Delayed period cramps

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Avatar n tn i am delayed for 7 days..i am sexually active since my last period bu my boyfriend didn't get in to me since our first sex..i am worried because my lower abdominal cramps after i have my i pregnant?
Avatar n tn hi pls am eslac and need ur help,am regular 32cycle length i had my menses last month on the 18th of august,antiflo is suppose to com on19 of this month but i feel some stomach and abdominal cramps but my antiflo has delayed i still havnt checked if am prego,but pls i need ur help do u think its pregnancy or delayed period....
Avatar f tn I just got my period... paranoid for nothing! Thank you.
Avatar f tn my last period was on the 28 of dec. and now it fed.
Avatar f tn i have cramps since last week , and still i don't have my period and i'm releasing something with an annoying smell, others tell me that i might be pregnant, because i have a low womb, maybe that's reason why i'm having cramps. I'm really frustrated can you help me ?
Avatar n tn If i dont have intercourse during these days my period comes on its normal dates with no cramps etc.
Avatar f tn Now iam not planning to have a second one so,i was little bit tense for missing my period. Back pain ,white discharge from virgina, leg cramps are there as before cycle starts. Iam not getting nausea,Then what may cause the delay of my period .Please any one help me.
Avatar f tn If that's the case you should see your Dr. If I were you I would go for that, the cramping and the delayed period. You can be tested for pregnancy while your there too.
Avatar n tn Yes, Provera is often prescribed to force a period.
Avatar n tn I am about a week late but I am having cramps--like I usually do before I start my period. However, I havent bled yet but I am still cramping. I know I am not pregnant because I was tested a little more than a month ago and havent had sex since. Also, no signs of pregnancy (no morning sickness, breasts feel fine, no fatigue) What could this be?
Avatar n tn Gynecological conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and uterine cysts or polyps, can also bring about alteration in menstrual cycle. However, pregnancy is still the most common cause of delayed or missed period. So if there is a history of any unprotected intercourse then pregnancy should be ruled out. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn i woke this morning to still find more bleeding sometimes its watery blood( sorry for the details) and sometimes its like a period. stops start no pains no cramps i just feel a bit strange. the docter said i may be having a delayed misscarrige and i am just waiting for nature to take its course and have another scan on the 2nd of april this will determain wether it is still there and should be 6mm long with a heartbeat or still the same which will mean i have misscarried.
Avatar f tn Its difficult to explain your current symptoms. I ALWAYS recommend a pregnancy test--it can't hurt especially since your period was delayed. If you were my patient, I would probably ask you to start a menstrual calendar and with that, ovulation predictors. If your periods are markedly irregular, it could mean that you are not ovulating consistently, and that will slow you down on getting pregnant.
Avatar n tn in the end of april i experiences some very light bellding and cramps that lasted a day only and since april nothing else ..ive had period cramps every month tho right around the time i usually start i just never start ..
Avatar n tn Hi! It is possible for the period to be delayed if ovulation was delayed, or didn't happen for some reason. This is very common, and happens to most women every now and then. I always recommend repeating the pregnancy test about once per week until the period arrives, but if the tests continue to be negative, the period will probably come eventually. If you were my patient, I would offer you a blood test, and also a 5 day course of progesterone to start you period for you. I hope this helps!
Avatar n tn C done last Thursday - and oh I wish it stopped mine (62 Days and going strong) I have had surgery in the past where it has delayed my period so I would say this could be what is going on. If you dont mind, can I ask you a question - Did you bleed at all after the D & C?? I would assume that you wouldnt as the lining has been removed and if this is the case, I sure wish my Doctor would return my calls.
Avatar f tn got a 34 days cycle but 10 days delayed now, got cramps for 4 days but no light bleeding, nor period the same way got swollen breast for 5 days... would I be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I experiencing the usual symtoms before having a period like breast tenderness,cramps,moody etc. I have vaginal discharge but its all in white, I dont urinate much. Ive been worrying this since the 1st week of delay...does it cause why Im still delayed now? Im not having a pregnancy test hoping to have my period soon. I just broke up with my BF last week of January which makes me more depressed and get more worried about this delays. I dont experience nausea.
Avatar f tn Is it possible for your period to start again after it has ended??? For example: Period came on March 3 and ended March 9 but started bleeding again on March 12. Need some advice!!! Thanx!!
Avatar m tn my girlfriend has a natural 28 cycle however, this month she is having a delayed period, 4 days delayed now. we had protected sex and i'm quite sure that nothing entered her. However, due to the current situation she is having, she experienced a lot of stress. REALLY stress. does this mean that it affected her periods? she says she only feels that her breast is hardening and she feels that her period will be coming out soon but nothing comes =( please help. is this stress our preg?
Avatar f tn i'm 21 years old. i am already 10 days delayed.. my last period was April 30.. now is June 9, and i still haven't have my period yet. i tried a home pregnancy test once, but it was negative. help please....