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Avatar f tn Last july I started noticing little bumps on the edges of my lips. They woud always feel chapped and get irritated. I went to the Dr and was sent to a dermatologist. I was told that they were just glands that got irritated and to try some allergy medicine. It has been over 6 months and it comes and goes. The bumbs ae always there but they bother me all the time. Sometimes even burn. I stay away from spacy foods now and am almost afraid to eat.
444414 tn?1376579695 The thing that is making me wonder right now is the tingling in the lips and tongue. I noticed this a few years ago around the time I would get hungry or eat. I thought maybe it was a blood sugar related symptom but doctors have told me that this is not a blood sugar related issue. I've tried googling it and neurological symptoms keep coming up, either that or low blood calcium.
Avatar n tn So after ruling out major illness and defects, be comforted that your child may possibly get blue lips frequently and have a very healthy heart and set of lungs. Please do yourselves this favor - definitely seek the best medical care, but don't expect the worst. Worry has an EXTREMELY powerful affect on your health and your child's health. Being able to look up every condition online begins to intrude on the most fragile and ambiguous aspects of our lives - our mental health.
Avatar m tn about three years befor i noticed darkspots on my penis and two spots under my lips...i went to many dermatologist...some said pigmentation so i applied hydroqueen..some said its fugus so i had to apply hydrozole..even now i went to one dermatologist his answer was completely different...he said ots fixed drug eruption....so i used sonion tablet and applied cutivate...none of them worked.....
Avatar n tn i found these two really read painful bumps on my vagina it cant be from shaving because i dont shave the lips or just outside of them!!! im scared!! it hurts really really really really bad! but i havent been sexually active in three months! wouldnt it have shown up earlier if it were genital herpes or warts??? it isnt crusty or anything, and today is my first day noticing it! could it be from masturbating??? help!
Avatar m tn What i didnt know is that those symptoms can actually manifest to be visible to another observer, particularly a symptom related to your anxiety driven illness. What bothers me though, is, "If a person develops a symptom that they did not know was related to that illness"? And my answer to myself is, "That symptom is caused by another symptom that is created by the patient.
1874425 tn?1321976260 he's probably not even sure yet whether there's a Central Nervous System illness or whether something is causing peripheral neuropathy. Many docs are VERY wary about speculating with patients over what *might* be when the possibilities are so varied, not realizing that sometimes it's more anxiety-inducing to feel totally in the dark. Hang in there...
1566436 tn?1295909726 after i had a cold sore i just feel the rush and dryness of the outside area of my lips and now its really dark. how can i get rid of it every winter i always have this and I just wait and wait till it will heal and took till summer to heal it without doing anything please help me what kind of illness i have thank you.
Avatar m tn I try to not let it bother me, but a lot of the time it does when I go out places. My lips are naturally dark because I am tan. It started in the corner or my mouth(which are totally white and my lip line is completely gone) and now has spread to the lower upper lip and the upper lower lip. This has taken about a year. On my lower upper lip, it is not straight. Around the middle, it gets jagged, which is really embarrassing.
Avatar m tn Then I met some new friends and their influence an my own stupidity led me into the dark side and perhaps my mental illness played a factor as well. I always feared getting some STD and now I got one. There's 4 possible way I could have contacted this. They are as follow: 1. I went to a club and kissed this drunk girl. After kissing her I saw some bumps on her lips. I didn't see them there before I kissed because it was dark and I was a little bit tipsy as well.
Avatar f tn I believe my lips are scared from the blisters. My lips are dark where they were active. I've been reading and I haven't been back to the doctor since the OB on my lips. From doing research and reading I believe I have OHSV2. I also have a discharge thats a brown color from the HSV2. Is that normal? What do you recommend to make it go away. Do you have any knowledge on H-balm or demiclear- I believe thats what its called. Any suggestions on how to get the blister scars to go away.
Avatar n tn .dry mouth, lips once and a while. .can see some vaines in the white of my eyes which as far as I can remember werent there prior. .noticed that the skin around my throat was more red and my stomage made a lot of noice. . bowel sometimes dark green and going more regular to the toilet (once a day versus prior the event only ever 2/3 days). . gass in the stomach. . some acne around on my troat and mouth, not very often and only 1 or 2 spots. What are the changes of me getting still HIV?
Avatar f tn   White fungusy tongue and lump in throat, foot fungus. Little tiny white bumps on my lips.  my sinuses have not procuced snot for months...often dry.  Ive had parasites at the earlier stage of all this madness and told it was no big deal by my dr as everyone apparently has these kinds that l have.  Swollen lymph nodes. Now, lm scared lm at some later stage and just never knew it. Ive had alot of joint, back and muscle qches through this.
Avatar m tn The day after my stools were dark, not black or bloody just dark. Also no fever or chest pain. Day 2 no fever, felt a little dizzy, still had dark stools and had some tight feeling when I breathed in deep. Day 3 pain in chest started around 2PM, Dr who did the endoscopy called at 3:30 and assured me I would be fine and told me I had a Biopsy & some inflammation in my esophagus.
Avatar n tn I'm 34 and I've had a recurring illness for five years now which was preceded by a holiday period of heavy drinking and protected sex with a guy. I had also been on some antibiotics for a throat infection about 6 weeks before. I've had ongoing bouts (1 to 2 weeks) about eight times a year of various symptoms which are usually triggered after being out in the sun for a few hours or after drinking alcohol.
