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Avatar n tn m on Medicad and after my baby is born I only have it for 2 months, right now they pay for my pulling and teeth. My dentist wants me to wait 8 weeks after all top are gone before fitting me for top dententures. I need my top teeth fixed while I can. Idk I'll ask my OB cause I don't want to hurt my baby or myself.
Avatar f tn I have a real fear of dentists and my family dentist sedates me for fillings, etc. So far I have not found a dentist that will sedate you for dentures. Please help me.
Avatar f tn I've recently been obsessing over my teeth. I went to the dentist about 7 months ago and he said everything looked good. But in the last month I've had two little chips in different teeth and am now worried that my gums are receeding. They look healthy and feel fine. I take pretty good care of them, too but there's a few that just seem like they aren't tight to the tooth. They can move back a little when I touch them.
Avatar f tn (feels like my teeth are all being pulled by a string and pulling on the nerves of my teeth, especially on my left upper teeth which is opposite of root canal side). I will see the pain specialist if I don't get this resolved.
Avatar n tn It is very difficult to diagnosis from this forum, but I would want to know if you clench your teeth or if you are a bruxer. I would start with your general dentist and possibly a dentist that specializes in TMJ dysfunction.
Avatar f tn Right around the time I went back for the fillings, the pressure/pulling in my neck/jaw had returned and I told the dentist that and after the procedure was given a 2nd round of antibiotics. After a couple days, the pain all went away and I thought everything was fine. Then about 2 weeks after finishing the 2nd course of antibiotics, the pressure/pulling sensations in my lower jaw, ear and neck all came back.
Avatar n tn Hello, my dentist removed my 2 front teeth and made bridge on my front teeth, but right now i can feel the air came out from my mouth when i'm talking. I talked to the dentist that there is a small gap between the teeth and the gum and the dentist said the gum will adjust. is that true?? because it's really inconvenience for me to speak while the air came out. Please anyone can help me?
Avatar m tn I'm 39, I keep my teeth brushed and floss. I went to the dentist for extreme pain in my lower left teeth area. I thought maybe cavity or root canal. Dr said no its perio. I freaked because I take good care of my teeth. My girlfriend says my breath does not smell like perio and my gums are not red they are a nice healthy pink. Anyway, the pain in intolerable and I say do what you have to do. He does a deep perio scrape (not to the root) and sends me home.
1448936 tn?1363206346 All of my wisdome teeth are grown in so no surgery is necessary. Just good old fashioned teeth pulling. He asked if I wanted to be sedated and I told him no. He offered the laughing gas and I explained how with my anxiety I'm just not comfortable with it and he is completely fine just using a local anaesthetic. That takes a lot of stress and worry out of my life. Luckily I found a really nice dentist who just wants me to comfortable and happy with the procedure.
Avatar n tn Upon putting these crowns in, one of them was difficult for the dentist and he was shaving it down, pulling and pushing it in and out, is it at all possible that it could have damaged a nerve causing my problem?
Avatar f tn What's a good over the counter way to help whitten my teeth that won't hurt my enamel that actually works I don't wanna waste my money?
Avatar f tn m 25 I have no insurance and just the last 6 months my teeth have been breaking off and acting up i did go see a dentist to get 2 teeth removed, But now my the gum on my lower teeth i can actually move and pull away from the teeth. Am I worrying to much? because remind you I bleach my teeth and i have calcium deposits on the gums.
Avatar f tn My husband is a dentist and you should go see a dentist. You could have an infection. Its recommended to go see a dentist while pregnant.
6754739 tn?1392542954 U can get any illness easier when pregnant i got gingivitis when i was around 18 weeks pregnancy affects everyone differently id say go to another dentist because mine cleaned my teeth and started me on antibiotics to make sure it didnt get worse
Avatar n tn I was wondering...I had a severe toothache about 2 yrs ago on one of my rear molars on the left side. The tooth became infected, jaw swelled, etc. Due to the excruciating pain, I went to the dentist seeking some relief. After doing the xray, the dentist confirmed that it was infected but said that he could pull it. (I thought he was to prescribe some anti-biotics and have me return.) It had broken a few months prior and he said this would be the best solution.
Avatar n tn Is it possible that my wisdom teeth pushed my chin back and made it regress? This is back in 2005 I was 18 This is when I was 19 or 20 I did work out much more so and my face lost some of the baby fat. My chin has regressed quite a bit and my front teeth are uneven now. I haven't been to the dentist for 5 years.
Avatar n tn I went to the dentist approximately a year ago with tooth pain in one of my capped teeth. He took an x-ray and said it looked fine. Told me I was probably grinding my teeth at night. Six months late, I went back for check-up. Same tooth still hurt off and on - sometimes gum swelled underneath. My bite felt distorted from the swelling. Dentist told me to get a nightguard. Got nightguard - it seemed to help some nights, not others. The cap fell off last week. Dentist took another x-ray.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am 28 and my dentist has finally decided its time to remove all of my wisdom teeth. I have -6 myopia and im a little worried that the surgery could cause problems for my eyes, for example a trauma related RD. Are my fears a little unfounded or should I just discuss this with my surgeon to take extra care?
Avatar f tn s 11 and 12) extracted, and bone grafting done this coming Monday the 23 of February. My general dentist will be pulling them. Tooth #11 has a crack in it and they both have an infection of which I am taking antibiotics presently. I have never had two permanent teeth extracted before and bone grafts. Also, tomorrow, I will be having my three month cleaning and getting impressions taking for the flipper like device which I can either wear or not wear while I am eating.
Avatar n tn I went to the dentist yesterday with a complaint of pain/infection in the gums surrounding one of my teeth (2nd to the last tooth in the top, left side of my mouth). The dentist took an x-ray and said the tooth was abcessed and the tooth needed to be pulled. When she was pulling the tooth, I was in excrutiating pain, and she said there was a pus discharge and my gums were turning black and blue.
Avatar m tn a month or so later I noticed everytime I pressed against the 2 teeth I would spit blood this scared me so unfortunatly i buried my head in the sand a bit meanwhile my gums were pulling away so much so that I went from lifting my lip and seeing gums and little teeth to no gums and long teeth and the lump although initally hurt now no longer did although is still there.