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Avatar n tn I starded lickin my lips when i was small they starded getting chapped then the chaped lips took off but then i got a dark ring around it and its embarrassing it looks like a mustache buht not that dark how can I take this off im 14?.......help please would a laser treatment work? Hw much is it??????
Avatar n tn it used to appear on my lips after i had some dals( pulses) or vegetables like brinjal and snake gourd / ripe jack fruit. these swellings persist for some time- maximum a day then they disappear but leave a mark after the swelling goes off that eventually turns darker. offlate, I have started getting them all over my face and mostly near my jaws.
Avatar n tn Hi Have the same Lumps in my fore arm and stomach. I have consulted with one of my friend. he is a Ayurveda doctor in Canada. he recommended me "Kanchnar Guggul" Ayurveda medicine. I have to take one a day tablet for that. If you are interested you can consult to him or his wife they both are MD and Phd in Ayuerveda.
Avatar f tn A remember reading a gentleman's log and he had gone to India for AYURVEDA treatment.. i can't seem to find his log anymore though. He left a website http://www.ayurveda.org/ I would appreciate any help or information that anyone can give me. I know how you all feel out there! It's not fun. Best of Luck everyone. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn To reduce belching, somebody told me that according to Eastern practice in Ayurveda (?sp), eat slowly like a lion, and only so much that you can eat again in next 30 minutes. Belching is caused by abnormal growth of bacteria, yeast in upper part of stomach called fundus. While, not many bactria could survive the acid pH of 2 in the stomach, people who routinely take antacid/acid reducing agents, belch more than those who do not. Belching can be gone after finding right amount of food intake.
Avatar n tn sometimes with small water filled bumps (sometimes with a dark dot, sometimes with patches of the first layer skin missing (caused by the itching). This has occurred during the day and the night, but is most noticeable by awakening in the middle of the night (it is simply the most obvious). There have been weeks gone by without an outbreak. The ichines lasts from 30 second up to 5 minutes.
Avatar n tn It started this morning and now that I am sitting still in a dark room, I am not sneezing. I would say this happens to me one day a month and like everyone else who has posted it takes A LOT out of me. I also drank red wine last night and maybe that does have something to do with it. I always thought it was the "perfect storm" of conditions that caused it: high pollen day, weather change, etc all happening at once.
Avatar n tn i last posted on this thread in may....i have had a few years of this suffering and no end of examinations for the doctors to find nothing wrong...after a lot of investigations on the net by myself i found the info i needed and went to my doctor to ask if i have VAGINAL ATROPHY and she said yes...at last a diagnosis..she wanted me to go and have an investigation at the hospital and i said no way as ive been poked and prodded for months and i have had enough...
Avatar n tn Some years ago I was cleaning when all of a sudden I got a pain in my finger it was like a wasp sting when I looked I could see the blue vein which was going very dark and the pain was terrible after a little while it setted down.
Avatar n tn Also, I read if you breath with pursed lips, while you're having an attack, it might help. (Like you're blowing out a candle) Good luck to all and let's detox stress out of our lives.