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Avatar m tn If anyone is familair with the insurance industry I was wondering considering I have severe gum and bone disease in my jaw, could dental implant surgery be covered under medical insurance as it would be reconstructive surgery to restore normal speech and chewing function and to prevent disease and encourage new bone growth? Also are dentist willing to work on a payment plan as I could afford $500 a month.
Avatar f tn Because she or we (parents) do not have dental insurance, it's very costly to have dental implants. Would Dental Veneers be less expensive, and does she actually have to have teeth where the veneers would go, or can she do veneers instead of the implants? Also, we consulted with a dental school to see if they can do the implants for free, but they do not work on the front teeth only the back. Do you have any suggestions on how we can do this at low costs?
Avatar f tn I had dental implants in 10/08. I have had constant pain, mouth sores, headaches, burning pain in mouth, bad taste in mouth, bacteria in mouth. Dentists don't want to treat me until I "deal with the above issues." I get referred to oral surgeon, that was after ENT never saw anything like it. Insurance sends multiple biopsies to lab. Inconclusive - except when oral surgeon sends to a "special lab" that insurance doesn't pay for. $250.
Avatar n tn From working 20 years in dental, get 2 implants providing the bone is still there and be done with it. Don't wait too long because the bone will melt away thus causing more expense later........... Good luck. Plus in the US, Florida in particular there is a "discount" dental insurance plan, it's called Vital Savings from Aetna. It's 10 bucks a month and will usually provide you a 40-50% savings when purchasing/getting an implant.
Avatar m tn my friend had several implants. the first year she had am exam every four months to quickly check on the healing and condition of her gums. this was because she had several bone grafts and numerous complications. she had cleanings every 6 months as normal. if she hadnt had so many problem it would have only required the normal routine of 6 month visits like regular teeth.
Avatar m tn In 1992 thru 95 I went to a dental school for my dental work and they could not believe the amount of cavities surfacing each time they saw me, which was frequently. they tested my saliva to see if there was any connection. Nothing. I was thinking about writing them to suggest hep c testing in cases like mine. Teeth fracturing have been part of my life since then, I need about 6,000 bucks worth of work. It is depressing. Just had another extraction from a fractured tooth and need another done.
1530342 tn?1405020090 MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin's Republican-controlled state Assembly, over opposition from the powerful business lobby, passed a bill on a bipartisan vote Wednesday that would allow dentists to charge more for certain services by forcing changes in existing private contracts.
Avatar m tn I had a group insurance plan for 6 months with principal Insurance with Dental Implant rider. when it came time to start my proceedures I was denied because my teeth were pulled two weeks before I got the plan! Fine print always! Where can I go now to get Dental insurance that will cover Implants right away without a waiting period?
Avatar f tn 1) Implants floss like normal teeth, bridges are hard to floss under 2) Implants can esthetically look better 3) Implants do not put added stress on the abutment teeth like a bridge does (which can cause problems with the teeth the bridge is supported by). I am sorry you have had so much work done that has not been successful. And you are the perfect example of why I advise people who need to have anything other than a normal root canal done to just remove the tooth.
Avatar n tn The oral surgeon kept saying "there is no scientific studies that have been done ..." when we talk about taking out the dental implants. From what I have read on these multiple allergy to titanium posts -- regardless of dental, knee - it is clear most of us are suffering the same symptoms. We all may not be in a clinical study - but hello doctors - we are getting together in this forum.
Avatar n tn cavities, fillings, more fillings, splitting teeth, root canals, infections, gum disease, root scaling, extractions, bridges, implants and all the rest until dentures. And thats not the end... dental procedures cause aging trauma. A pulled tooth can result in numb toes, an overdose of anesthesia can last for two weeks and cause stomach problems. Root canals and dental infections can affect heart rate. Antibiotics can problem digestion.
Avatar f tn I am having a hard time emotionally after the placement of three dental crowns to replace big fillings. I have the feeling that two of them were totally unecessary and I feel I've lost two of my teeth. I hope to be wrong and I do not want to think my new dentist would do something this awful for cash. Need some reassurance! Two molars, one pre-molar. One of the molars had an old root canal, did not bother me at all but do understand that at some point it is good to crown them.
5907672 tn?1376487345 $35,000 for dental implants 4 in 1 done in 1 day. I would also need to pay to fly round trip to Las Vegas from New Orleans twice and hotel stay too. My next quote was for $59,000 they would save all the teeth they could, do root canals, caps, bridge and implants. And the third quote was for $60,000 full implants suppose to the the best. I would also have to pay for gas to Dallas Texas for 3 times and I would also need to pay hotel stay too.
