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Avatar m tn About 2 months ago, I went to visit my physician regarding a problem I had with a ring of redness around my lips - more prominent on my bottom lip - it was a lighter, tender pink shade and kind of looked like I had been drinking lots of red kool-aid. I also had constant dry, cracked and bleeding lips, and tried everything from drinking plenty of water and making sure I wasn't licking them.
Avatar n tn Treatment of Fordyce spots includes CO2 laser or electro desiccation, TCA chemical peels(temporary treatment),diathermy or laser vaporization. For your dry lips, avoid licking the lips as saliva evaporates quickly resulting in them being drier than before. Drink plenty of water and take multivitamin supplements(esp vit B) and do not apply lipstick or other cosmetic products for some days. Use a humidifier to moisturize the air in your home and apply shea butter or Vaseline on your lips.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend, my sister, and myself have all had this problem. It is caused by all whitening toothpastes. We stopped using whitening toothpastes and the very next day the lip skin problem stopped and did not return. It's something in the whitening toothpaste. Try it. You'll see.
Avatar m tn I started using Teatree toner n serum in the nights for reducing my dark spots. Mine is dry skin actually. Kindly suggest some solution..
Avatar n tn i have a couple of dry slightly dark patches on my lips as well. they usually flake off but then reappear. i suspect this may be related to anti depressants. im on avanza 15mg and ive noticed this started when i was put onto this medication. would anyone whom has posted their concerns by chance be also on any anti depressants???
Avatar n tn I also get little boyles in between the thighs. so not only is it dark, but scarred w/ dark spots from the boyles. Tell me I'm not alone please.
Avatar n tn I am white, and I have dark skin discoloration under my arms and in the vaginal area. It is embarrassing to me to even go to the doctor to ask about it because it looks "dirty". Is there any way that I can fix this problem or is it normal?
Avatar n tn For the past 10 years I have had really sensitive lips and have only been able to use one type of lip balm. As anything else - lip sticks of glosses give me little sores on my lips and cause them to puff up and get little scabs and peel contantly - i also get dry patches under my eyes and eye lids. When I visited a doctor they told me I may have an allergy to nail polish and an ingrediant in lip glosses/balms its also happens when I were nail polish.
Avatar n tn I brush it off when I brush my teeth but it keeps coming back. It was real dark when it first appeared but I noticed it is getting lighter so hopefully it will disappear altogether. I thought it was an after affect of the medication.
Avatar m tn If you want to know what causes sinusitis, and why the saline solution works, go to Part II of this journal. PART I 1. MAKING YOUR OWN SALINE SOLUTION WARNING: Do not use tap water, unless it has been boiled first. There is a rare microbe that can get in your brain from some water systems. Saline solution is salt water. You can buy a bottle of saline solution in a drugstore, and it works just fine.
Avatar n tn Very small but visible very close up. Its almost like my lips are chapped. I used 1% hydrocortisone on my lips and that has made the bumps smaller but my tongue condition seems to be getting worse. What can it be? And who should I visit: doctor or dentist? Someone told me it could be an infection trying to get out of my body. Could that be true? Could it be a vitamin deficiency? What can it be related to? I'm an otherwise healthy 25 year old that eats right and exercises. Thanks for your help!!
Avatar n tn I am also allergic to mint, menthol, peppermint and spearmint. It's a pain, it used to just cause my lips to swell but it can give me a rash and make me break out. The toothpaste I use is Toms of Maine Silly Strawberry, it's the kids brand but it words well, they also make a lemon/lime mouthwash and I don't have a problem with it.
Avatar m tn I had some permanent makeup removed from my lips and upper lip line using a removal method which involves tattooing over the area with an acid solution. The tattoo pigment is nearly gone but now I have some hypo pigmentation on my upper lip line. I am going to try the ginger root slices every night and let you all know if I see any results.
Avatar n tn very dark spots are not always a problem and are often normal d=diameter. if it is bigger than 2mm or a pencil eraser it should be checked. also sudden changes, itching, bleeding, texture changes, bleeding or swelling should be looked at. you can search the american academy of dermatology and search for tinea versicolor to get more information about what it sounds like you are describing.
Avatar n tn I am having this problem for around one and half years and still I did not find any solution. I release gas all the time, I don't smell it but all people around me hold their noses, scratch their face. So it is obvious to me that the gas I release smells. Not only that, my breath also stinks. regardless of how good I brush and how long I brush, my breath stinks. So people are thinking that I am a nasty guy who do not brush and fart always.
Avatar n tn Around this same time, I also ran across an interesting article about how you can be allergic to your tooth paste (especially if it has stuff for tarter control and whitening, etc.) I was using Tom's of Maine toothpaste. I don't think this was the issue, but I'm not 100% sure (because I stopped several things at all once). So this is what I did: I stayed with my low sugar diet.
Avatar f tn I started getting some light to moderate bleeding (dark red) and cramping on the evening of the 25th and has been constant since then but apparently cramping and bleeding can be a side effect of prometrium suppositories. Just praying that the bleeding and cramping stops in the next day or two. Next beta is Sept 3rd so I'll be right there beside you in spirit getting blood drawn and hoping for baby.