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Avatar n tn I am disabled on Original Medicare, have no intent to buy private insurance... I am wondering, is it possible for an individual to get real, stand alone dental insurance? Everything I've looked at caps yearly benefits at $1,000 or so which is completely insulting considering the premiums are close to half of that. Where can you buy dental insurance that gives you "REAL" coverage?
Avatar f tn Also should I be worried about the brown spot? And my last question is, should I apply towards dental insurance or could New Mexico medicaid cover all the expenses? My teeth never hurt but fillings are necessary as well as braces.
Avatar f tn You can go to a local dental school or contact your local dental society for a free clinic possibly. I think for California, medicaid doesn't cover dental anymore for adults so it may vary from state to state. It sounds like you have an abscess. Go to your primary care doctor and get a prescription for the infection to at least keep it under control while you find a dentist.
Avatar n tn I did some quick research on Assurant dental. It is NOT Insurance. It is a "savings plan". Any plan that advertises things like "no deductibles" no claim forms" no maximums" is NOT insurance. There are no deductibles, maximums, or claim forms because the "insurance" DOES NOT PAY ANYTHING TOWARDS YOUR CARE. It is basically a referral service whereby you are give a list of dentists who agree to accept very low fees on SOME (but in no way all) services.
Avatar n tn I know once u turn 21 u wont get dental u can still qualify for medical just not for dental thatswt they told me, but currently i get all benefits since im pregnant after pregnancy i go back to regular medical,
Avatar f tn By estimating the overall risk of healthcare expenses, a routine finance structure (such as a monthly premium or annual tax) can be developed, ensuring that money is available to pay for the healthcare benefits specified in the insurance agreement. Affordable health insurance plans available from Blue Cross California, Blue Shield, and top health insurance carriers. Health insurance quotes are instantly available online for you to review.
Avatar n tn I had medical at a point and I know they have dentical for dental and medical should cover optometrists because mine did. I haven't had it in over 4 years so it may be different but call and ask.
620877 tn?1282764097 I should clarify that I was talking about individual disability income insurance. It is a private policy (that I would pay for out of my own pocket) that protects your income if you become disabled long term. Social security disability is the same thing, but that is a part of the goverment plan that we can access (hopefully) if we are disabled. There is also group disability policies that are offered by employers as a part of your benefits - medical, dental, etc.
Avatar n tn It is very rewarding, but I am having a great deal of trouble getting insurance. I wanted to get an individual policy, high deductible, with the physicians we use in the network. The problem is that I have a benign arrthymia known as PACs (premature atrial contractions). I have been assured by my internist and cariologist that there is no problem, and no treatment is required.
Avatar m tn I am so far a healthy 43 year old/m in pa. I am trying to decide which health insurance plan will be good for my situation and I am looking for some opinions here. This Month my group plan ends and I can take cobra but there is no financial benefit to taking my same PPO plan which gives me to price break for being unemployed. So I am trying to look at this at a meaningful way. Since my PPO was $475/m plue $29 dental I just cant be paying that on my own now.
Avatar n tn I have been on a low cost state sponsored medical insurance for over 6 months, but it will end on Dec. 1st, and I will have to purchase an individual insurance plan. Would this be considered a pre-existing condition? If so, is it one that would make it pretty impossible to get health insurance? Also, my doctor wants me to get my goiter biopsied. I can get this done next week.
20707592 tn?1504238909 I survey in California many families are disturb and having no income source when there head of the family suffer from these types of disorders.I warm welcome to all the individual or families to give financial support by giving them Social Security Disability Insurance.But how to aware everyone about social security disability insurance program provided by Social Security Administration? Please let me know your views.
Avatar f tn I don't believe that you will find a health insurance company that will take you on. They consider pregnancy a "pre-existing condition" an will not take you under ther plans. I am seven weeks pregnant and have called many comparable companies and no one will provide a plan. Your best bet is to either apply for Medicaid if you qualify or find a clinic/hospital that will do a sliding scale payment (match the amount you pay based on your income). Best of luck!
Avatar f tn The only thing I liked about covered California is it helps you pay for your monthly payment for insurance. Instead of like 450 for insurance we would end up paying 163. But that depends on what company and what insurance you get. Btw the medical takes a lot longer now to process thanks to the healthcare reform so I say apply on time. It took me 3mos to find out I was denied for medical and now its too late for me to be covered by anything on my due date.
