get too hung up on any one piece of information though. I can tell you with confidence that this isn't a theory that's widely accepted. I can only tell you that as of today, there is no irrefutable proof, due to scientific studies, that long term benzo use causes "brain damage" or caused numerous brain cells to die.
5864500 tn?1380893197 In magnesium deficiency, neuronal requirements for magnesium may not be met, causing neuronal damage which could manifest as depression. Magnesium treatment is hypothesized to be effective in treating major depression resulting from intraneuronal magnesium deficits. These magnesium ion neuronal deficits may be induced by stress hormones, excessive dietary calcium as well as dietary deficiencies of magnesium.
Avatar m tn this indicated ejection fraction of 25%, large area of damage, ie scar tissue on left side and bottom of heart. now on the 25mg coreg, 30mg lisinopril, 325 asprin, 75 plavix, 40 lipitor and 5 zetia. Supplements are 100 mg co-q10 bid, 2500 fish oil bid, HDL RX 2 tabs BID, vitamin E 400mg daily, My question is why does it seem my ejection fraction is getting worse since heart attack on 8/7/2010?
1394098 tn?1385963734 I think pain can also effect your brain. All of this causes depression and anxiety. These can also effect your thinking. So pretty much Im a mess but I try to laugh so I dont cry. I know things could be worse. I read a lot of posts and see ppl that are way worse off than me. But it does get to you sometime. I feel like my body is a battlefield a lot of the time.
53833 tn?1235000229 Therefore it seems to follow that the more virus in the brain, the more brain fog. I also think that the longer the virus is in the brain, the more damage and less reversal. That's why I'm so interested in studies pertaining to this factor. Just my opinion, & I could be wrong.
Avatar n tn This kind of stuff just annoys the sh!t out of me. This is part of an article on the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper today. "A key example is the treatment of hepatitis C, which often is contracted through intravenous drug use, tattoos and sexual contact. Until several years ago, there were no effective medications for the liver disease. About 2,500 Wisconsin inmates - or 14% - have hepatitis C, a rate four times as high as the state's general population.
Avatar f tn Hi Thanks for the question on MedHelp forum! At times mild traumatic brain injury causes brain damage not very apparent on MRI. MRI would need to be done with and without contrast for these. The frontal lobe is associated with mood and memory. Thus any damage to this lobe can lead to long term memory loss, mood swings, talking too much, and energy bursts leading to over activity. Long term complication is chance of schizophrenia.
618210 tn?1223930565 some anti-depressants you are on now are probably doing more damage to your brains chemicals and body than some illegal drugs...think of that ;) Im sorry...
Avatar m tn So, perhaps the articles you report have to do with depression that comes from a problem with blood flow in the brain, like a stroke type event perhaps, that causes shrinkage, depression, and so forth. As to your questions, I do understand that new neural connections can be made in parts of brains that sustain damage, so to some extent the brain can recover some of what it has lost. That's all I know about this brain shrinkage you're talking about.
Avatar m tn Hi & Welcome, Using coke on a regular basis for an extended length of time leads to paranoia & eventually even psychosis. You will never be able to re-capture that euphoria that you're chasing. DominoSarah is right, coke is serious business. It can also damage your heart,& actually causes perforations to form in brain tissue. It can also lead to strokes.
Avatar f tn I would love to know what the causes of arachnoid cysts are and if medication could also cause an arachnoid cyst.
Avatar n tn I have been prescribed every medication you can name but nothing works,the majority causes severe side affects and i have know choice but to give up.Do you think the pill i was given by a so called friend,has given me brain damage,or has it just triggered of old symptoms.If it is brain damage i dont think its worth battling on.whats your oppinion.
686172 tn?1256843317 • Inner ear • Brain stem and cerebellum • Nerve tracts connecting the brain stem and cerebellum or within the brain stem Inner Ear Disorders: Most commonly, vertigo results from motion sickness. Motion sickness may develop in people whose inner ear is sensitive to particular motions, such as swaying or sudden stopping and starting. Another common cause of vertigo is an abnormal collection of calcium particles in one semicircular canal of the inner ear.
Avatar n tn yahoo, lycos, hot bot, alta vista, etc.) for cocaine, cocaine nasal damage, nostril damage, etc. I've searched for online medical forums like this one relative to drug abuse and addiction and places to search for answers related to these questions I have.
1563571 tn?1295125039 depression, anxiety can be traced to chronic brain inflammation. we are exposed to numerous brain toxins, Many other industrial chemicals They are present in our food, our water, in medications, and in the air we breath. Studies have found as many as 85 chemical contaminants in the blood of randomly sampled people from all over the United States. Studies have shown that all of these chemicals cause brain inflammation and trigger excitotoxicity.
Avatar n tn moylane, I just noticed when re-reading your message that you mentioned ect. I read it can and has been proven to cause brain damage. They have done exaustive studies and it causes more harm than good. It is simply giving you a seizure. I have a seizure disorder caused by brain damage, wwhich was caused by my first set of seizures when I detoxed off of alcohol and went through seizures and DT's. You may want to drop some of those other drugs you mentioned as they may not mix well either.
Avatar n tn If you were under 24 and smoked it long term then you may have damaged your brain and even psychosis is possible. That damage can occur in anyone up to about age 24 when smoking dope as the brain is still developing until about that age. Again, a doctor should help you resolve this. You mention brain fog. There's no sauch medical term I'm afraid and is a term used by people who can't define the various components of what ails them.