Avatar n tn Redoing the crowns is bad enough though, jeesh, they are charging a lot of those, one can pretty much take most people's dental coverage for one year, what a joke...Maybe I should look into seperate dental insurance beforehand? Wonder if you can even do that, when youre partly covered for dental by your major insurance?... I'll certainly take your advice about the flouride varnish, I hope I don't crave carbs all the time, but I hear that you just eat what you can, for most people anyway.,...
Avatar f tn Apparently none of what we are reading is of any consequence to the conclusions of the safety of dental implants for the American Dental Association. Alot of the research reveals what can support the multi-million/billion?? dollar medical and pharmaceutical industry, I think. I was able to get the materials specification from the manufacturer of my dental implant in order to be tested for a reaction to these materials via the Melisa test.
Avatar f tn I'm in the early stages of periodontal disease (which my previous dentist apparently didn't see fit to mention), and my dental hygiene is terrible (I've already had one root canal and several cavities). In addition, my grandfather lost all his teeth at the age of eighteen. I use the Platypus product to floss, as I can't do it properly without it, even before I had braces. The new dentist checked my cavity causing bacteria level, which was over 8,000.
1763947 tn?1334058919 I am using essential oils on the bad tooth and hoping for the best since I don't have dental insurance.
1203997 tn?1265621638 I do not understand why the cost for dental implants is still so high and why there aren't more dentist trained to do them. Why doesn't dental insurance cover them? Dentures are beyond horrible. Anything that comes off or out is not exactly a good replacement for a natural body part. Dentures should be a unpleasant memory. When is someone going to come up with a system to help the average person afford bone grafts and dental implants?
Avatar n tn my teeth crack for no reason, mainly in the back. i want to get implants, but they are so expensive. i have mediciad insurance but it stops covering when your over 21 and i am now 24. what should i do cause i have no dental insurance but i really need to be seen?
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! I'm having issues, I needed four implants and have spent lots of money. The one that I really need done is now giving me issues. I'm going to try to make this short. I was seeing a specialist who does implant surgery. I paid $1,000 for bone graft. He did the scan and xray he said we was ready to go, however he moved his office 45 mins away so I just decided after the bone graft heals I'll see another specialist in dental surgery and he;ll put the implant in.
480448 tn?1426952138 Just had 3 teeth pulled and 2 implants put in. Need to have the same done on the other side. Good news is I have done this with just a little bit of pain meds!!!!
1807991 tn?1438783370 It just happened to my husband, although his dry mouth is from a different kind of med, he had 5 crowns go bad in only one year - and we dont have dental insurance. So far this hasn't hit me but I'm only 6 wks into TX. I've gotta be extra careful - we can't afford that many dental bills.
1012542 tn?1313358480 You need to add to this, the cost for anesthesia, synthetic bone (if needed) and xrays. Insurance does not cover implants. Studies show a five year success rate for lower jaw implants & 90% for upper (especially the posterior section) because it's less dense than the lower jaw, making a successful implantation potentially more difficult to achieve. Dental implants can fail for many reasons. Failure in the osseointegration process, implant in poor position.
Avatar n tn I also knew a woman who had her dental implants done there for free when they were first introduced. GOOD LUCK.
Avatar n tn I'm at the university of calif dental school as a patient and will be trying to decide on implants or not....most insurance doesn't cover the procedure at all....there must be a reason for that....but it also makes it a what the market will bear procedure for a favorite for them to sell This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/422149'>implant or bridge?</a>.
Avatar n tn The molar on my lower right (2nd tooth from the end) had a root canal and crown done at a very reputable dental clinic in NW Nassau several years ago, where I continue to go to recieve dental care. Before the root canal the tooth was giving me pain due to a cavity that went too deep, after the RCT I had no problems with the tooth, until late this summer, even I had swelling (but no pain) in the gum around the tooth.
Avatar n tn My dental insurance does not cover anything but the basics. And they don't pay much on that. I have thrown away thousands of dollars so far. Along with all this talk of medical insurance for all, they should be talking dental insurance for all, even those of us with medical insurance. Why don't your teeth count as important! Anyway,, My xrays are picture perfect. If there is a crack it is below where the xray can see.
Avatar f tn I also had 2 implants put in that hold a partial in the back on both sides. My dental problems do not relate to my drug use though. My teeth started breaking off when I was really young due to a lack of calcium. My mother’s teeth did the exact same thing. My work has taken place over the past 10 years, and I would hate to add up how much I have spent over the years. Just Tuesday I had to have one of the crowns cut off because the post broke and the crown wouldn’t come off.
Avatar n tn Hi Everybody, I have been searching for over a year now for a way to pay for sorely needed dentures with implants. I got many quotes from various places; I tried applying for carecredit, citibank & any other financing plans & was turned down by all of them. Unfortunately, my credit isn't good enough. I don't know anyone who will/can cosign for me either. I'm 56 years old, on disability, no family or friends nearby. I live alone with my dog.