Avatar f tn s not just cleaning like brightening your teeth and it actually may have been more. Though it was with my place of insurance (health) I do not have dental insurance, just medical. This was in MN. (not MX) Stuff is cheaper here but I don't feel safe do anything medical or dental here. Thanks for the list of possibilities. The only one I can rule out is pregnancy. I'll research the rest. Sorry, it took me so long to check back on this. Thanks Caliban!
Avatar f tn , has been under fire for a week from regulators and politicians for notifying some of its 800,000 individual policyholders in California that it plans to raise rates by up to 39 percent March 1. The Anthem Blue Cross plan in Maine is asking for increases of about 23 percent this year for some individual policyholders. Last year, they raised rates up to 32 percent.
1216952 tn?1283675247 I was sent for a consultation for the removal of the tooth and an estimate of what is going to be done was sent to my dental benefits insurance company. The estimate noted: Extract Erupt Tooth/Exposed root, Splinting - Extracoronal, Bone Graft and Resorbable Barrier. My insurance company will not pay for the Splinting - Extracoronal, Bone Graft and Resorbable Barrier.
Avatar n tn Hi, my family live in California. My wife had a Blue Cross Individual plan when breast cancer was founded in September 2008. We immediately purchased another Blue Shield Group PPO plan through my employer and keep her individual plan at the same time. Right now I received bills with total around 5K from hospital and surgery doctor offices after they billed Blue Cross as primary and took Blue Shield as secondary.
Avatar f tn Google or look in your local phone book for dental schools. If you have no income or insurance they will usually do the work for free. I know several people who have went to dental schools and are very happy with the care.
Avatar f tn Hey everyone, I wasn't sure where to post and this is the first forum that came up so maybe I can find some answers? Please keep rude comments to yourself. My mom is the strongest woman I know. She's gone through hell and back taking care of my ill great grandfather for the last 12 years, all while forgetting to take care of herself and live her own life. Her teeth got really, really bad and have begun to fall out or are extremely chipped.
Avatar f tn I have insurance but have an individual out of pocket of 4000.00 with 2500 deductible. Luckily my avonex only cost me 10.00 a month due to the fact the I qualify for patient assistance based on my income.
Avatar n tn hi, i don't have any dental insurance so I need to pick and choose which tests and procedures at the dentist are really needed. I ask you this because I hope to find unbiased opinion. Last time I skipped the peridontal xray, but got the cavity xray and cleaning...he found 2 tiny cavities that ran me $400 out of my pocket but later a hygenist said maybe that wasn't necessary as the decay could have been reversed... So what do I "really" need..
1503643 tn?1311518238 When my husband and I first moved to the state of California; we applied for state medical insurance. This required a monthly premium of $993.00 a month. They call it a share of cost. In other had to get a bill higher than $993.00 in a specific month in order to get any help. I'm thinking to is our country set up to help the fellow man get further along in life? Wake up little girl! It's not! It's set up to bankrupt the poor and make the rich richer!
Avatar f tn I just got my first positive prego test a few hours ago and my husband and I are extremely excited! However it dawned on us that we have no health insurance and after looking into it, we don't qualify for medicare and unless we want to pay out the nose for it, we can't afford even individual just for me and the baby. Does anyone have a suggestion? His open enrollment doesnt come around for another couple of months and I lost my job a few months ago. :-( help!
Avatar f tn My question is, are there any programs available that treat patients who are not alcoholics, and are covered by most major insurance plans and treat the individual patient as opposed to a generalized group which seems to always include patients that are ordered by the courts to attend so as to prevent jail time? I don't have the time or the money to attend yet another generic, one size fits all, treatment program.
1027870 tn?1252056250 yes you too can have a dental plan that most reputable dentists will not accept! i would love to go to a dental mill full of new, inexperienced dentists.
Avatar f tn Nope insurance doesnt cover it :(( i tried researching it also insurance doesnt coverbit and each dr has their own prices geeeeshh
Avatar f tn Does anyone living in california, have insurance that is not work related - that covers IVF. Blue Shield does not cover anything to do with infertility?