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Avatar n tn On my first visit I had 3-cavitys filled. The cost after my insurance was $144. factor in the dental discount plan and my out of pocket cost was only $14!!! Check it out at everyone is aproved! no exclusions! start right away! There is even a bonus code- DDP10 - that will get you an additional 10% off yearly dues. Let me know if you find providers that will accept both in your city.
Avatar n tn hi, i don't have any dental insurance so I need to pick and choose which tests and procedures at the dentist are really needed. I ask you this because I hope to find unbiased opinion. Last time I skipped the peridontal xray, but got the cavity xray and cleaning...he found 2 tiny cavities that ran me $400 out of my pocket but later a hygenist said maybe that wasn't necessary as the decay could have been reversed... So what do I "really" need..
Avatar m tn I am planning on getting them removed soon due to recurrent infections and I was wondering if it is more cost effective to get a dental insurance plan or pay out of pocket. What are the typical cost to remove something like this? Will there be surgery required? How much will a good insurance plan cover or is it more cost effective to just pay out of pocket? Thank you.
Avatar n tn rj47, I am not sure where you are from, but there is a good dental clinic in South Carolina. If you don't have dental insurance or can't afford to pay in one lump sum, they have a payment plan for any work done. I went there on Wednesday and had dentures put in on the top and a partial on the bottom. My total cost was 525.00. That includes everything.
Avatar m tn You can also contact your local dental society to see if there are any local free or low cost clinics which provide dental care as well.
Avatar m tn Hello, I can't remember the last time I was at the dentist but at the time the dentist said I had no cavities. Now I'm 21 and I have a cavity in on of my top molars. I don't know what to do, I don't have dental insurance and I really don't have the money to get it fixed. I don't want to wait any longer and have it get any worse but I don't have the extra arm and a leg the dentists charge.
Avatar f tn Hey Sarah I too am a college student looking for health insurance, I was curios to know what you chose and what worked for you. Also did you add dental to your health insurance, I cant find many quotes with both to know how much together they would cost.
Avatar m tn I am so far a healthy 43 year old/m in pa. I am trying to decide which health insurance plan will be good for my situation and I am looking for some opinions here. This Month my group plan ends and I can take cobra but there is no financial benefit to taking my same PPO plan which gives me to price break for being unemployed. So I am trying to look at this at a meaningful way. Since my PPO was $475/m plue $29 dental I just cant be paying that on my own now.
Avatar n tn She really need some help. Does anyone know of a place that will take someone without dental insurance in Lake County, IL. She fears the infection may have entered her sinus cavity as last time she went in they told her she had a sinus infection. please help!!
485259 tn?1519047026 The bad part of all of this now is While I have a treatment date for 5 hours of dental work ( getting most of it done in one session) I no longer have dental insurance and even at a Dental school/clinic the total cost is just about 15,000.00. SO I began with great fear of getting more dental work done as you were, I then had some hope the treatment could happen in a TN friendly enviorment, but now I am once again feeling hopless because of the Cost.
Avatar f tn Hi Frrecks, I'm sorry that I don't know anything about the insurance, since we still have private insurance. It has to be so difficult to set aside the financial worries and concentrate on feeling better. I do know a lot of the DMD companies have programs to assist anyone without insurance. As for my private insurance cost, my employer just finished the open enrollment for next year and here is what I will be paying for my health insurance - $238.00 a month for me and my spouse.
Avatar n tn So i been 3 day with a toothache. my whole left side is swollen i can't eat i can't talk i cabt eveb turn my head to the side cause it hurts me I'm 15 wks pregnant and i have a problem w my insurance is from.NY and in the state that i live now the doc don't accept it cause is out of state i have and appoitment to chanqe it on November 6 with out that i can't have a prenatal care.
229857 tn?1319029907 Do any of you have insurance for your pets? If so is it worth it and what is a good company? Thanks.!
Avatar n tn drank non-diet soda by the gallon, and rarely i am assuming brushed his teeth. Now he is jobless and broke, no health or dental insurance and too old to put on our insurance policies....Any suggestions of what to do? We certainly cannot afford the cost it will take to correct the problem. I am just sick over this! Any help appreciated!!!
Avatar f tn Hey yall. I have been suffering with tooth-aches for about 5 years now. I do not have dental insurance, so I just go to the dentist as I can afford to. I'm pretty sure that I need the rest of my teeth pulled and need some dentures. My question is, : Does anybody know of a Dental collage anywhere in Florida Or Alabama that does work for free or low cost ?
Avatar f tn I have persistent pain in my upper gums. I brush daily and try to floss but it is too painful and I bleed a lot when floss. I tried changing my toothpaste to a gun health one but after six months, I see little change in my pain. I don't have dental insurance, so what should I do?
Avatar n tn s been in braces forever and we are looking toward dental implants when she is a few years older. However, I read where implants only last around15 years - is this true? Cost is definitely a factor since we have already spent a small fortune, so I am thinking bridge instead of the implants. Opinions?? Is there any other procedure we might consider? Thanks.
Avatar f tn And as a side question should our health I insurance pick up some of the cost as this is due to a medical condition/radiation for cancer. I ask because dental insurance only covers like 2k a year which won't help much! Thank you for your help!!
1619762 tn?1298867963 thanks anyways im gonna try n do the salt water thing n listreain
Avatar f tn If cost is an issue, you may want to either take him to a local dental school or contact your local dental society for help with finances.
Avatar f tn The dentist who did the work cannot see me for a week unless there is a cancellation. Not all of us have dental insurance and this procedure was very expensive. Is the dentist not accountable for what he does? He told me the expense was worth it because I would have no more problems with this molar. So what recourse do I have? I know when I do finally get to see him, it is going to be an expensive visit.
Avatar m tn They can't do a RC on tooth 14. It's loose and needs to be extracted, so needs an implant or bridge but I'm not sure if there's enough bone for an implant. I'm guessing that an implant PLUS a bone graft is even MORE expensive than just an implant right? Then I have the cost of extraction, two crowns, a buildup and who knows what else. I'm not sure what all this could come up to. My insurance won't pay for implants.
Avatar m tn Try a local dental college. They offer low-cost clinics.
Avatar n tn its getting more and more difficult to find free or low cost dental care. even dental schools have raised their rates considerably. if you are unable to work due to disability you can file for government aid. if not you can find a local dentist who will accept payment plans. when i found out i needed a root canal i found a second job as a grocery checker until i payed it off. the emergency room will not fix your teeth.
1709021 tn?1308184343 Hi lady, that would be awesome if the Obamacare did cover dental too. I'm on disability and I don't have dental coverage either and it's sad because bacteria in the gums can affect your heart health. I know the false teeth are expensive, my mother had a tooth knocked out during surgery last August, it was hanging there literally, it had to be pulled. It was from a tube they put down her throat, she was furious! I would have been too.
946207 tn?1246134385 it might not be pretty but it will eliminate the infection. dental clinics usually will cover extractions and even if they dont the cost is cheap compared to other solutions. you have some form of income since you arent able to collect aid and you can afford internet so most regular dentists either accept payment plans of care credit. good luck.