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Avatar n tn What types of hormonal imbalances can cause delayed ovulation? I"m going to call my OB/GYN a little later and see if he can order some bloodwork or something.. I just had a normal pap. Right now I'm on CD56. My previous two cycles were 63 days and 81 days. I had a miscarriage in May and it took 98 days before I had a cycle. I know I'm ovulating, because I have gotten pregnant twice in the past 23 months(1 miscarriage, 1 ectopic). In the past year, I've only had 3 cycles. Thanks guys!
Avatar n tn But if it's always been tried and true, my first thought would be that you have delayed ovulation. And it's most likely because you're trying to coneive, and are stressed out and nervous thinking a lot about it, and this can most certainly delay ovulation. Try having a nice glass of wine unless you are way against drinking, and try to not think about it. I did this, before I ovulated, was so afraid I wasn't going to, and low and behold, the next morning I got a positive OPK.
Avatar n tn i had a delayed ovulation this cycle too(((. i oed on cd23. i would suggest to wait, do not take anything and see what happens. if you've been charting for 4 months then you have a good amount of info to take to your doc. he/she will know what meds are good for you. i also suggest to go after you oed so they can check your progesterone levels too.
Avatar f tn My skin and my digestive system allways have special manner during ovulation but I had none of them in the supposed ovulation time.I took urin pregnency test after 5 day delay but it was negative and my breasts , chest and waist are very paiful.Am I pregnant?
Avatar n tn While I agree that anytime you have unprotected sex, you run the risk, I would say that during this time frame, it was probably past her ovulation time-most leuteal phases (the phase after ovulation, but before your period starts) last longer than four days.
Avatar n tn If so, there could be many reasons for that. Sometimes ovulation is delayed and when that happens, your period will be delayed too. It could be because of stress, too much exercise...or you could have been pregnant and had an early miscarriage (but if it was a miscarriage, I think you would have known). There are a number of other reasons too why ovulation is delayed sometimes. Are your cycles normally regular?
Avatar n tn for example the pas year i didnt have any period at all. Last month i had my period right on time... This month i havent had it yet...and i am 6-7 days late. That time between last month and this one, i did some foreplay but not sex. Can this be a reason that my period is late? I mean has to do with any psycologic reasons and stuff?
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm a 24-yr-old and my period is delayed. When it comes to my cycle, mine is not precisely 28-day cycle. Sometimes it is 28 days sometimes it took 33 days. I have a boyfriend and have had sex, but he always uses condoms and never had ejaculation inside. So we are thinking that it's unlikely to be a pregnancy. However, today is my 32th day of my cycle and I began to worry, so did my boyfriend.
Avatar f tn I saw my period for 9 days after an abortion,had sex around my ovulation period but took postinol instantly.i am two days late,having all the signs of menstration but my period has not still started.please i need an answer instantly,my fiancee and i are not ready to have a baby now.
Avatar m tn I had my period on June 24th lasting for 7 day's then on July 8th I started spotting brownish/reddish color which lasted about 6 or 7 day's and today I am suppose to have my normal period but nothing so far. Could I have had ovulation or implantation bleeding? I did take a test about 4 day's ago but it was negative. My husband and I so want to have a baby and I have never been on birth control and I have no kids. I am praying for a baby. Anyone ever have this problem? If so what was the cause?
Avatar n tn (to be honest, the lemon water probably had no effect) Without a period, it is pretty difficult to predict when the next ovulation will be, so I would recommend having intercourse daily or every other day and hoping to get lucky! Once your next period starts you will be able to guess at that next one. If your cycles continue to be longer than 35 days, you should see your doctor. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Plus, I now am trying again to get pregnant again, but worry if I shouldn't have given this delayed ovulation. I don't know if delayed ovulation is bad, normal variability given the recent m/c, and if I should or shouldn't try to get pregnant during this delayed ovulation? Thanks for any advice.
Avatar n tn all the ovulation calanders i found online put my ovulation period a week to ten days before i believe i got pregnant my period was due the 19th or 20th of dec. i think the date of conception was the 15th is it possible i was ovulating on the 15th or would i have had to have gotten pregnant before then?
Avatar n tn Stress (good or bad), travel, new job, etc. can all cause a delayed ovulation and therefore delay your period.. Your body must menstrate and create a new cycle for ovulation to occur, if you hadnt alreay ovulated ...
Avatar n tn So when can I test for pg.
Avatar m tn You ovulate before you get a period. A period is triggered by ovulation. You ovulate and then get a period approximately 2 weeks later. So either you are pregnant or you aren't ovulating.
Avatar n tn Hello, Delayed periods is not a reported side effect of acyclovir. Delayed or missed period is known as amenorrhea. Apart from pregnancy, there are many other reasons for a delayed period. The other causes are hormonal imbalance like in PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome), stress, obesity, malnutrition, anemia, hypothyroidism, illness, etc.
Avatar f tn He agreed we're both more than ready so why not have a little fun with it. Well, my period is late. My last period was July 2nd - July 7th. My cycle length is normally between 34-38 days. We had sex: July 27, 29 and August 2, 8, 11, 19. I've taken two pregnancy test one one on August 18 and today August 26 both were negative. Is my period just late or am I taking the test too early? Please help!
Avatar f tn Some tests would not show right away because it's just too early and there is not enough hormones in your body. Try to determine your fertile period/ovulation, which normally happens 14 days before your next period. If you had sex around this time, you could be pregnant. It also all depends on your firm of contraception, if you used any. It's not clear to me what kind of pills you took... Good luck!
Avatar n tn I had a miscarriage last year and ever since have found it difficult to conceive. I am currently using an ovulation kit but no progress. My question is wat is the cause for late period (always 4 days) after i have intercourse the day i ovulate? If i dont have intercourse during these days my period comes on its normal dates with no cramps etc.
Avatar f tn stress may have delayed your ovulation (and as a result, your periods), if however, you didnt ovulate around 8th and your bf did leave any of his stuff in you.
Avatar f tn You are more likely having problems with ovulation and if you are then your period wouldn't start without medication to start it. Wait the week or so and if it doesn't start then see your doctor.
Avatar f tn Hey, my period has been delayed by 2 days now its now the third day I had a brown discharge that smelt like my period (sorry tmi) this morning it stopped. I don't think I'm pregnant even though I did have sex around ovulation time I did use protection.. should I be seeing my period soon or should I still test? I have normal pms symptoms like sore breasts.
Avatar n tn Yes, Provera is often prescribed to force a period.