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Avatar n tn Treatment of Fordyce spots includes CO2 laser or electro desiccation, TCA chemical peels(temporary treatment),diathermy or laser vaporization. For your dry lips, avoid licking the lips as saliva evaporates quickly resulting in them being drier than before. Drink plenty of water and take multivitamin supplements(esp vit B) and do not apply lipstick or other cosmetic products for some days. Use a humidifier to moisturize the air in your home and apply shea butter or Vaseline on your lips.
Avatar n tn My parents couldn't afford the medicine anymore so I had to find a different remedy to help with my chapped lips. I noticed on the medicine tube that one of the ingredients was Crisco. So as gross as it may sound people, I started using Crisco as my lip product and it actually has been working great. Well not too great because it doesn't last long but it does help with the chapped lips and offers a temporary shine like I have used lipgloss.
Avatar n tn I also get little boyles in between the thighs. so not only is it dark, but scarred w/ dark spots from the boyles. Tell me I'm not alone please.
Avatar n tn i have a couple of dry slightly dark patches on my lips as well. they usually flake off but then reappear. i suspect this may be related to anti depressants. im on avanza 15mg and ive noticed this started when i was put onto this medication. would anyone whom has posted their concerns by chance be also on any anti depressants???
Avatar n tn For the past 10 years I have had really sensitive lips and have only been able to use one type of lip balm. As anything else - lip sticks of glosses give me little sores on my lips and cause them to puff up and get little scabs and peel contantly - i also get dry patches under my eyes and eye lids. When I visited a doctor they told me I may have an allergy to nail polish and an ingrediant in lip glosses/balms its also happens when I were nail polish.
942898 tn?1246354921 no sleep jitters in my arms and legs anxiety restlessness,,,,ive been to my local pharmacy and stocked up on tons of herbal remedies to try and counter the w/d but im still at my wits end.. had 18 today alltogether just to try and cure the jitters and no hope they are still there as bad as ever can some one please show me an easier way please!!!!!!
4522800 tn?1470329434 Morning (barely) Moose Lips (lol)...... Sounds like you were up most the night, huh? I feel for you....we all seem to have sleep disturbances of SOME kind in recovery. I didn't have the insomnia so much as not being able to GET to sleep. I lingered some weeks; and I also went thru a spell where I would get VERY tired at really odd hrs of the day. Our damaged nervous systems are trying to repair themselves. It's back to that GAG word.....time.
Avatar m tn I recently read the article about ginger.. I do not have any ginger at home but I'm going to start the remedy ASAP and I promise to get back to you as soon as I see any results! All the best, God bless you!
Avatar n tn when i say every part of my body i mean, eyes, tounge, lips, hands, feet, toes, heels, knees, elbows, ankles, and so on. these swellings seem to show up more so around joints. Why? couldnt tell ya. but i have had random patches turn up behind my ears on my side and lower back. i have experienced first hand almost everything everyone has posted except the hives. ive never had hives with it, just the swelling.
Avatar n tn She had no answers for me. This was torture. So I went online and tried some herbal remedy called Enzara. This actually helped me. It was expensive but I felt better. After a while I stopped taking it and for a few years my itching stopped. Recently the itching has started again!!! UGH... This is keeping me up at night. I tried to purchase the Enzara but the company went out of business. However, they are saying you can purchase a similar product called femanol.
Avatar n tn Hi all...yes, it is a good site, in that we can compare notes. I really do think stress is a big contributor. Some people get facial breakouts, psoriasis, eczema or some other "external" visable reaction. Some people get internal reactions, or more or less, in places others can not see. I agree that the best way to describe this is paper cuts, or mini micro-tears in that very delicate place.
Avatar n tn It is located under my pubic hair at the top of my outer vaginal lips. The tear bled a small amount but I saw no other fluid. I have no other tears in or outside of my vagina. I'm wondering if this tear closely resembles a herpes lesion or if it sounds more like something that would be caused by a severe yeast infection? I would get the tear swabbed and cultured, but it tends to start healing fairly quickly... Any info is greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn What makes this problem similar to Flatulance is simple. We are looking for a remedy/fix/workaround that brings life back to normal not necessarily fixing the root of the problem. If medical science has dismissed it as a minor malfunction of the digestive system there is a reason for it( a medical cure is not easy to find and will take research, a lot of it ) .A real medical cure might take time we never know how long.
Avatar n tn Also, I think I might have gotten some on my lips, because my lips are feeling funny now!! The worst part of all of this is TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! We are all going out, and I look like a puffy, red, leather face! What can I do???????? I washed my face with a hand wash with cocobutter in it, and I have put on tons of lotion to moisturize....but I still look and feel NASTY!