280418 tn?1306329510 ======================= Rifampin-isoniazid may cause abnormal kidney function: * Dark urine or red or orange urine * Inability to produce urine/decreased urination fever, loss of appetite, malaise, nausea and vomiting, darkened urine, yellowish discoloration of the skin and eyes, and pain or swelling of the joints. --This med can also cause some other meds to act too strongly on your body.
Avatar m tn the only problem is that i had thrush,burning throat, rash on chest, redness on face, dark eye circles, spider veins on eyelids, nausea, weight loss and some muscle wasting( in face arms back and legs which i now have loose skin) and GI issues, I currently have issues with my joints( feet legs back and neck) i have notice symptoms in my wife , wasting under the cheeks, light brownish freckle rash on feet, chronic cough for 2 months, rash on chins .
Avatar m tn Hi there, HCV is only spread by blood so you are ok there. If I were you and been sick for 8 months, I would go talk to the doctor. I had no symptoms at all when I was infected with HCV. I did not find out I had it until 30 years after I contracted it. From what I remember when a friend of mine contracted HCV back in the 80's she got very weak and tired and her skin turned yellow and so did her eyes. Her urine got very dark and her fecal matter got very light, almost a white/clay color.
Avatar n tn There was lot of tree pollen during this time so I got confused whether I was having some sort of allergy or viral illness. 3. It was dark in club so I could not see if there was any obvious presence of blood in girl's mouth and based on my oral health, it scares the hell out of me. Also, I hope I did not get the blood into my mouth from her 's or from her herpes blister(if she had) and churned it on top of any of my wounds 4.
394687 tn?1290924440 Still out of breath - dizzy etc. My lips really swelled this week and cracked - used everything but seems it helped to use yeast treatment (Monistat) a few times. The days after Enbrel are worse than the days after Peg. My RA really seems to flare. Both cause Migraines as well. Been taking a combination of 1/2 maxalt and 1/2 Zomig to handle them. We think I will only do 16 weeks of tx. May 30th - 2008- Took my 8th shot - tried to go back up a bit to 150 - horrible week...saw the Dr.
Avatar n tn 5 months into the relationship I went on vacation.
Avatar m tn I noticed a sore on the roof of my mouth two mornings ago but gone now and a painless dark patch growing on the left side of my tongue two days ago and gone now. Also I felt slight dry facial rashes developing on my neck and face three days ago but it no longer looked like a rash at day 2 as not spreading and face has gone smooth again. I have done some general swabs - trichanomiasis, gonorrhoea etc, came negative. The chlamydia yet to be out but don't think I have this as I have no discharge.
199284 tn?1200688850 You will need to prevent your cat from ingesting this type of kitty litter because it may cause serious digestive problems and blockages. The only exception to a sign of illness when a feline begins eating kitty litter is in the case of a kitten. A kitten that is eating kitty litter may not necessarily be ill. Kittens are very curious and will eat anything - much like a human infant will.
Avatar m tn I have got sore joints especially my right elbow and hand. I now have got pain in my right side rib area. I had dark urine for a while and at one stage had yellow stools. I am having concentration issues and much more. Urine and stools are normal now. I wake 2-3 times a night. Flu like symptoms are gone but still have pain in right side. I did a hiv,hepatitis b (hbsag) hep c antibody test at 9 weeks. I also did a full std/sti check at same time. All came back negative.
Avatar n tn I am in the UK and being treated like mushroom by my nurse specialist....kept in the dark and fed on sh..! Have seen Dr twice in 4 months once! Thats how they do it here. I have met one other in London on prog and he was treated the same way! My nurse says it is hosp policy not to give out blood results! I will demand them next time I see her after reading all your postings in the US!! What do people do in the US if they have no insurance?
Avatar n tn I haven't had any pimples/warts since that event 10 months ago, but 2 days after it I came down with a super bad illness (chills, fever, sweat, muscle aches, abdomen pain, swollen lymph nodes in neck. The reason i ask about this is because I have a girlfriend now and sh has given me unprotected oral sex but she hasn't had any herpes type pimples pop up on her lips at all. Also I notice so round skin spots on my penis shaft that itch and are dark in colOr.
Avatar m tn But if that had happened, you probably would have had overt, painful blisters or sores of the mouth and lips; the first infection always shows up exactly where the body comes in contact with a partner's infection-- and presumably the oral sex did not primarily involve your nose! Anyway, catching oral herpes this way is very rare. Finally, herpes symptoms don't show up in only 2 days.
Avatar m tn So, today I woke up, and the little red dots are still hanging around, there aren't any more, maybe 1 or two less, but either way, I went to school, drank water, and the whole day from start to finish I had no pain at all in my wang, no irritation, itching, or anything. My shin is kinda achy, but other than that I was fine, still need to pee a fair bit, and my feces aren't coming out compact yet, it's more of a ton of nuggets (sorry for the description), I was feeling better...
406107 tn?1219016200 I owe everyone an apology. I truly wish that I'd looked up the word 'cootie' BEFORE I started calling everyone my 'cootie pals'.. I doubt seriously that anyone here has 'body louse'. Not that it's any of my business if you do. I'm sooo sorry, I just thought it meant 'germs', or some made up illness that little kids said that someone had. "Don't sit next to her, she has cooties"... WRONG WRONG WRONG. Please accept my most humble apologies. BTW, ther are no bugs on me either.