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Avatar n tn Current thought is that bridges only last about 10 years, and I do not agree with dental implants only lasting15 yrs. One significant problem with bridges is that you must destroy at least two perfectly healthy teeth in your childs mouth for each tooth being replaced. I do not consider that "conservative." Since your child has a medical condition called partial anodontia it may be covered by medical insurance.
Avatar m tn I HAVE 9 IMPLANTS AND THE DENTIST WHO DID THE IMPLANS SAID i should have them professionally clean by her office every 4 months @$150-00 a visit.IS THIS REALLY A STANDARD PROCEDURE OR IS SOME BODY TRYING TO GET EXTRA MONEY? This discussion is related to <a href=''>dental implant care</a>.
Avatar f tn I had dental implants in 10/08. I have had constant pain, mouth sores, headaches, burning pain in mouth, bad taste in mouth, bacteria in mouth. Dentists don't want to treat me until I "deal with the above issues." I get referred to oral surgeon, that was after ENT never saw anything like it. Insurance sends multiple biopsies to lab. Inconclusive - except when oral surgeon sends to a "special lab" that insurance doesn't pay for. $250.
315737 tn?1407298997 I have several dental implants and they gave me no trouble during tx. SInce you will only have crowns or bridgework underway you should be fine. I would not recommend major dental surgery during tx, but just uncovering the implants and fitting crowns on them should fe just fien. And you will love it when the dental work is complete. I don't think you have to wait. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Hello, I has two back teeth removed (30 and 31) and the dentist is pushing for implants. I'm 55 and have put it off for a year and since I changed insurance I've learned about the 'missing tooth' clause. Since it's in the back, is a bridge a good option? I also work for an airline and can go overseas. Where would be the best place to get an implant done at a reasonable rate?
Avatar n tn The fee in general will depend on the number of implants and the type of restoration that is placed.This can also vary quite a bit and I would advise you to get a very close estimate before you start.
1012542 tn?1313354880 This is a very late posting so if you havent had the work done I would borrow the money for implants. I'm 79 years old and had medical/dental problems and went from permanent bridgework three time which just wore out good teeth to an upper partial which was replaced five times as I lost bone. Now I'm just finishing implants which are like replacing my teeth. I'm healthy, work full time stilll, have to speak to people in training sessions and should never wasted money on dentures.
Avatar f tn he is 17 now and has worn braces and now wears retainers on top and bottom; and now is ready to have something permanent done. I am a single parent that works full time I have dental and medical insurance but still cannot afford this.
Avatar n tn caused my Dilantin, since IT was the cause of my unsightly teeth, the need for periodontal surgery (even though I use an electric toothbrush, Listerine, and keep my mouth/teeth clean as a whistle) and may well have to have two dental implants to anchor a bridge for the darn teeth that have rotted so badly in 3 months that they must be extracted (Shiver...
1824022 tn?1317476199 Hi, I'm really sorry you have had so much trouble. Please do check and see if you're a candidate for implants. I have four and they are just wonderful. I hope this will resolve itself all to your satisfaction. Good luck and let us know how you are.
1763947 tn?1334055319 I am using essential oils on the bad tooth and hoping for the best since I don't have dental insurance.
1754670 tn?1312378295 Length of time from start to finish can take up to a year depending on how many teeth are removed and how many implants are placed, and the success of each. Normally it's one implant per removed tooth, but there are mini implants that can hold full sets of dentures or implant supported bridges that also can be used, rather than each singly.
Avatar m tn Make a new denture and secure it inside his mouth with three dental implants. The implants are only for supporting the new denture. The implants will remain in his mouth for all of his life. This will make it easy to chew. The side effects are minimal. #2: Try a new denture with additional teeth (more than 11 ) and use an adhesive for as long as possible. When this fails, a new denture along with dental implants will be needed (as mentioned in #1).
Avatar n tn Crowns left spaces between teeth allowing food stuck in there. Saw new DDS and he did full mouth x-rays and told to have my upper teeth pulled and have implants. I saw the film where former DDS filled teeth and placed crowns and it was all black (decay) I was told decay under the crown and gums was hopeless to do anything to save these teeth but extract and implants. I saw a Protodontist. He wanted 30,000.00 and gave me a form for low interest payment plan.
Avatar f tn Another popular choice are thin whitening strips that are portable and easy to use. Teeth whitening strips are small plastic strips with a peroxide-gelled side that sticks to your teeth. Though whitening strips are mostly safe and easy to use.
1345326 tn?1276449602 I have four implants and my DH has seven. We both love them. The process to get to the end is long and, unfortunately expensive, but it has been so worth it. Do you have any specific questions that we can help you with?
Avatar m tn I have a history of possible Cherubism with Neurofibrmatosis. I have had no flare ups of any sort since I was 14 (I am not 22) Like all the literature says it has regressed into nothing more then swelling of the jawline with overgrowth of gum tissue and loss of many permament teeth. I do still have some discoloration of my gums which may be cysts or pockets still left over from the tumors and/or cysts. My question is with extensive peridontic work would implants ever be possible.
Avatar n tn Now I am 28 and went to the Dentist to get this taken care of and I do have dental insurance and the baby tooth is 2 from the front so I just cant have it pulled out I would have a gap and it would show :( so the dentist told me I have to get the baby tooth pulled and get braces on top and bottom to have the adult tooth push and turn to the front. Now this seems like too much to go through ..I mean Im too old for braces and they cost almost 5000.00 out of pocket.
Avatar n tn I work in an oral and maxillofacial surgery office where we place dental implants. The surgeons I work for are worried that mini implants are being marketed as being the same as regular dental implants. This just isn't the case. Mini implants are meant to be only a temporary solution. The failure rate for minis is much, much higher than regular implants as well.
Avatar m tn Dental implants are quite effective treatment to deal with dental issues like missing teeth, tooth decay and when you need new teeth for your whole mouth, dental implants can help. It actually depends on the type of treatment you have decided to take or whatever is recommended by your dentist.
Avatar f tn What is the success rate for a bottom left molar dental implant? What is the expected healing time and common complication/s during and after procedure? Thank you for your time doctor.