Depo provera and irregular periods

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Avatar n tn If you are not post your due date, the chances of a pregnancy are unlikely, though you may still confirm by running a home pregnancy test (urine based) about 3 weeks after an alleged intercourse. Most women experience irregular periods on depo-shots and delay in periods may not be something to worry about. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn Im on the birth control depo shot i have irregular periods i had sex and used a condom wen i notice the condm riped and he came in me could i still get pregnant?
Avatar m tn I just went to the GYN and got my annual pelvic exam and my first shot of depo and so far everything has been okay. However, once I didn't get my period I started to worry and I took a pregnancy test just in case and it did come out negative. But I'm still freaking out since I am only 18 and really do not want to be pregnant. So is it normal to be late for your period after getting the shot? or should I take another test? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies i been of depo for 5 months now i received my period right after coming off. The thing is my periods are very irregular am i able to take over the counter fertility drugs to help jump start ovulation?
Avatar f tn Hi! Depo very commonly causes irregular periods. If you were my patient, I would do a pregnancy test right away to be sure that is not the reason for the missed period. If the test is negative, I would chalk it up to the Depo shot and wait and see what happens during the next few months. Hope this helps!
983134 tn?1248702843 i have been ttc for 2 years after being on depo for 2 and a half years and i blame depo 100%, i had irregular periods for months after coming off of it, pains etc. It is only now i'm getting a normal 28-32day cycle, this also causes bone damage the longer the use of depo the more prolonged the problems a lot of woman may agree with me on this one.
Avatar f tn I would see a doctor who is willing to work with you to determine why your periods are irregular. They can do some blood lab tests including a pregnancy test, TSH, FSH,LH, Estradiol, Prolactin, Testosterone, DHEAS and others test. You may indeed have PCOS but the DeoProvera injection did not give it to you.
273379 tn?1213044686 I took depo after he was born and it really messed up my cycles. I was very irregular and then didn't have a period for months. My ex husband and I broke up and I was afraid I was pregnant again because I really had no way of knowing without having regular periods. It was impossible for me to know when and if I was ovulating. Anyway, I also began having some of your same symptoms. The tenderness in the breasts especially. That had really only happened to me when I was pregnant.
Avatar n tn i was on the minipill for two years i am not getting my period now doctor wants to put me on depo provera she claims after awhile the affectiveness of the minpill wears off and depo would be best for me being that it is also a progesteron only contraceptive and will continue not getting my period am afraid because of all the bad things i hear about it any suggetions?
Avatar n tn Just from my experence I was on depo shot and you have signs of pregnancy and are not pregnant and there is no way possiable you could feel you baby kick so soon you don't start feeling any movement until your about 4months pregnant I had a baby about 5months ago tomorrow is 5months and well I didn't actually really feel him move until I was 4months along maybe a lil ferther and I had a m/c on the depo shot the shot was in my systom but the shot killed the baby well anyways I don't think a baby
Avatar f tn I have been on Depo-provera for nearly two months now, and have been on several other birth controls to try and regulate my period. None of the pills ever worked, I continued to bleed irregularly with heavy blood flow, and periods lasting up to 8 weeks. My doctor and I tried LUPRON to stop my periods, and it worked well for about six months. Due to insurance refusing to pay, I switched to Depo-Provera. I started bleeding two weeks ago, with all the sypmtoms of a regular period.
Avatar n tn The docotors believe I may have a progesterone problem due to Depo Provera. I was on Depo for 6 years and went off the shot in Sept. Does anyone know if the effects of this shot can linger and cause lower progesterone levels?
Avatar f tn But i started bleeding a few days ago and i'm really worried its going to last for ages. I'm hating it. I was previously on the pill and my periods were irregular but only lasted 5 days. has anybody had good experiences with bleeding while on depo? I'm freaking out.
Avatar f tn I have had the depo provera shot once and never went back for the second one October 1st. I wanted to know if I should have had my period by now?
