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Avatar f tn I am a ftm. We are soon losing our insurance as my husband is getting out of the military. I am currently 7 wks pregnant. And will be applying for Medicaid. Any insight on how long the process takes to get approved and around how much it covers in expenses would be very helpful to know.
Avatar n tn hi, i don't have any dental insurance so I need to pick and choose which tests and procedures at the dentist are really needed. I ask you this because I hope to find unbiased opinion. Last time I skipped the peridontal xray, but got the cavity xray and cleaning...he found 2 tiny cavities that ran me $400 out of my pocket but later a hygenist said maybe that wasn't necessary as the decay could have been reversed... So what do I "really" need..
1027870 tn?1252056250 yes you too can have a dental plan that most reputable dentists will not accept! i would love to go to a dental mill full of new, inexperienced dentists.
2863077 tn?1436670789 I'm in Utah and its 60 days for me.
490443 tn?1236648256 I agree with Utah - Get in that office for the second opinion and treated better and then fight like he// with that insurance company after you get treated right! You'll be healthy again after a compatent surgeon like the one Utah has takes care of you to fight back with these insurance idiots. Just go.
Avatar m tn Inform ur dentist about ur dx, but I don't know what effects ur dental surgery could have. I was dx back in Feb....and had several surgeries while waitin on the dx.Granted they weren't dental , but surgery the same. Are u concerned with the anesthisia(sp?) or the type and location of the surgery?
Avatar n tn I have dental insurance but as we all know the coverage has been less and less over the past few years so I looked into dental discount programs. Did you know that some dental providers will accept both insurance and a dental discount plan togeather? It took me about 5 phone calls but I know it was worth it. On my first visit I had 3-cavitys filled. The cost after my insurance was $144. factor in the dental discount plan and my out of pocket cost was only $14!!! Check it out at http://www.
8489354 tn?1405627762 That's before my insurance, total bill. Each state varies, but it will be pretty close for most. I live in Utah which has a pretty standard cost of living.
Avatar n tn My husband (40 y/o,healthy)and I (40 y/o, healthy) are looking to get our health insurance coverage from next present. Right now we are on cobra GHI( extension from my previous work place) but they are asking me to change to EMPIRE PPO or EPO since they will not have GHI. I did not have dental and vision coverage previously but even if I want it they are saying they cannot add it. They are also asking for a one year committment.
Avatar n tn I am disabled on Original Medicare, have no intent to buy private insurance... I am wondering, is it possible for an individual to get real, stand alone dental insurance? Everything I've looked at caps yearly benefits at $1,000 or so which is completely insulting considering the premiums are close to half of that. Where can you buy dental insurance that gives you "REAL" coverage?
Avatar n tn I just adopted a 13 year old cat from Best Friends in Utah....she was shipped to me this past weekend. She only has three teeth and has lots of dental problems looking at her vet records over the years. She has been eathing Purina One or Felina Cavier when she was there. I don't know if I should continue with kibble or give her soft food. Her latest dental was 5/18 and she is still on antibiotics. She picks at kibble, but wolfs down wet.... she is very thin. What do you all think? Thanks.
522926 tn?1212498745 I recently moved from Utah to VA. While in Utah and was untreated for the hep c as the specialist there said they do not offer anthing to someone who has already been through treatment and it failed. I have Hep C, Geno type 1A, Stage 3 liver diagnosis and that was in 2004. My primary in Utah checked my liver values yearly. SInce I also have rheumatoid Arthritis, I have lots of joint and muscle pain from both diseases.
Avatar f tn JPGSenators who voted against the sweeping financial regulatory reform bill Thursday have received about 16 percent more money from the finance, insurance and real estate sector over their careers than senators who supported the measure, according to a Center for Responsive Politics analysis.
Avatar f tn Ok mommys that have medicaid . Will I get denied if I already have dental insurance but not health insurance?
Avatar m tn Hello, I can't remember the last time I was at the dentist but at the time the dentist said I had no cavities. Now I'm 21 and I have a cavity in on of my top molars. I don't know what to do, I don't have dental insurance and I really don't have the money to get it fixed. I don't want to wait any longer and have it get any worse but I don't have the extra arm and a leg the dentists charge.
Avatar f tn Hey Sarah I too am a college student looking for health insurance, I was curios to know what you chose and what worked for you. Also did you add dental to your health insurance, I cant find many quotes with both to know how much together they would cost.
Avatar m tn I am so far a healthy 43 year old/m in pa. I am trying to decide which health insurance plan will be good for my situation and I am looking for some opinions here. This Month my group plan ends and I can take cobra but there is no financial benefit to taking my same PPO plan which gives me to price break for being unemployed. So I am trying to look at this at a meaningful way. Since my PPO was $475/m plue $29 dental I just cant be paying that on my own now.
Avatar n tn I am just getting my own dental insurance next month, so I believe I would have to wait a year to see a periodontist with this particular insurance. If you have any suggestions on how to keep my gums as healthy as possible, so that I can avoid more problems, please let me know. Thanks so much.
522926 tn?1212498745 I moved to Utah 2.5 years ago after failing treatment through the Cleveland Clinic. When I left I was on a maintainence program of interferon. I have seen 2 gastro doctors in Utah, both told me there was nothing they could do for me. My insurance refuses to approve to see Dr. Gish is Las Vegas. I am experiencing symptoms more each day and am asking for advice as to what options are open.