Dark lips in newborns

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1542088 tn?1314652780 I underwent a 3-day donor egg IVF transfer in August 2011 and am expecting twins in April 2012.
Avatar n tn Sometimes it seems that it comes on later in the afternoon almost routine and then it sometimes happens out of the blue in the morning. I try to change my underwear twice a day and don't wear any underwear at nigh for bed. I'm not sure what triggers this...I know about 2.5 years ago I got a really nasty vaginal infection..Then it was treated and I've been tested for STD's all negative. I sometimes wonder if it came from the boyfriend at that time.
Avatar n tn even the igm isn't useful for children once they are over 2-3 months of age. there is no point in drawing blood test for herpes in a child under 14 years of age so it shouldn't be done. Due to the frequency of recurrence of symptoms in your children - I encourage you to continue following up when they have symptoms within 24-48 hours of the appearance of symptoms with either their pediatrician or a pediatric dermatologist to figure out what is going on.
Avatar n tn Thallidimide(excuse spelling) was pulled off the market as it was great for nausea but sometimes caused missing limbs in newborns. Just a point. In my experience, for acne treatment, I hear it is great, I've just always been a little leery of it.
254689 tn?1251183640 I feel like a big baby as I don't want him to go, yet, I don't want to stand in his way in a professional sense. It's for a great reason that he's going - it's just that I'm afraid I won't be able to handle Noah on my own especially after a day like today. It seems that sometimes I only need a small break occasionally and then I'm back as good as new. We didn't hire a person to help like we were suppose to - the one I did hire fell through.
645390 tn?1338558977 This pain was nasty He explained to me that a dentist gets a lot more education about the face and head then some docs Go figure , Just a shot in the dark, sometimes something sour will release the plug Hope this may help Linda
377493 tn?1356505749 enjoy your last moments of pregnancy pertykitty.. I love putting my newborns hair in my mouth.. haha.. sounds weird but I would hold my babys and like put the ends of their hair in my lips.. it is sooooooo soft.. and just holding all the time.. all the quiet time holding those babies.. it goes soooooooooooo fast..
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Warriors! Welcome to a beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. This is the place to be if you want off Tramadol ... you'll get support here. We're so glad you found us!
Avatar n tn I have cracked skin on the sides of my legs close to the vagina all around the lips it cracks and BURNS when urine touches it. I find my self waking up in the middle of the night itching, if i shave down there it is worse because of when the hair grows back and it is stubble....oh god does it itch...so I rock the 70's bush...lol I bathe daily water only down there, I was a little overweight and thought it was chafing but for this long....
1297015 tn?1298254073 We are in the year 2010, not back in the dark ages!!!!! My brother was circumcised, but that was back in the 60's!!! Nobody I know of in my country gets their sons circumcised!!!!! It is NEVER mentioned by obstetricians here, NEVER given as an option!!!! I never even thought about getting my little boy circumcised, and I didn't even realise that many parents still thought about having their little boys disfigured. It is no different to having the genitals of your daughter cut.
Avatar n tn The only side effect that i've been warned about is that it has been linked to cleft pallet in newborns. But the chances of that are low as well. I would take the time to discuss your concerns with your Dr. But I'm sure that if it were that terribly bad, there wouldn't be so many Dr's prescribing it to their patients.
Avatar n tn Okay I have a lot of bumps in the inside of my vagina lips and everytime I pee it burns very bad, if anything touches it , it'll burn and start to hurt.
472570 tn?1274689487 You can view them with a bright flashlight in a very dark room. I wonder if they have been created in a lab or just a freak of science. I've become excessively allergic to everything because of the constant bites. This needs to be seriously looked into to find a way to eradicate them. Nobody wants to visit my home due to the constant biting they get on their legs. This is crazy.
Avatar n tn I can only imagine what she would have looked like on her actual due date, at age 1, at 3 , her 1st day of school, long dark wavy hair that curls at the ends, full lips like her daddy and big brother, the longest dark eye lashes you have ever seen, on those sparkling greens eyes she got from her mother... I have never felt agony... I don't know about tomorrow or the next day, days just seen to pass without me even being in them.
Avatar n tn I am allergic to lipsticks and lipgloss so I haven't worn them in over 6 years. However this time my lips started acting up for no reason. Does anyone else have this problem with their lips? I went to my dermatologist and he said there is nothing I can do about it. Steroid creams are too risky around the eye, and they also create wrinkles. He said to keep the areas moisturised with vaseline, especially during the cold winter months. He said it could go away...or not.
Avatar n tn that I can see, unless I give in and scratch. I take cranberry supplements to keep me flushed out for a UTI, which I was treated for last year. My doctor is unsupportive, and unhelpful-told me was due to regrowth from not getting waxed. I just want some facts to arm myself with before trying the doc (new doc) office again. Any suggestions?? All you cooch experts feel free to speculate.
Avatar n tn anyways thought I'd mention that..( by the way I took pics of my lips just in case I need for proof or something..weird I know) Any info would help...and let me know if I have to start looking up swollen lips too! LOL..hopefully not! Maybe there is a connection????
Avatar n tn Well it looks like a trip to the Dr is in order here. At least I have something to walk in with somewhere to start...not just wasting money and all...lol... Well, I'll post what I find out, hopefully this will work!