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Avatar n tn (Most of the other teeth were between 2 - 4 mm with no bone loss) I was referred to a periodontist who has recommended bone grafts for those two teeth in addition to scaling/planing. Fortunately I have good dental insurance that will cover most of this, but is there any chance of saving these teeth? Both have some mobility.
Avatar n tn s been in braces forever and we are looking toward dental implants when she is a few years older. However, I read where implants only last around15 years - is this true? Cost is definitely a factor since we have already spent a small fortune, so I am thinking bridge instead of the implants. Opinions?? Is there any other procedure we might consider? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I had dental implants in 10/08. I have had constant pain, mouth sores, headaches, burning pain in mouth, bad taste in mouth, bacteria in mouth. Dentists don't want to treat me until I "deal with the above issues." I get referred to oral surgeon, that was after ENT never saw anything like it. Insurance sends multiple biopsies to lab. Inconclusive - except when oral surgeon sends to a "special lab" that insurance doesn't pay for. $250.
Avatar n tn Hello, I has two back teeth removed (30 and 31) and the dentist is pushing for implants. I'm 55 and have put it off for a year and since I changed insurance I've learned about the 'missing tooth' clause. Since it's in the back, is a bridge a good option? I also work for an airline and can go overseas. Where would be the best place to get an implant done at a reasonable rate?
Avatar m tn my friend had several implants. the first year she had am exam every four months to quickly check on the healing and condition of her gums. this was because she had several bone grafts and numerous complications. she had cleanings every 6 months as normal. if she hadnt had so many problem it would have only required the normal routine of 6 month visits like regular teeth.
Avatar n tn The fee in general will depend on the number of implants and the type of restoration that is placed.This can also vary quite a bit and I would advise you to get a very close estimate before you start.
1012542 tn?1313354880 Hi Chris and welcome! If you don't have dental insurance, I'd go with the dentures, much cheaper. You could even get the "fixed" dentures where they are permanently attached to your bone. I'm not very familiar with implants other than how expensive they are. But there are others on here who are very familiar with it all, and they will respond quickly.
Avatar n tn [IMG][/IMG] X-Ray image above. The molar on my lower right (2nd tooth from the end) had a root canal and crown done at a very reputable dental clinic in NW Nassau several years ago, where I continue to go to recieve dental care.
Avatar f tn and now is ready to have something permanent done. I am a single parent that works full time I have dental and medical insurance but still cannot afford this.
Avatar n tn Hi, I took out a huge loan to have four dental implants done in 2007. I didn't like the way that they looked but they seemed to be functioning well and they were my back lower teeth. In May of this year one of the implants fell out within a three day period. I called my dentist and came in for an appointment. He told me that I needed to wait for three months and He would do the procedure again.
1530342 tn?1405016490 The bill is the result of a compromise between dentists and the Alliance of Health Insurers, a coalition of nine major health insurance companies that handle dental claims, said bill sponsor Rep. Joan Ballweg, R-Markesan. Dentists shouldn't have to foot the bill for services that insurance won't cover and they shouldn't pass the costs on to other patients, she said. The bill brings Wisconsin in line with 30 other states that have adopted similar standards, Ballweg said.
Avatar n tn I realize that my dental insurance is NOT my health insurance.
Avatar n tn If I have the ICD implanted would this prohibit me from getting dental implants - would there be any 'reaction' from the metal dental implants on the implantable cardiac defibrillator. If so, would it make a difference if I had the dental implants put in prior to the ICD or vice versa - or would getting the dental implants be out of the question all together? Thank you.
1824022 tn?1317476199 night guard as opposed to a soft. I will be looking into Dental Insurance instead of discount plans. I know I've done this before but better investigate again. It always baffled me as to why 'dental' procedures are less likely to be covered than not; went in fact your health can depend on good teeth. Thank you for your answers.
Avatar f tn He's been dealing with tooth pain and my insurance covers very little found out it'll be around $800.00 tip brave two extractions. I'm waiting till Dec1st 2016 when my second dental insurance kicks in.until than can i use clarithromycin 500 mg to help ease the pain? It was mine but i never had to use it.
Avatar m tn Make a new denture and secure it inside his mouth with three dental implants. The implants are only for supporting the new denture. The implants will remain in his mouth for all of his life. This will make it easy to chew. The side effects are minimal. #2: Try a new denture with additional teeth (more than 11 ) and use an adhesive for as long as possible. When this fails, a new denture along with dental implants will be needed (as mentioned in #1).
Avatar n tn , can you tell me about implants. Do they work better on the top than the bottom? Can they put implants in where decay was? Do they do implants at the same time they extract teeth or wait later to heal? Thanks for help.
Avatar f tn Another popular choice are thin whitening strips that are portable and easy to use. Teeth whitening strips are small plastic strips with a peroxide-gelled side that sticks to your teeth. Though whitening strips are mostly safe and easy to use.
315737 tn?1407298997 I have several dental implants and they gave me no trouble during tx. SInce you will only have crowns or bridgework underway you should be fine. I would not recommend major dental surgery during tx, but just uncovering the implants and fitting crowns on them should fe just fien. And you will love it when the dental work is complete. I don't think you have to wait. Good luck.