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Avatar f tn When do you start using the cream to delay your period? Say it's delayed 4 days will your cycle remain regular after you stop taking the cream?
1287017 tn?1537898943 1 was 36 days and the other was 34 days. I am on CD 42. Will progesterone cream delay my period this much. I mean really. If you want to know more about what's going on my cycle, just friend me.
Avatar f tn guidance is helpful for others like me. lol I am having opposite, my period all of a sudden spaced out and is delayed. Sigh.
958812 tn?1268764172 Progesterone cream is going to make your period a little screwy or can even make it late. I was on follie shots along with hcg trigger shots along with progesterone suppositories... I had to have my blood checked on the 14th or 15th day and my period never started until a few days after I stopped the suppositories. If you are pregnant than it is a great idea to start the progesterone cream or suppositories but I am not sure about before you find out that you are pregnant.
Avatar f tn You can also get a really good progesterone cream that is very close is molecular structure to what we naturally produce through Arbonne International. You could probably google it to find the website. It's smart to get a blood test first and I think you should definitely request that. Most Western doctors do not know a lot about this and will probably not condone it easily. But I personally believe it can be very beneficial.
5489145 tn?1368721437 In the last 7 months I've had 1 period, it was induced by progesterone cream. But its been 2 n a half months n still no period... my dr said I don't have low progesterone but everytime my period goes absent I take progesterone cream or provera... what else could my problem be? in the last 2 yrs I've only had my period 3 or 4 times a yrs...
Avatar f tn What kind of progesterone are you taking. I'm taking a vaginal cream called Crinone. I feel pretty good with it. Just extra tired than before i was taking it.
391060 tn?1204749484 because they did another test aside from the progesterone because I am delayed, not sure what that was anymore. Anyway so I had a high progesterone level last month wich means I ovulated but missed the BD timing :( She said "Your progesteron spiked up but will await for your period in the next couple of days" I was devastated. So it could be anything, I will find out what test I did and let you know.
358971 tn?1330888975 B6, progesterone cream, Evening Primrose Oil capsules.... I know B6 and progesterone cream are supposed to help with luteal phase defects so I'm wondering if I can take them both or should I choose one over the other? and can i take EPO with both/either of them? I'm trying to fix my estrogen dominance as well as increase my chances of conceiving when it's time....
358971 tn?1330888975 if i took progesterone supplements before ovulation (accidentaly) and stopped/delayed ovulation, does that mean i won't have a period this month?
Avatar f tn Has anyone used progesterone cream ordered from the internet? We've decided to put off seeking fetility counciling at the present time, but my tests showed a really low progesterone level (1.9 on CD 23) so I've been doing some research and I have alot a symptoms that go along with progesterone deficiency and am thinking about ordering progesterone cream to try and correct this issue. Just wondering if anyone else has tried this.
Avatar f tn I read a lot of different articals about progesterone cream and how it can prevent early miscarriage due to low progesterone and how great it is. I also read conflicting information on it. My question to you is have you used it? Do you think it made a difference in your pregnancy or your ttc journey?
869388 tn?1250452002 Hi, another question,,,, I have had two MC in the last year, and my doctor of course would run no test to help me figure out why, he just told me to go on BC for 3 months to reset my cycles (ya right) So I ovulated on March 28 so I started treating myself with natural progesterone cream 2x a day. I am now 17 DPO, should I continue to use the cream? I have only been on it for 2 weeks but I cant help to think that is why I even made it to 17 DPO, with good HCG lvls.
Avatar f tn Can anyone direct me to a place to buy Natural Progesterone Cream. There are so many different places on the web and I don't know who to trust and what site is just trying to get money for nothing. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Right before I got a diagnosis, my ob gyn gave me a 10 day course of progesterone and I had a period. When I sent the doctor's report to my ob gyn she asked if I had any hot flashes and I said no. She said there was nothing more they could do for me because my FSH, estrodial, LH were all high from that blood test that I had. I haven't had a period since that last one in September (from the progesterone).
Avatar f tn So I have PCOS, And I have been trying to get pregnant naturally for two years now. Are used to use progesterone cream before and in the past it has always worked perfectly for me always got my period on time while using the cream though.. I took a little break once I noticed nothing was working. I really want to have a baby so I've decided to try again recently I started The progesterone cream again so i can start taking my Clomid!
384150 tn?1399904816 Has anyone with a short luteral phase used the natural progesterone cream and found it helpful??
Avatar f tn I also don't think progesterone changes your cycle at all. I am wondering if possibly the IUI delayed your period? Were there any fertility drugs to take before you had it? I know I am on chlomid and have been told my cycle could lengthen as a result. Or as Rachel suggested, stress could have been the culprit. It doesn't sound like a miscarriage to me either, but anything is possible. Take care and best of luck to you.
1287017 tn?1537898943 I would continue the progesterone cream until AF starts. Progesterone cream will not prevent your cycle from starting, and in the case that a BFP is on the way, you'd want to still be on it. I know sometimes the progesterone can delay your period a bit, so what's going on is normal, especially since you took it like you were supposed to this month. Start taking it again, and wait for AF, but hopefully a BFP!! Good luck!
Avatar f tn Lil Lady is correct. Progesterone is a hormone supplement, so you have to have a dr's prescription to get it. Why were you thinking about starting it? Did a doctor recommend it?
Avatar f tn Yes. Progesterone cream can cause some break through bleeding. Call your doctor, she may need to readjust the cream dosage. She will be more likely to help you sort out as to whether this bleeding is indeed your period or the cream usuage.
Avatar f tn I found progesterone cream and Metformin ER has helped with the PCOS symptoms. Many of us with PCOS have low progesterone levels. Progesterone cream helps to raise levels and it also helps to balance the thyroid. Metformin ER can help with the elevated glucose, insulin, and testosterone levels.
Avatar f tn Why are you asking about ovulation predictor tests (OPKs)... yes I use them every cycle but I was asking about progesterone and if it can cause a period to be heavier. I had stage 2 endo removed in March and I was hoping periods would be a little less painful. And I do take Vicoden at night if the cramps are bad. Thanks for your reply though.
Avatar n tn t gotten a period in 2 weeks to come see her and she can give progesterone to make my period come. Any advice would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn t be going through the regular cycle of high estrogen before ovulation and high progesterone after. By using the progesterone supplement, you would basically trick your body into thinking you ovulated and therefore induce a period, which hopefully then will get your cycles back on track and get you a regular ovulation next month. Temping is a great idea, though...