Avatar m tn I also have had extremely red chapped lips ALL the time. My family physician did blood tests to test for vitamin deficiencies and found nothing out the ordinary. I saw an allergist about 4 months ago, they did all the standard allergy tests and didn't find anything. The doctors suggested that perhaps it was seasonal allergies and placed me on Clarinex, Nasonex and Astepro - none of which have had any sort of effect.
Avatar n tn I tried nearly every herbal remedy in the book and cut way back on my sugar and refined substances, even dairy and grains. It is not fun to live like that, let me tell you. Then the cuts came and I went to a GYN who came recommended to me by the old one, and she tried to tell me it was herpes. Hey folks, this is probably NOT herpes. I was frustrated with these GYNs not helping me, so I went to a local university health center and described the problem.
Avatar f tn I ended up having to have my husband take me to the minor emergency clinic the next morning as my lips and ears started to swell. I was put on prednisone and zyrtec. I have never taken prednisone and hope to never have to again. I am strongly opposed to the use of drugs unless absolutely necessary. Anyway, I said all that to say that there are some natural remedies for hives, although they may not work as quickly as drugs.
Avatar n tn My doctor gave me the antibiotic Duricef but I am also trying a home remedy I found online tonight so I will try to let everyone knows if it works or not. Below is the site that I found the remedy on... http://www.morphemeremedies.com/homeremedies_boil.htm There is also a webiste called www.earthclinic.com that has a lot of natural cures for everything you can think of...Good Luck to any woman who has to endure this, it is not fun!!
Avatar n tn And I only eat dark, fine chocolate. If I have to give that up, well.....I'm throwing in the towel. Good luck to all of us. My farts are worth of the crown of Godzilla. UNREAL.
496771 tn?1209698358 I used Clairol's Loving Care for years - kept the roots dark and gave body to the bulk of my long black hair. Temporary - no amonia - no problems. Last year I had a severe allergic reaction to a salon semi permanent color application (red scalp for two weeks; small hives; swollen face); this year I tried Clairol's Natural Instincts which is a semipermanent that replaced the discontinued Loving Care - same bad results.
Avatar n tn Red burning skin around my eyes. At times, eyelid and upper eye area swelling. Sometimes just very dark red skin around my eyes. I have gone to 2 internal med specialists, 2 opthamolagists and 1 dermatolagist. Been treated for blepharitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and allergies. Whenever I start another treatment I have a short period of relief. It always comes back...longest time without symptoms 10 days. Like eveyone else, I have thrown all makeup, lotions, and soaps away.
Avatar n tn I don't feel that it was a coincidence, but I have scarcely had a single hive since I discovered this herbal remedy. I have taken them now for two weeks with a good outcome. Good luck, everyone!
Avatar n tn Now I have constant, painful red rashes on my hands, joints, fingers, toes, lips, arms and worst of all, every centimeter of my testicles and becoming my penis as well. The rashes appear moist to the touch, and only change in appearance when they become very dry and then the skin takes on the appearance of old, finely wrinkled skin with shininess to it. Although I believe it is more the heat than sunlight, the rash worsens significantly in the open daylight (altho unchanging on my groin.
Avatar n tn One of the best ways to treat this benign but annoying condition is to use suppositories made with herbal extracts such as goldenseal and calendula. One a night for a week. Follow up with others made with probiotics (good bacteria) These can be found at some compounding pharmacies and/or health food stores (Boiron, a homeopathic company makes some as well as Genestra) Typically, you insert one before going to bed.
Avatar n tn He sent me home with valtrex, and vicodin for pain. The vicodin works just great, however my lips have been tinglely, and my face feels like I have a sunburn, but still no rash. I have been under alot of stress as my husband is away for a six month deployment, and our daughter is in a residential treatment center getting psychiatric care, my cousin came to stay with us after my uncle passed away, it is just not fun . I hope this has helped someone.
Avatar f tn Wash with tea tree cleanser, use the tea tree scrubs to lightly buff the surface layers and open the infections up a bit (this allows the medicine you are about to apply to get INTO the infection) Dry thoroughly with paper towel Spray Colloidal silver on the infected areas (helps heal infections externally) and use as directed orally (this helps heal from the inside out) Take the Lamisil and put a thin coat over the entire face, this will help stop the spread of the infection should the fungus
Avatar n tn what about inquiring at a health store and asking one of the herbal specialists? i know someone who took some herbal pills that helped with body odors from within. it was a cranberry, citrus combo. hope you can find a solution but again, try not to focus on it so much.