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Avatar f tn Anthem is an insurance company, but maybe only in CT? Not sure.
7482680 tn?1404839491 Does anyone have Anthem blue cross blue shield insurance?? I want to know if they cover breastpumps.
Avatar m tn Thanks in advance for your help and any information. I just cannot afford to gamble on Anthem, or any insurance company. None of us can.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with having infertility problems i have blue cross blue sheild that i purchased outside my job to cover for myself and husbands health. Is there anyway i can see a specialist to undergo ivf that the insurance will cover part of the cost?
Avatar m tn Do insurance companies such as Anthem typically pay for the drugs to treat hep c when you have severe fibrosis? My doctors seem to be leaning toward me getting in a trial study. I get the feeling its because they know at stage 3-4 my cure rate is less which makes me think the insurance co. influences their decisions.
Avatar f tn does anyone have anthem insurance? Do you happen to know a anytime phone number for them? Trying to find out if they cover first trimester nuchal screening. I know i am on their lumenos hsa plan (savings account). I've tried calling the numbers on the back of my insurance card but it keeps telling me to call during regular hours but i need to know now for my appointment Monday. Thank you mommas!
Avatar n tn May I ask which IVF insurance plan you purchased from Anthem? How much is the monthly premium?
Avatar f tn Mine were covered, and I had anthem at the time. Just call and ask.
Avatar m tn Dear grasshopper, I would normally encourage you to obtain some Individual health insurance coverage, but with your pre-existing condition, you may not qualify for an underwritten health insurance plan. However in your state (VA) Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shied may have some options for. You can contact Anthem VA at toll free 1-800-304-0372. Should you find yourself in need of medications before you obtain your converge, visit www.NeedyMeds.
9246787 tn?1404943147 Ok so I know many people have been asking how to get their best pump through the insurance do here is how I got mine I called my insurance to make sure it was covered it was then on a site I saw that you can get your breast pump at target so I called my local target and they said all I needed was a prescription from my doctor that said breast pump and insurance card got one went to the target pharmacy and in less than 30 min I had mutt breast pump if I knew it was so easy I would of done it the
Avatar f tn s not to personal who do u have your insurance through? I have Anthem, I called and they said I was covered for a free pimp but I forgot to asks the few questions above ^^^ if I need to I can call back but jw if you could enlighten me a bit. Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn I have Anthem Insurance, does my insurance cover the cost of the test, and if not how much is it ? The nurse practitioner at my OBs office said she doesnt know. I dont see my dr until june 30th.
Avatar m tn Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help me with a health insurance question? About a year ago Anthem Covered two separate visits to the doctors office that I had gone to. So initially they paid and I thought I was all set. Now, almost a year later, they retracted payment due to my coverage ending within days of the visits. I understand if I wasn't covered, but I am wondering how they can pay for it and then decide they were wrong and bill me a year later?
1256437 tn?1301553479 I just had mine this week and it cost me $244 out of pocket, with Anthem insurance.
Avatar f tn Kansas had one recent case where one insurer wanting to raise most individual rates 20 percent to 30 percent was persuaded by state insurance officials to reduce the increases to 10 percent to 20 percent. The insurance department would not identify the company but said it was not Anthem.
Avatar f tn Very dissapointed! I have VERY good insurance. Everything ive heard and read online about the affordable care act covering the cost of breast pumps was misleading. I was under the impression that I could get the breast pump of my choice and the insirance would cover the cost or part of it. But no, the onl elligible breast pump is a single manual pump. When I go back to work and have to pump at work that will not work. They dont even offer a benefit ammount if I want a different kind!!
Avatar m tn I have my own company in CA, i'm looking into a new group health insurance, does anyone know of a carrier that covers infertility? IUI, IVF ...? If you work for a company that covers it, can you please let me know the plan you are on? Thank you...
5032487 tn?1365824021 and does anyone know of a hepatologist that accepts blue cross anthem medi-cal managed care in the SF bay area? thank you so much!
Avatar f tn My insurance is Anthem and they said I can receive the pump up to 30 days prior to birth.....I believe it said you have to have a prescription from your doctor....
745313 tn?1323142298 My company just switched from Anthem to Aetna. I was worried about the Anthem benefits with treatment, but I know nothing about Aetna. Anyone? I'm in California if that makes a difference.
Avatar f tn Thank you. Good to know. My cousin was under the impression that a test like this would cost a couple thousands but it wasn't what my doc had mentioned.
Avatar n tn hi, i don't have any dental insurance so I need to pick and choose which tests and procedures at the dentist are really needed. I ask you this because I hope to find unbiased opinion. Last time I skipped the peridontal xray, but got the cavity xray and cleaning...he found 2 tiny cavities that ran me $400 out of my pocket but later a hygenist said maybe that wasn't necessary as the decay could have been reversed... So what do I "really" need..
Avatar n tn I am now on medicare and anthem blue cross will only provide me with a 30 day supply. The reason given is that oxymorphone HCL ER 7.5 MG TAB is not on their formulary. Without the insurance this medication cost $300.00. I take it 2 x a day and it is very addictive. I did think that we/they understood that using blue cross was an option only if this drug was covered. What to do?.... In continuing, it seems I've come to the wrong site.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am a 67 year old female and wanting to know how me and my husband can apply for medicare supplement insurance. Is there any requirements, and which is the best company to choose? I went to but not sure if it's where I need to go to get a plan.
1027870 tn?1252056250 yes you too can have a dental plan that most reputable dentists will not accept! i would love to go to a dental mill full of new, inexperienced dentists.