Dealing with anxiety and depression without medication

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548289 tn?1215936814 Have anyone ever tried dealing with Depression and or Anxiety without meds.? I have been doing it for a while now and its not getting worst... It's not totally gone, but it has lessen a good bit... Thank God! God is the one helping me :)... Anyway, I think once I understood what was happening to me, I decided to think myself positive out of it, did I word that right? LOL! Anyway...
Avatar f tn You're not describing health anxiety, you're describing budding agoraphobia. Think about it -- you don't leave the house because you hate how you look. Does that really sound likely to you? Ugly people are out there walking around all the time, they're everywhere, we have one as President, we have one as Majority Leader of the Senate, it isn't keeping them inside all day.
4952411 tn?1361471481 Yea, this is true I am only 22 and have been dealing with anxiety and deppression since I was little. I mean if you can find a anxiety medication that will actually help you then go for it but just make sure you can trust yourself first. Some medicaiton can and will make you feel worse unfortunatly lots of anti-anxiety and anti-depressants can casue suicidal tendencies. I do not recomment ativan, mainly because it is a depressant itself.
Avatar m tn ive had nothing but chest tightness, and panic attacks. we tried every medication for depression and anxiety over the course of 5 years. then one day i asked my dr if he could think of anything else. he said "lets try remeron"....why not? i agreed and the first day i noticed improvement. it all depends on the person as to what dosage is best...i finally feel alot better than i did. its almost like im a newer me.
Avatar m tn Not everything is solved by medication alone, and usually, we get bad coping habits and thinking with the illness that needs to be unlearned and tamed. There are also social problems that go along with illness that medication doesn not solve on it's own. So, I have to disagree with the blanket discounting of the commentor above on that point. Besides, that not every person on an online forum gives purely subjective advice or postings that aren't very helpful.
Avatar m tn Recently I feel I'm easily irritated, overthinking, and feeling fearful. This happens usually when there is a new thing in my life, life a relationship, a family issue, etc.. I become oversensitive to noise. I feel I want to shut down low frequency noise around me (ACs, Heaters, Engines,etc...), I experience emotional response to such sounds when I' under stress.
Avatar f tn Are there ANY anxiety/depression meds that are allowed to take during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I went on a medication merry-go-round for awhile trying to find some medication (or combination) to help me get through all of this and just relax but the anxiety and panic were so bad that it didn't help much. Lately, I have been taking a beta blocker, Ativan and Atarax in the evenings and feel a little better.
Avatar n tn and along with anxiety I get bad indigestion and stomach problems... does anyone have an input or tips on this?
1394262 tn?1369625192 am dealing with my anxiety issue at the same time. I am thinking if I should see a psychiatrist for help. I will appreciate it if you could share with me if you are suffering from any side effect from anxiety medication or not. Thanks.
Avatar f tn As you recover from depression the lifting that occurs by dealing with the past and moving forward into a brighter future will happen but the time it happens will depend on you and your treatment plan. I do wish you the very best that life has to offer you...
1111160 tn?1258471532 Im lost and dont know where else to find help for the past week or so I have been having really bad depression mixed with anxiety I feel so numd and and losing my sleep I get insomnia every night and my body is so tired. My mind is always filled with worries and dread each day I feel so lifeless. I dont enjoy the daily things I use too and feel so guilty all the time! Does any one else feel this? And on top of that once I feel better I get scared just thinking about when It will come back!
Avatar f tn One thing those of us with anxiety or depression absolutely must learn is patience! And we must be prepared for things to get a bit worse before they get better. I'm angry your doctor did not explain all of this to you. Do your best to stick it out for the 6 weeks and then re-evaluate how you're feeling.
Avatar f tn I have tried multiple medications over the years for anxiety and depression and none of it worked for me. They all made me miserable and I didnt feel like myself. So I decided to deal with it without medication. He needs someone to talk to that will just listen, understand, and give him advice. A therapist. If you cant afford seeing a therapist then he needs to find someone who deals with the same thing as him that has gotten through it. Also, as cliche as it sounds.
Avatar f tn I've dealt with anxiety for years and haven't had much success with medications to help. Tried Lexapro but it made panic attacks way worse. Tried Zoloft and loved how quickly it helped with depression but made my heart race by the end of the day. Now I'm dealing with not wanting to leave home, feeling dizzy while driving, can't go into grocery stores. These are new symptoms and scary. I have gone through a recent separation and move that I feel is what triggered new symptoms.
Avatar n tn Also my psychiatrist told me alot of people who suffer from anxiety/depression will think the medication is making them worse because the are already struggling with anxiety/depression. However, some medications just don't work for people, or cause side effects such as fatigue. I was on lexapro 10mg for a year, then stopped, and started to take it again for a little over a month and it no longer worked for my anxiety. So I slowly weaned off the lexapro and switched to cymbalta.
Avatar f tn You are also at higher risk for post partum depression and you may need to have an open dialogue with your OBGYN on getting ahead of the anxiety/depression aggressively. Do you have a cardiologist and a plan for the heart condition after birth? I also have a cardiac condition that triggers panic attacks. My cardiolgoist and OBGYN prescribed me Inderol (Propanolol) it was considered a class B and is an old school anti-anxiety medication and frequently used for women with severe natal anxiety.
Avatar f tn Hi I live in Mexico & along with dealing with depression recently, I was also diagnosed with sub-clinical hypothyroidism. My TSH & free T4 were within the normal range but my free T3 was below normal. I now take 1/4 tab of Novotiral daily & my labs are fine so far. (1/4 Novotiral tab = 25 mcg levothyroxine/5 mcg liotironina or cytomel). My problem is that I continue to suffer from anxiety.
Avatar f tn Hi all. I've suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since I was a child. About 15 years ago I started on anti depression Meds for my anxiety/panic attacks because I could not function. 11 years ago I developed some serious health problems which I continue to suffer from. One of my problems is I have Lupus which exacerbates depression and on top of that I have been on steroids full time for the past 4 years which also exacerbates depression.
377493 tn?1356502149 I was recently diagnosed with Post Partum depression which has manifested itself in extreme anxiety. I have started having full out panic attacks, unable to sleep and it all surrounds my infants well being. For some reason I have become quite obsessed with his breathing and check him almost constantly to ensure he is breathing. I have always been a somewhat anxious person, but this became dehabilitating.
Avatar f tn Similar to yourself, I too have anxiety without Depression. I was also given Lorazapam and take it as needed, mostly to sleep though. BUT...I was also prescribed Lexapro, please keep in mind that some of these meds that are for depression are also prescribed to help with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. If you are just a "worrier" by nature, you could very well have GAD. I am on a VERY low does of Lexapro (10mg), and it helps with my daily nervousness.
Avatar n tn Hi. You have the classic symptoms of depression, but you need to see your doctor for an evaluation. I know being a single mom is very difficult, but it is being done by many everyday. Try to dwell on the good in your're going to college.....and you have a daughter that loves and needs you very much. Life can feel like too much for us at times, but it always works out. It is times like this you need to seek professional help to learn how to cope with life's stresses.
1842266 tn?1318860459 Therapy and the right meds go hand in hand when dealing with anxiety and depression,I believe if the depression and anxiety are really severe then medication is a must.