Avatar n tn hello, my name is marjory and i was on depo for about 9 months today is 12/18/06 i was pregnant in may of 05 and had an abortion in aug of 05 and then went straight to depo and had my last shot on april 06 so that whole time i did not have any periods now i have been off the shot for about 5 or six months and have been having sex every day and hoping to get pregnant do you think i will be able to??
Avatar n tn I am in a group where all the women are trying to conceive after the depo provera. Many have been trying to conceive for years, and no luck. And it seems like those who do conceive have miscarriages soon after. Its like 80% of the women who get pg have a miscarriage. Is this linked to the depo? Age? Im 22 and am trying to conceive #2. (my son is 6 now) I am so scared that it might happen to me.
Avatar n tn I was given a shot of depo-provera yesterday...and when I asked about side affects all I was told was nausea, headache, and dizziness. After reading quite a few articles online, it seems there are a lot more serious side affects than I was led to believe. I've been having lots of chest pain and shortness of breath, but the doctor doesn't seem to think it's related to the shot.
432411 tn?1206475709 I took depo provera for about 6 years, starting in 2000. Just over three months after I stopped taking the shots I developed a nodule in my neck which was eventually diagnosed as thyroid cancer. I have absolutely no history of thyroid problems of any kind in family and I had had no problems before the depo.
Avatar f tn This is my first month on depo provera and i have not started my period even though its time. Do your periods stop as soon as you get the shot?
Avatar m tn It is normal, when first getting on Depo, for a person to have irregular periods. If the bleeding becomes very heavy, she is going through more pads than usual in a day, and it lasts for more than two more weeks than she should go see her doctor. If she is not having any discomfort than you shouldn't worry.
Avatar f tn Four days after a period is too soon for implantation so I don't think I'm pregnant and not sure if I'm ovulating yet after the depo. Is it just irregular period due to depo?periminopause?? I'm 25 and my one yr old still nurses at night if that matters... should i get a check up?
1549775 tn?1294003190 i was on depo for a lil over 2 yrs and i would only have spotting right b4 my next shot was due and then for 3 yrs after i stopped the shot my periods were very irregular id have 1 and then notta for a couple months ect but every woman is diff if u r having sex and not on birth control u could be pregnant u should def take a test just to b sure
Avatar n tn in two years I have only had 3 periods. My periods usually were regular before I took the Depo Provera Shot. I am afraid that I will not be able to have any babies because of my harsh actions Is there a possibility that I am now infertile and will there be any medical assistance to stimulate ovulation to have children?
Avatar n tn I started the depo provera almost two years ago but i was only on it for six months and my last shot was in september 2005. the doctors said it might be a year or so until my period become regular. I started getting them back last may 2006 and i had them right on time until september 2006, which was about 2 weeks late and then had my period on time in october. Then i didn't have it unitl febuary of this year and i haven't had it since. I have had blood test and many pregancy test done.
Avatar n tn i barely took depo only too doses a yr ago one in january then the last one was in june and my periods are still off track i didnt get a preiod for a whole yr just inbetween bleeding and spotting me and my fiance had started ttc and it was so hard we had abt 2 chemicals but it is really hard to get pregnant of that bc i doubt it but it is possible take a blood test if thats a negative then your not you just havent had a period due to the drug.
Avatar n tn That was about two months ago and to this day I still have brown discharge and really out of wack periods. All i can tell you is DO NOT get the depo shot!
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm new on here. I started having Depo shots in January 2005, and i had my last one in March 2006. From the first injection in 2005 to now, June 2007 i have had no period, no spotting no nothing. Im starting to get really worried now that they'll never come back! I went to the doctor today, and he didn't really know much about it, and has refered my to a gynacologyst, but ive got another 3 weeks before i see her. He did mention that i may have a problem with my ovaries. what could this be?
Avatar n tn You girls have to discontinue Depo Provera at once and I highly recommend never putting any hormones into your bodies ever again. I have experienced a living nightmare from Depo Prover for the past three years. After I got the Depo shot I went home and researched on the web about the drug. I cried for three hours in fear that that could happen to me. What happened was worse. Five days after the shot a menstrual cycle started that would not cease. It wasn't a normal cycle.